Please be aware that ECR is now a Defender repair and modification shop only.
We no longer work on Range Rovers, Discos or Series Rovers.
These pages are from work we did in the past and left up for your enjoyment.

1969 Series IIA 88" Hardtop
This 88, although it was actually being used on the road, was in very bad shape. It is here at ECR for our frame swap system, bulkhead restoration, new wiring harness, Turner 2.25, rebuilt gearbox, etc. This is typical of our refurbish work, and the owner will end up with a great Rover that is almost new.

Here the body and front clip have been removed to facilitate the work ECR will need to do.

As with all our frame swaps a new galvanized (leaf) frame is used, and is being set up so the body can be installed.

Now on its new chassis and suspension, this 88 is waiting for the rest of its work to be done. Here the bulkhead has been removed to be restored with new floors and door posts in our bulkhead "jig".

The newly restored bulkhead ready to go back into the 88. All the rust has been removed and all new steel has been used, and epoxy painted for a long lasting repair.

Here you can see the body being assembled on the new frame, with the new bulkhead, etc now in place. Also being done are a new rear axle housing, rebuild of the front axle, new wiring throughout, tires, and much more. This 88 will be ready for another 30 years once we get done with it.

Look at what this terrible engine bay was like before we started! Yikes. A mess of incorrect wiring and worn out parts, but fortunately ECR can bring this 88 back to life.

Here is the engine bay now, almost complete. We installed a new wiring harness, Optima battery and more. In this image you can also see all the new brake and clutch pipes along with the new Turner 2.25, mated to the new gearbox and transfer case. You get a clean, simple engine bay from ECR, because that is what Rover intended these vehicles to have.

Now complete this 88 with NEW: Cooper tires, wiring harness, Turner 2.25, galv. frame, gearbox, etc., it will be sent back to its owner outside in Stowe, VT for years of trouble free service.
Call, fax, or email ECR is we can help you with your Rover needs and help give your 88 a new life, just like we did with this one.