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1995 NAS Defender 90 Station Wagon #110/500
Dash Upgrade and Audio/Video System

This '95 Defender 90 Wagon has come back to us form NJ. It is a 90 we have seen before, go here for those details, and the customer has sent it back to us for another round of upgrades. This time around the truck is doing great, but the outdated AM/FM tape deck just isn't cutting it anymore, so we will be gutting the dash and installing an upgraded system with a touch screen audio/video system that can play everything from iPod to USB audio, has Navigation and can even play your favorite DVD. The customer sent this truck back to us from NJ because he knows if he really needs the right parts, installed correctly, there is only one source... ECR.

For this page we have decided to do something a little different. Instead of just showing you the final result as we usually do we are going to do a sort of step by step on this project. Here you can see the before shots, the way the 90 came to us. It has the factory cubby box with the factory AM/FM tape deck and a CD changer behind the cubby box. This system is OK, but the factory paper cone speakers and a tape deck just just don't fly in 2010. Does anyone still have any tapes?

The dash is basically stock with a goofy add on Bluetooth system that sticks out like a sore thumb.

Last time the 90 was here we updated the AC system to the new style so that can all stay in place, and the truck already has leather seats, so those can stay as well.

First step is to gut all the parts that we don't need anymore. Once those parts are gone and things are cleaned up you end up with basically what you see above, a pretty much bare interior bulkhead with the wiring harness in place.

The next piece that goes on is the new lower dash/duct. This system uses a better defrost/floor control system that is not only smoother to operate, it actually blocks off the part you are not using for much better heat and airflow to your feet when you need it.

The next step is to modify and install the upper dash piece and install the support braces that give it some strength. Then comes the wiring changes to alter the NAS 90 wiring harness so that it will work with the new updated switches and systems. Using the proper connectors and plugs means a good deal of wiring changes in order to make everything work properly, but here at ECR we have done this dash conversion so many times that we have it all down and even have all new schematics drawn up so that the work goes smoothly, saving you time and money, because we aren't sitting around trying to figure this kind of thing out, or waiting for parts to be ordered. We stock all these dash parts.

Once all the wiring changes are made the new dash exterior goes in along with the modified vent flap controls. Then everything is plugged in and the custom made double-DIN Alpine head unit is wired in and installed. At this stage things look like you see above. We still have to modify the cubby box, it used to have a radio in it remember, so we need to do something about that.

The customer also wanted heated seats added to the 90 so that solves the issue of what to do with the old radio space. The radio has been removed and the wiring for the heated seats has been installed. As you can see above all the fuses and relays required to properly run the heated seats are easy to access and are clearly labeled, just in case someone else needs to make repairs to these systems down the road. The cubby box itself is also wired with a multi-plug, so in case you have to remove it for some other repair it can be removed and simply unplugged. you don't have to worry about the wiring, it is all idiot-proof and easy to service.

Where the radio was we have fabricated a coin tray and recessed switches (so you don't hit them accidentally) for the heated seats. This makes everything easy to use and makes good use of the space.

In the back we have fabricated 2 new subwoofer boxes. These boxes go on each side of the rear body and each houses a 8" subwoofer for a really nice kick to the system. The boxes are painted in the correct Coniston Green to match the truck. Once we re-install the rear jump seats these units will become almost invisible and they don't take up any cargo or people space in the back of the 90. They are completely stealth... until you turn up the audio system that is.

Here you can see the updated dash finished up and ready for a trip to the detailer to get cleaned up before delivery to the customer.

The new switch gear has options for adding power windows and lots of other things, but in this 90 the systems are simple and as you can see the new switches take over all the functions for the rear wiper/washer and defroster and the hazard lights. The 12v power point is still in the dash and the only thing missing is the old clock, but the GPS system in the radio automatically sets the clock in the head unit, so you don't need the old analog clock anymore.

The Alpine system not only plays DVD movies, CDs, MP3s, USB audio, direct iPod connection and more, but it also houses a built in touch screen Navigation system to get you where you need to be with turn by turn directions. The system also has built in Bluetooth for hands free phone usage or Bluetooth audio devices.... and it looks really cool.

Here is a shot of the complete updated dash system. There are many benefits to this system, from the ability to run a double-DIN radio to the fact that the defroster and the vent flap controls simply work better than the stock NAS parts. It is a win win situation that looks great and really sets this NAS 90 apart from the others.

Here you can see the finished product ready to head back to NJ for the owner to enjoy. The 90 looks great and upgraded correctly and is now an even cooler custom ride. If you have custom needs for your Defender you can mess around with lcoal shops that hack their way through and charge you for it, or you can bring your Rover to ECR for expert upgrades that are done the right way and with the correct parts for the job for an easy to service and long lasting repair or upgrade.

If you have needs for your Defender, from routine service to wild modifications, contact ECR. We'll be happy to help make your Defender everything you want it to be.

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