This is a list of things that ECR customers should know.

State Sales Tax:
If one of our transport trucks delivers your Rover to ECR for work, we will assume that a truck will be picking it up to ship it back to you. If you plan to pick up your Rover here at ECR you must tell us this before we start your project. If your Rover is shipped out (via a commercial carrier), the tax laws allow us to consider that "mail order", and therefore you will not be charged the 5% State Sales Tax. If you pick up your vehicle, or parts at ECR, you will be charged the 5% Sales Tax. There is no way around this, it is the law.

Project Images:

A number of customers have wanted the "in progress" images that appear on the ECR web site so they can make a photo album of their Rovers transformation. This is no problem. Send us a USB storage device (aka: memory stick) and we will happily give you copies of all the images we have taken. The original images are much larger and have better resolution than the versions we use on the web site. There is no charge for this service.

Web site updates:

The ECR web site is a sales and marketing tool for ECR. We also post a lot of free information and stories to make the web site as entertaining as possible for Land Rover fans (because we are fans too). Customer projects are posted on the web site as time allows. The ECR web site is not to be looked at as a real time indicator of your project. In fact, in a number of projects we have not had time to update the web site until a project is completed and already delivered back to the customer. We do not charge for anything related to our web site, so updates are done during free time. We update the site as frequently as possible, but you may see your project in the flesh, before you see web site updates.

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