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1993 NAS Defender 110 Station Wagon #403/500 Rebuild

How would you like to step back in time to the Fall of 1992 and be able to buy a new 1993 NAS Defender 110 Wagon? That might not be possible, but we have something even better!
We built what we consider to be one of the best, if not the best, NAS Defender 110 in the USA. To see the final result of that project, NAS Defender #132/500 go here.
If you followed "Project: No Apologies" you'll know the basic story of these amazing one of a kind vehicles. If you are just tuning in, here is the background. Over and over we heard our customers ask,"I would like a Defender 110 with no apologies" (meaning no flaws, no issues, no rust, no corrosion), but as all 1993 NAS Defender 110s are all getting on in years (all built in mid to late 1992) that is hardly possible today. They all have flaws, or corrosion, or rust, or poor paint work, so it isn't possible to get a "no apologies" NAS Defender 110... or is it?
ECR can build you a "No Apologies Defender 110" and make it better, not just a repeat of the original. Our specifications out do the stock NAS 110. Items like the air condition systems are better. The stock system was basically a joke, so we have updated it to the better, newer system. The rear drum brakes have also gone in favor of new 4 wheel power disc brakes, the new style hinges are used and so on and so on. The 110 will be stripped down completely. Every nut, bolt and washer will be removed and replaced. Every bearing and every seal will be replaced with new. The ratty old HVAC system (Heating Ventilation and Air Cond.) will be removed in favor of all new parts and so much more. Every part will be replaced or restored to better than new and we'll even update all the door hinges, add our new style door hinges and even upgraded the interior lights. The build list is far too long to detail. Basically everything we have learned about Defender 110s in the last 13 years is applied to make these ECR 110s better than any stock NAS 110 out there.

Here you can see the starting point for the restoration, NAS Defender 110 #403/500. It isn't a bad truck, although it is very rusty, it has just lived out its useful life and now needs to be fully restored. Unlike some shops that give things a new coat of paint, fix the obvious items and then slap on some new tires and call it "restored", we fully strip these vehicles and rebuild them with all new Genuine Land Rover parts.
If it is a steel body panel, it is replaced, not matter what its condition. We cut no corners in these vehicles and only 100% new steel pieces will do. No patching or cutting and welding for this project though. This frame will be replaced with new, the only way to go. These projects aren't refurbishments or a patch jobs, this is a full restoration to ECR standards, and that means like new or better.
The next step for this 110 is complete tear down to its smallest part. Each part will be evaluated and then restored or replaced as required to achieve "new" status.

Here you can see we are restoring the roof basket. This one has been modified to be able to come on and off easily as per the customers request. It will now be epoxy primed and painted in the correct satin black.

The new R380 gearbox and 1.4 ratio transfer case have now been mated together and are ready for assembly into the awaiting rolling chassis.

Once the new drivetrain is installed and set up, the body panels are installed and the wiring is done. This image shows the dash assembly partially installed and the doors are being test fit. Once the doors gaps are correct the new interior panels will be installed.

Like the others before it, this ECR 110 restoration was sold even before it was completed. The new owner from the Northwest had us add some additional items to make his 110 exactly what he wanted. Above you can see that we have added a Hella twin lamp work/reverse light. The 3 way switch we install means you can use this along with your reverse lights, automatically, or you can turn it on manually to help you load gear into the 110 or hook up a trailer. Speaking of trailer, we also set this 110 up with a full trailer lighting package to going along with the stock Class III receiver.

Inside the 110 we have fabricated rear speaker mounts and installed the customers speakers for a nice clean looking speaker installation.

Up front we added wiring and switches for driving and fog lights (green arrows), that the customer plans to install later on, and installed an Alpine CD head unit to provide the tunes. We also installed an electric trailer brake controller and a number of security features that make this 110 virtually un-steal-able.
A few months later we are at this stage, a nearly complete restoration. We still need to complete about 100 small work orders and details, but the basic Defender 110 is now ready for some testing.

Here you can see the completely restored ECR NAS 110 #403, fully tested and ready to head to its new owner out west. All the customers desired upgrades and add-ons have been installed, everything from a clutch security system to a rear work/reverse light. Nothing is too big or small in the scope of an ECR restoration.

You can search for one of the 13 year old models out there, and hope you find one without problems, or you can buy one of our as new, restored 110s. Our restored versions being far superior in many ways to a stock NAS Defender, even if that stock Defender had only 5 miles on the clock, the ECR 110 has all the updates and is built better in all respects.

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