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1993 Defender 110 Station Wagon
Upgrades and Service

This 1993 Defender 110 has come to us directly from the point of purchase, a Rover dealership. In the long run it will be bound for Washington state, but first it will get a full evaluation and some repairs and upgrades from ECR. This 110 is a little different as it is one of the promotional 110s brought in by LRNA in 1992. This differ slightly from the regular numbered 110s in a few different ways and they are a little older, being built in early 1992 instead of late 1992 like the normal NAS 110s. The first step was to do an evaluation of the medium mileage 110. It is in very nice condition, but as with any 110, it needs a few things sorted, and some things changed to make it better.

After the evaluation is complete we discuss it with the customer to see what he/she wants to accomplish with the 110. In the case of this 110 it is mainly getting things back into shape and adding a few small upgrades. To meet those goals we have corrected some incorrect past work on the original 3.9 EFI V8 and replaced some leaking gaskets and such. That way when the customer gets the 110 all their concerns from the evaluation will have been addressed.

Inside the 110 there is also repair work to be done. (Notice that the prototype NAS 110s had the European style steering wheel, not what is typically found on NAS 110s). A poorly installed cruise control system needed to be eliminated and some wiring issues sorted. When you dig into a decade plus old Defender 110 you always find new issues. In the case of this 110, as we were doing the wiring changes, we found that the wiper motor was not attached to the bulkhead, so while we are there we will make the system right. This 110 has very little corrosion and few flaws, so in the long run doing small jobs to get things in order is much better than having to replace the frame and all the doors due to rust, so overall this is a nice quick 110 project for us... for a change.

To cure a problem that happens on all NAS 110s, no matter what the mileage, we have removed all the old style door hinges and we will be replacing them with the updated versions that have been epoxy primed and painted in Alpine White. For more info. on hinges go here.

Another area where all stock NAS 110 suffer is the kick panels. The originals were made of cardboard and they didn't last very long. We have a shop installed total cure for this problem, We fabricate alloy panels that are then polymer coated to like the originals, but last long term. You can kick these and they won't fall down or distort. The ECR ROX kick panels still allow you to access the EFI computer and they retain the recirculation air intakes (the square holes on the RH side) just like the original cardboard pieces.

Here you can see that we have buttoned up the dash and installed an ECR ROX kick panel on the drivers side as well.

Now that the hinges have been epoxy primed and painted in our bake booth we have installed them with all stainless steel hardware onto the 110. Doing the hinges not only cures the rust bleed problems that 110 hinges had, it also gives us the opportunity to line up the doors correctly and update the strikers so that the 110's doors open and close easily, something that most 110s never do, unless they have been to ECR.

One more addition to the 110 is our removable cup holder. The NAS 110 had no place to put your coffee and the ECR cup holder cures that and will hang onto coffee or a large soda. The alloy cup holder is polymer coated and removes with slight magnetic resistance so that the cubby box area can still be cleaned or used for something other than a cup holder if need be.

Here you can see the finished 110 ready to head out west. It didn't need to be restored, it just needed a complete service from front to back and some mechanical issues addressed. The owner also decided to have us do a number of upgrades that all NAS 110s need, and now it is ready to head to Washington to become the owners new pride and joy. The owner can rest assured that when she takes delivery of the 110 that it won't need to head to a repair shop. It has been evaluated, repaired and tested so that it is ready to go the moment it rolls off the transport truck. If you are looking at a used 110, do you know what you are getting? If you don't want any unpleasant surprises ship your Defender from the point of purchase to ECR. We'll make it everything you had hoped for and more, and make it ready for you, without used car hassles. We are your Defender source and nobody does more NAS 110s than ECR, and there is a reason for that.