Here at ECR we have done tons of Defender 90 projects. Some of them have been standard repairs, some of them have been wildly upgraded projects. Customers sometimes ask us for a "list" or upgrades we offer for their Defender 90, but because we can do just about anything you can think up we do not have a limited list of available upgrades. Many times customers will present us with a problem they are having with their Defender, or a desire for an upgrade that they haven't seen anywhere yet, and we are happy to make make anything a reality for them. When we say, "Our only limitation is your imagination", we mean it. So in leiu of a set list we ask potential customers click the images of the Defender 90s below for a brief project outline of what we did to that vehicle. You may find something you like, or you may come up with an idea of your own and ECR will handle make it a reality for you. These projects are just what the owners of these Defenders requested, we can do much more than what is listed here! Our only limitation is your imagination.

BRG NAS 90 soft top
Defender 90
Defender updated dash
ECR Tdi Defender 90
Safety Devices Defender 90 external cage project
1994 NAS Defender 90
NAS Defender 90
1997 Japanese Defender 90
97 NAS Tdi D90SW
1994 NAS Defender 90
1997 NAS Defender 90
1995 NAS D90 ST
1995 NAS D90 SW #57
1994 NAS Tdi D90
5400 mile NAS 90SW
20K mile NAS D90
9K mile NAS D90 SW #302
1995 NAS D90 with ECR 4.6
1997 British Racging Green D90
1997 Defender 90
1995 NAS D90 SW
1997 Defender 90 BRG ST
1997 NAS D90 4.6
97 D90 Soft Top
1995 NAS D90 Pursuit 4.6
1995 NAS D90
1994 NAS D90 ST #1666
1995 NAS Defender 90
97 NAS D90SW
97 NAS D90ST
95 NAS D90SW
94 D90 4.6
94 D90 4.6
97 D90 4.6
1997 D90 ST from FL
1994 D90 T. Mulholland
1997 Monza Red D90 from CT
94 D90 from NY

97 NAS D90 soft top
97 NAS D90 soft top
95 NAS D90 ECR resto

Port of Entry Wagon
97 D90SW
ECR Tdi 90
D90 #166
94 D90 upgrades
95 D90SW Tdi resto
94 D90 4.6
1994 NAS D90
1995 NAS D90
1995 D90 Wagon
1994 Defender 90
1995 Defender 90 soft top
95 D90 4.6 install
1997 NAS D90 #108

1994 NAS D90 Tdi
97 Tdi 90
300 Tdi 90
97 D90 frame swap
D90 custom soft top

94 D90

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