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Hi-Capacity Pick Up DEFENDER 110s
The images below document one such build up of a Hi-Capacity 110 with a host of options.

As with all of the ECR Defender 110s and 130s, a new galvanized frame is used as a strong back bone for every vehicle. In this image you can see that the suspension and axles have been fitted, as well as the upgrades to Bilstein shocks, OME springs. The fuel tank, fuel and brake lines are also run at this stage. This 110 will also be getting ABR air lockers front and rear, so we bench build the axles and differentials for a perfect install and then install them in the rolling chassis.

After the body panels are painted in the owner's choice of Coniston Green in our state of the art spray booth, they are heat cured and then installed onto the new galv. chassis. Here you can see that the bulkhead and rear cab have been installed and the 1000s of small parts that make up a 110 are being installed to get the 110 road ready. Our 3 stage painting process assures that all steel parts all be rust free for many years, and we seam seal all the gaps so that typical Land Rover corrosion is kept at bay.

From the rear you can see that the heavy duty Salisbury rear axle is in place and that the 110 is beginning to take shape as a Defender pick up with all new glass and the rest of the suspension parts going into place, including the ECR rear shock drop kit for added articulation.

In this image you can see the wiring harness and other interior systems going into place. It looks a little messy when you first install it, but as the system are installed into the ECR 110 everything finds it place and gets organized.

Here you can see that the performance 3.9 Rover V8 has now been installed. The roof, 16" rims and new BFG Mud Terrains have also been installed.

This detail of the 3.9 engine shows the nearly complete engine bay. The 3.9 has an upgraded camshaft, timing chain and other performance goodies, including a fuel injection computer upgrade, for more "go" to go along with all this beautiful 110's "show".
This 110 is fully loaded with A/C and the works. The A/C unit can bee seen at the back of the engine bay.

Here you can see the 110 really starting to come together, and take shape as a Hi-Cap 110.

After the initial tests of the engine, the front body work is installed. As this 110 is fully loaded that also means installing items like the winch power cables, fender top guards, upgraded steering stabilizer and much more.

As the interior start to come together the 110 starts to come t life. The electrical system are tested as they are installed and everything is double checked for long life. We make sure wires can't chafe and cause a failure, we double and triple check everything. If it has an ECR logo on that back, that means that we stand behind it, and we built it to last.

In this image you can see that the rear bed has been installed, and the tailgate put in place. The NAS style lights help set apart the details of an ECR 110, rather than just putting the vehicle together with "any old" parts, we worry about the details from the smallest bolt, to the quality of the paint. If we worry, then you end up with a perfect 110, ready for anything.

Here you can see the major body parts coming together. We are also installing a canvas top and galv. hoop set to keep the cargo bed covered when the owner wants.

Under the hoop set we are also installing an ECR built custom 4 point roll bar. The roll bar hides below the canvas top so that the canvas can be used, or it can be taken off without interfering with the roll bar.

Fabricated into the roll bar are mounts for 2 extra gas cans, and we also installed a waterproof storage box for your gear. The cargo bed was also rhino-lined so that it would last a long time and stay looking good.

This image shows the tan canvas bed cover installed. It really looks great and makes for a usable cargo bed.

Inside the cab of this Hi-Cap gets the full treatment, Full interior trim, factory headliners, 6 disc CD changer, inertia seat belts, sliding door tops, A/C, full gauges and much more. This give you a nice place to be inside, and because this 110 is loaded with lockers, diff. guards, tie rod guards, dual Optima batteries and so much more, you can take it some pretty nasty places outside.

Here it is. The completed ECR 110 Hi-Capacity pick up ready for delivery to its owner. With a list of options that read like a wish list of Land Rover parts, this ECR 110 is ready for anything, and built to last. A great combination.

If you have Land Rover dreams you would like to see come to life, contact ECR, we can make them all come true no matter how mild or wild.

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