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Defender 90 and 110 footwell trim replacements that work!

Did you toss those crappy cardboard pieces long ago? Or maybe you tried to tape them back in place like the owner of the D90 pictured above? You'll see the duct tape didn't hold that that flimsy cardboard cut out is back laying on the floor. Let us toss your old limp cardboard for our heavy duty replacements that will look better, work better and last for the life of your Defender!

The interior of this D90 is clean and looks great, thanks in no small part to the fact that the cardboard trims are no longer in place. The LH and RH footwell trims on this D90 we have replaced with ECR ROX heavy duty footwell trims for a clean look that will stand up to muddy boots, kids kicking them, whatever.
Above you can see the ECR ROX heavy duty trim for the RH side of a D90 without Air Conditioning. It keeps the factory look and texture, but it is made from aluminum and coated with a tough polymer to withstand whatever foot traffic hits your Defender. The back side of the ECR ROX trim is covered in a sound deadening material to help reduce both tire noise and engine noise transmitted into the cabin.

Here you can see the ECR ROX footwell trim for the RH fotwell in a 1993 NAS Defender 110. The air inlets are built into the panel and it covers the EFI computer and relays. The panel is easly removed to service the relays and EFI computer if need be, but it won't fall on the floor and it won't sag as long as you own your Defender.

On the LH side of the NAS Defender 110 the trim pieces look just as good. The piece is made from the same heavy gauge alloy, polymer coated and is also backed with sound deadeners. The tips of your muddy boots, or wet shoes will no longer dislodge the original cheesy cardboard trims, once we install the ECR ROX trims.

Here you can see the ECR ROX trim for the LH side of a Defender 90. The piece is made from the same heavy gauge alloy and polymer coated. They will make the interior of your Defender look and perform much better.
A stock look, with the strength of metal, with a side benefit of noise reduction means these trims are a win, win situation for your Defender 90 or 110.

When your Defender is at ECR have us install a set of upgraded footwells for a better solution to a common problem.

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