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1997 NAS Defender 90 Station Wagon #337
Rust and other mechanical repairs

This 1997 NAS (North American Specification) Defender 90 Station Wagon (hard top) has come to us from NH for some repairs.
The 90 has almost 100K miles and is starting to suffer from rust, corrosion and lack of serviing. In the past someone put a galvanized frame under the 90, so luckily there
are no frame rust issues to address, but the other steel parts of the 90 are starting to suffer.

The 90 also needs a good bit of service work. There are many seals and gaskets that are leaking, the AC isn't working anymore and more. So we will be digging in to get the 90 back into a better operational condition.
This 90 won't be getting a restoration, but it will be getting a lot of work it needs in order to keep on going.

Poor stereo shop wiring and rust in the bulkhead have to be addresses as well. This is what the 90's footwell looked like when it came in. We will be correcting the wiring and repairing the rusty floor so that the firewall is whole again.

These images show the all too common areas that rust on a Defender bulkhead.

If you are looking at a Defender to buy you should use these pictures as a guide for where to check for bulkhead rust.
We will be cutting out all this rust and installing a new footwell panel and then getting those areas correctly primed and painted.

Sadly the rust issue continue. The brake lines are so rusty they are leaking brake fluid just sitting there.

The shock towers are also shot, so all these pieces need to be replaced. The good news is that we can replace these pieces with upgraded parts so that this does not happen again.
The shock towers will be replaced with galvanized units and the brake pipes will be replaced with stainless steel pipes to make sure this rust won't happen again. If the shop that did the galvanized frame install had done a complete job, all this would have been done during the frame install and the customer would not be paying to do this work twice.

More items that should have been done during the frame installation. The fuel lines are rusted out. In the past someone by-passed the original retiurn line and then just left it hanging out in there. The feed line
to the engine is wet with gasoline and is about to break. Needless to say this is a major safety issue. We will be removing all of this mess and installing new stainless steel fuel lines that will be safe and secure for the long haul.
Stay tune for more.

If you have dreams for your Defender, contact ECR. We'll be happy to get your Defender back into shape... just like we are doing with this one.

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