The legendary vehicle that has conquered everything from the plains of Africa to the jungles of South America can now be yours. ECR now offers late model (1993-1997) Defender 110's and 130's for all your Rover needs. These are very versatile vehicles. They can be anything from a 2 door sporting vehicle; to an air conditioned Station Wagon that is at home taking you to the beach or a board meeting.
We can build you any Defender you desire, no matter what your needs are.

Defender 110's: Some examples of past projects and possibilities

ECR Defender 110 Summer Runner (SR110):
Summer Runner 110 #1 Summer Runner 110 #2
- 2 door soft top/ hard top SR110: This is the basic 2 door Defender 110 with a soft top roof and open back that can be left open to haul gear, or set up with seating for up to 10 people. Great for sporting needs, going to the beach or carrying a lot of gear. The ECR SR110 is the ultimate tour vehicle with its adventure ability and massive seating capability. It can be a "no top", "soft top with roll up sides" or a "full hard top" depending on what option you choose.

ECR Defender 110 Beach Runner (BR110):
Beach Runner #1 Beach Runner #2 Beach Runner #3
- 4 door soft top BR110: This is the ultimate 4 door Defender 110 with a soft top, half doors, seating for 9 and room for beach gear. A Defender 110 that has many different forms, from no top, to a soft top to a bikini top for the ultimate beach cruiser.

How about a BR110 that is set up for fun on and off the road!

Here is another dual sport BR110 in Eastnor Green.

Here is Beach Runner #5 in Willow Green with a full rust resistant package

How about a completely custom Beach Runner 130 (extended wheelbase)!

- 110 Pick up: This is the basic 2 door Defender 110 with a pick up roof and open back. Great for sporting needs, or working hard. A canvas top is also available to cover the cargo area.

ECR Defender 110 HC Pick Up:
- 110 Hi-Capacity Pick up: This version has a longer, wider rear cargo area.
Both vehicles shown below are 3.9 EFI V8's, with 5 speed gearboxes, AC, power steering and much much more. They are also available in 300Tdi 5 speed and 4.6 EFI V8 automatic and 5 speed versions.

An ECR 110 Hi-Capacity in Arles Blue

A nicely outfitted ECR 110 Hi-Capacity in Coniston Green

All the ECR Defender110s and 130s come finished to our high quality standards, with full interiors, and more attention to detail than the factory ever imagined.
Shown below is a the interior headliner trim on an ECR Hi-Capacity pick up.

Both the standard pick up and the hi-capacity have removable roofs for open top driving.

- Defender 130 Hi-Capacity Crew Cab Pick up: A large, 127" wheelbase, version of the 110 Hi-Capacity. It has 4 doors and room for 5, with a large cargo bed as well. The ultimate shooting brake/ recreational vehicle for your country house, or work horse for your business or farm.

ECR Defender 110 NAS style 3 door:

- NAS Full hard top 110: Great for load carrying or a great platform for a camper/ expedition vehicle. It is available with a rear door, or a split lift gate tailgate, and many other options.
Shown here in AA Yellow, sliding side windows, sunroof, etc...

ECR Defender 110 Station Wagon:

- ECR 110 Station Wagon: This is the 4 door model commonly known as the "5 door" due to its rear door. This vehicle can seat 9 with ease and can carry all the gear for that crowd on its optional roof rack. With optional air and our custom built CD and iPod sound systems, this vehicle is perfect for drives to the office or showing clients that "off the beaten path" piece of real estate. After using your 110 for work, you can head to the ski slopes, or the beach, and be sure of getting to there in style and comfort with the full time 4 wheel drive and the optional 280 horsepower Pursuit V8.
The ECR 110s differ from the standard 1993 U.S. Defender 110s as many more options and colors are available. U.S. Defender 110 Station Wagons were only available in white, with a 3.9 liter V8, 5 speed.
Working with ECR you could have bright yellow Defender 110 Station Wagon with front and rear AC, a 4.6 Rover V8 and an automatic! Your choices and options are almost endless.

We can even offer all the latest updates, like a better interior with a dash mounted radio, and even power windows and locks. Above you can see the updated dash in our latest restoration of NAS Defender 110 #132/500.

Dash updates also include new version gauges (tachometer, coolant temp. fuel level and speedo) and the latest "blacked out" warning lamps (you only see the warning lights when they are illuminated).

The much more efficient air conditioning systems are used (rear air cond. also available) and the dash mounted radio...

gives us new DVD and touch screen audio/video system possibilities that we could not offer before. Here you can see an Alpine touch screen DVD system installed in an ECR 110.

A very nice by product of changing the dash system to the "in dash radio" is that we can also install the latest style cubby boxes that actually hold a coffee mug or a large drink. Its a small thing, but it helps a lot.

We also offer all the latest body upgrades, from door hinges that don't cause rust bleeds to new rear doors that are better in every way.

Click on the images and links below to see some of ECR's restored NAS 110s:

ECR Restored NAS 110 #132

ECR Restored NAS 110 #313

ECR Restored NAS 110 #157

ECR Restored NAS 110 #403

ECR restored NAS 110 #151

ECR restored NAS 110 #4

ECR restored NAS 110 #312

ECR restored NAS 110 #12/25

We can even offer special versions of 110s such as:
Expedition Ready 110s/ 130s
for use across North America or across the planet.
Off Road 110s with packages for everything from Moab to the jungles of South America.
Camel Trophy Replicas for the ultimate 110.
Dormobile (camper) conversions (pop-up roof with bunks, stove, fridge, etc.) for overland or weekend use.
Safari Car/ Game Viewer 110/130s for use on ranches or in zoos.
You name it!
Anything you can imagine ECR can build for you! Your only limitation is your imagination.

Check out this cool ECR built custom soft top 110:

ECR Defender 110 Projects:
Click on the ECR Defender 110 image to see the project details.

ECR Defender 110 Expedition Special Vehicle (4 door)

ECR 110 Wagon
ECR Defender 110 Station Wagon (5 door)

ECR Safari Car
ECR Defender 110 Safari Car/ Game Viewer

ECR Hi-Cap 110
ECR Defender 110 Hi-Capacity Pick Up (loaded)

ECR Expedition 110
ECR Defender 110 3 door (Expedition style)

ECR 110 NAS style
ECR Defender 110 3 door (North American style)

ECR Hi-Cap
ECR Defender 110 Hi-Capacity Pick-up
(base model)

More coming soon!

Defender Specifications and Options:

Rover V8
's with Electronic Fuel Injection
Aluminum block and cylinder heads, single cam, push rod engine
Displacements from 3.9L to 4.6 and even 4.9 and 5.2L in various versions are available. These V8's can yield from 180 hp/ 227 ft.-lbs. torque to a massive 340 hp/ 315 ft. lbs. torque depending on your needs. Higher performance Rover V8 engines are available upon request.

- 5 speed fully synchronized manual gearbox. In R-380 versions
- Automatic

Transfer box:
- LT-230 Full time 4 wheel drive, gear driven, transfer case with center locking differential
- An "Underdrive" is also available for off road uses. This will keep your highway speeds, but give you up to 114:1 low range crawl ability.

(options are nearly endless, these are just some examples)
- Air Conditioning
- Sunroof*
Not available on all models
- Off road suspensions by Old Man Emu or Safari Gard
- Heavy Duty Salisbury rear axle (for heavy towing uses)
Standard on 130
- Heavy Duty Salisbury front axle with vented disc brakes (for extreme duty uses)
- Differential protection, (front, rear, or both)
- Tie rod protection
- Suspension bushing upgrade
- Rock Sliders (sill protection)
- Heavy Duty load carrying suspensions
- ARB air locking differentials
- ARB "on board air" for numerous uses
- Heated windscreens (for quick defrosts)
- Hella driving/ fog lights
- ARB and Safari Gard winch mount bull bars with Warn winches from 9,000 to 12,000 lbs
- Roof racks (3/4 and full length) with rear access ladders
We also build custom racks for all your needs (kayaks, bikes, etc.). Stainless Steel racks are available as well.
- Side & rear access steps
- Light guards
- Front fender protection plates
- Mud flaps
- Locking wheel nuts (security)
& many, many more!

All 2 door models are available with either the Defender style sliding window doors (stock), or the station wagon roll up type (option). Station Wagons are only available with roll up window doors.

ECR offers complete equipment packages for:
-cold climates
-warm climates
-on road performance
-off road ability
or you can mix and match to personalize your vehicle.

The worlds most versatile vehicle is now ready for you, here in the USA, in the any color. We list these factory colors as examples only. Any color is available.

Beluga Black
Alpine White
AA Yellow
Arles Blue
Portofino Red
Coniston Green

ECR's Defenders are custom modified for each client, to meet his or her needs. These vehicles are top quality and carry a warranty on the systems. They are for the serious Land-Rover enthusiast, or those who seek the very best four wheel drive available in the USA.
For information on your own Defender 110 or 130 please contact ECR.

ECR is a bonded, licensed Maine State Auto Dealer for your protection.

Due to the incredible demand for these vehicles we will be delivering them on a first come, first served basis only.

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ECR Defender 110 FAQ: (Frequently Asked Questions)

- We can not help you import a 110/130 from overseas. We build our 110s in the USA as importation and road use of these overseas vehicles is illegal if they are not 25 years old or older.
- ECR 110s and 130s are built at the ECR facility in Rockland, Maine.
- We build 110 pick ups, 3 doors, and 130 crew cabs because they do not exist in the USA otherwise. If you are seeking an NAS Defender 110 Station Wagon, an ECR 110 Station Wagon is not a cheaper alternative. Ours cost much more as they are hand built and updated with lots of better equipment. We only offer the 5 door Station Wagons for those very special customers who either want a 300 Tdi version, or something along the lines of an AA Yellow 4.6 liter, automatic D110 5 door, or those who just need a newer model with a galvanized frame and rust protection throughout. If you are seeking a 3.9 EFI 5 speed 110 5 door, we suggest you locate a good used NAS 110.
- ECR 110/130s start out as clean, low mileage, NAS Defender 90s and NAS 110s. We then start with a new frame and combine it with the Defender and build the perfect vehicle to your exact specifications.
- The majority of ECR Defenders are custom built to customers order. We already have a back log of orders, so we do not have a number of vehicles on hand that are ready for delivery, unfortunately.

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