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Here at ECR our in house paint department can handle anything for your Defender 90 or 110, from an imported Rover, to a newer 1997 Limited Edition Defender 90, we offer all types of paint and body services for all of them. We service customers with simple job like painting a new set of 16" rims for their off road tires, to major work and crash damage. Click the images below for images and project details about these Defenders.

Corrosion repairs

This NAS 110 came into the ECR Paint shop by request of the owner. He only wanted ECR to handle his LRNA warranty work on his doors, as he wanted it done right, done once, and done to last.

Here the 110 is brought into one of the service bays and the old rusting doors are removed. We not only replace the doors with new, but we make sure the new parts will outlast the originals. We seam seal, undercoat, epoxy prime and detail all the surfaces, inside and out. Your local body shop won't do that for your Rover... but ECR will.

We do this is to ensure that your door rust doesn't come back anytime soon. Our warranty work far exceeds LRNA's requirements, but we go the extra mile to make the customer happy, and make the Defender last.

Here you can see the new bare door that has been set up by ECR so that it will resist rust. Most places and dealerships will just paint the outside of the door. Here you can see the extent of our undercoat and paint efforts. Now these doors are ready for their "guts" and the interior trim parts.

Another place Defenders have problems are under the body cappings. To fix this for good, we can install galvanized cappings. These images show the new galvanized parts installed on this NAS 110. These galvanized pieces can be installed on Defender 90s as well. Note that the safari cage has been removed. The customer wants it powder coated black, then it will be re-installed.

Minor Body work

Defender 90

1997 Defender 90 Station Wagon minor accident repairs
Go here for project details and images

This 1997 Defender 90 has come to us from Maryland for repair of some accident damage. The bumper and RF fender have been damaged and we will be repairing the 90 to be as good as new, as well as adding some upgrades giving the Defender a top to bottom service.

First step, tear down the damaged areas and repair/replace the panels as need. At this time we also check everything on the vehicle so if jobs need to be done that require removing the fender, we'll advise the customer so he won't have to pay twice for repairs.

Once the outer fender is removed and replaced with a new panel and the body work is done on the inner fender, both are repainted in our state of the art paint facility and then assembled onto the vehicle that same day. This customer also added wing top guards to his 90 while it was at ECR, as well as a new leather covered steering wheel and a complete service of the vehicle from top to bottom. It will now be fully cleaned inside and out and returned to the customer.

This image shows the completed repair, as well as the new tires and other modifications. No job is too big or too small for ECR. Don't trust your pride and joy to just anyone. The owner of this D90 had this to say about his ECR repairs."Very impressed, well done all around. I'm particularly pleased with the paint job, which looks absolutely seamless. Unbelievable. I only wish it didn't take an accident to see how well you guys do structural repairs." Bill Bodie

Defender 110

This 110 had a minor accident in the front. The weak stock brush bar took a slight hit and then bent around and hit the fender. We advised the owner that for about the same money as buying the stock bumper and brush bar that he could install an ARB bumper, and not have to worry about small hits to the front of the 110.

Here the damaged fender skin and bumper have been removed. With ECR's Paint and body facility the new fender skin is already being painted and will be ready quicker than Rover shops that have to look outside their own walls for paint and body work. Notice the new ARB winch mount bumper has already been installed.

This image shows the new fender skin and bumper installed. This was a quick job and took less than a day. Don't let paint and body shops take you for a ride, call ECR we can handle anything your Defender needs.

Here it is, ready to roll and better than new. Big or small, no Rover job is too much, or too little for ECR. Doesn't your Defender deserve full time professionals that care about your Rover, who know them inside and out? Call ECR for whatever your Rover needs.

Major Crash Damage

Defender 90

This 1997 Defender 90 LE has come to us form IL to have its accident damage repaired. Sadly, what looks like a simple front end accident buckled the frame. The good news is that we can fix everything and make it better than new.

Here you can see the finished product ready to head back to IL. Click the images to see the project in detail.

This D90 had an unfortunate run in with a tree. It has been shipped in from CT for us to repair the accident damage plus install front and rear ARB Air Lockers, Safari Gard front bumper, etc (as you can see the stock bumper didn't do much). The owner also wants us to do a complete strip down color change from Coniston Green to Base Coat/ Clear Coat Beluga Black... No problem... As long as you are ECR and have a full service Land-Rover facility!

Here the damaged body parts have been removed and the damage inspected. The frame needs some slight work, but again even that it is no problem for ECR.

As the owner of this D90 wants a full color change done properly, we will strip the vehicle down and paint it as the factory would have in Beluga Black. This will ensure a long lasting, perfect paint job.

Here the first coats of Beluga Black are going on. Just as the factory would have we will paint everything properly. When we are done there will be no way to tell this D90 was ever Coniston Green. Other body shops just tape off the trim and spray the Rover. Here at ECR we think there is only one way to paint a Rover... The right way.

Here is is a little farther along, with the newly painted parts being installed.

Here are the images of the completed Beluga Black, base coast/ clear coat paint job. From a recent accident and Coniston Green to this beautiful (and nicely optioned) Defender 90 in just a short time. Doesn't your Defender deserve the ECR treatment?

This D90 will be getting a set of roll up window doors, seen here being installed on the Defender.

Here is the final project, with everything from lockers to a work light, accident damage to a color change. Where else but ECR can all this be done under one roof? Nowhere. This D90 will now be shipped back to its owner in CT. If you need any paint/ body work, or just a dash switch, call ECR. We are you total Defender source.

Major restoration paint work, to quick in and out crash damage, we handle everything related to your Defender.

If you have paint and body needs for your Defender, contact ECR and we'll be happy to help you make your Rover world class.

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