Rust free, quick and it won't break the bank:
The unique galvanized frame swap system for Defenders from ECR!

The Defender 90s and 110s are great vehicles, in fact, most owners know they'll never sell their Defenders and want to keep them "forever". Now ECR has a way that you can make that dream a reality.
Click the Black NAS D90 below for a look at a typical ECR frame swap.
1995 NAS D90 frame swap
Just like we did for this 1995 NAS D90 from New York, we offer fully galvanized chassis swaps for both the USA Defender 90s and Defender 110s. Much like our original frame swap process for the Series II-III Land-Rovers, we use the same system for Defenders of all years, that way your trusty Defender can really have a shot at lasting a good long time, with no frame rust at a price that makes it worth your while. It also increases the value of your vehicle while adding longevity, what could be better?

Click the image of the 1994 NAS D90 from Illinois to see yet another ECR Defender frame swap.
Defender 90 LE
Click on the image above, a 1997 NAS Defender 90 LE, also from IL, to see another frame swap and accident repair.
BRG Defender 90
Click on the picture above to see another 1997 NAS Defender 90 get a frame swap due to prior accident damage.

How do we save you money and enhance longevity at the same time? Our unique frame swap system, that we pioneered in the USA well over a decade ago (as seen above), gets a new galvanized frame into you Defender without taking the entire vehicle apart. This saves you 1000s of dollars and hundred of man hours from having other shops do this type of work. They want to take your truck apart piece by piece, but if you really only want or need a frame, the ECR frame swap system is the only way to go.

This image shows a new ECR galvanized Defender 90 frame with all the running gear in place from a 1997 Defender Station Wagon (4.0 EFI V8 with automatic). The hot dipped galv. frame means that this D90 can now run on the beach or in the mud without any worry about rust or corrosion in the chassis. All the correct parts bolt up to our chassis and they fit without any modification to your Rover or its parts. This is also a great time to take care of those other jobs that you want done to your Defender, such as a new springs or shocks (as seen above). The labor to do this type of work combined with a frame swap takes a lot less time as all the parts have to be swapped over anyway, so you can get a new suspension installed for nearly just the price of the parts.

This image shows the body of a 1993 Defender 110 lifted in our frame swap system. Once the new galv. frame is set up with the running gear parts we'll lower the body onto the new galv. chassis and this 1993 Defender 110 will be ready for a long life without rust, on a strong frame. Think about never having to worry about frame rust again in your Defender... that is great piece of mind, available only from ECR.

This image shows one of the ECR Defender 90 chassis that has all the mounts and such for a 1994 USA Defender 90, but combines that with the engine and gearbox mounts for the 300 Tdi. This makes it so your project will bolt together and go together easily, and you'll end up with a long lasting galvanized frame to boot!

This image show the example Defender 90 ready to head back to its home in Florida, but now with a new ECR galvanized chassis. That means the owner can ride on the beach and have a blast with his Defender without worrying about rust or corrosion in the frame. If you need a replacement frame installed in our frame swap system we can help.

Contact ECR about your Defender frame swap needs. we'll help make your Defender world class!!
Only from ECR.

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