1997 NAS Defender 90 5.2 Interceptor V8!

This '97 Defender 90 has come to us from Maryland for some more power, and as you know when ECR says more power- We REALLY mean it! This 90 will be getting a 5.2 liter Rover V8! That is over 340 HP! (stock is about 185 HP). It will also be getting free flow intake and a carbon fiber plenum. If that doesn't light your fuse, nothing will. Wouldn't it be great to go off roading all day in one of the best 4x4s, and then blow a few Porsches away at the stop lights on the way home! This 90 will also be getting a full free flow stainless exhaust as well as Bilstien shocks and a GEMS EFI system upgrade!

The heart of the beast! The unassuming looking 5.2 bolts right into the Defender engine bay, but the performance from this amazing power plant is nothing less than jaw dropping.

Here you can see the larger bore, and better flowing carbon fiber intake system. Everything on the 5.2 is built for performance from the latest state of the art materials.

This Defender 90 is also getting a new top and seat covers while it is with us. This image shows the great looking tan top in the midst of being installed. The gutter kit and new door seal system from Badger cures a lot of the complaints from Defender soft top owners. We highly suggest it.

The finished tops look great, and the tinted windows and sunroof give it a nice touch.

The new seat covers look great as well.

Here it is, the completed 5.2 install. Close to a massive 340 horse power and more that 360 ft. lbs of torque, and more "fun factor" than you can imagine. The 5.2 is a true race engine that is set up for the street and it gives you the best of both worlds. "Hang on tight" performance as well as the daily driver ability to go to the mall, or whatever you see fit. To learn more about the Rover 5.2 contact ECR.

Don't let its stock looking exterior fool you. To keep pace with this ECR prepared Defender 90 you are going to need a serious machine! This D90 is now the fastest and most powerful Defender 90 in North America, and if you think you can beat it, we'll take your bet and see you at the track. The 5.2 can quickly slip this D90 into the traffic flow in a matter of seconds: or perhaps you want to pass trucks on high elevation passes? No problem. Maybe you want to smoke the tires and drag Mustang GTs all night? No problem. The 5.2 race derived engine can handle city traffic to wide open roads, and with roughly 340 hp, you know it can handle it with ease!

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