ECR ROX Defender 90 Fuel tank skid plate:

Does your fuel tank skid plate look like this?

All rusted out and nasty? If you drive your D90 in the winter it probably does. This skid plate came off a 1994 Defender 90 that is in good shape, but the skid plate was a mess. This area on a D90 traps road debris, salt and mud and it is very prone to rusting out, and looking gross.

The good news is that a new ECR ROX alloy skid plate can take its place and do the job of protection the tank, as well as never rusting out again. Other suppliers also makes an alloy fuel tank skid plate but the difference with the ECR ROX unit is that you can still use your rear sway bar and your factory step and tow rear bumper if you wish. In the other units you have to remove your rear bumper. As we know a lot of you need the rear towing point we have developed this unit to cure the rusty factory steel skid plate and allow you to keep the rest of the D90 stock. Above you can see the ECR ROX plate installed on a 1994 Defender 90 with all the other stock equipment still in place.

The other difference in the ECR ROX skid plate is that the front tank retaining bar is also made from alloy, so it can not rust either. The other suppliers all provide the retainer bar in steel, our set up is 100% alloy for no more rust. If you take a look at the top photo of the old skid plate you will see that the retainer bar actually rusted worse than the plate, and it needs to be alloy.

If you want to retain your rear bumper and your rear sway bar, or just want a tough, non rusting skid plate , contact ECR. We will set you up with a full alloy fuel tank skid plate that will look great and never rust so that your D90 will have a better shot at lasting a long time! If you don't plan to use your sway bar, or your step and tow bumper that is no problem either, the skid plate works in all situations.
ECR ROX skid plate
Here is what we install (as shown in the image above). The ECR ROX alloy skid plate, the tank retainer bar (not shown) (tank bar is also alloy) and new hardware for our install.
$225. plus installation

As the ECR ROX fuel tank skid plate is normally used by folks who do not run sway bars on their Defender 90s, the sway bar mounting hoses are NOT drilled in it. If you want to retain your factory sway bars you will need to drill those 4 holes. You can get the dimensions for their placement from your original skid plate.

When your Defender is at ECR have us install a new skid plate for a better solution to a common problem.

Keep in mind that the stock style alloy fuel tank skid plate was developed by ECR because our customers asked for it. If you have an issue with your Defender the answer to your problems just might be sitting on the shelf at ECR, and if it isn't, we'll make it and install it for you.
Let us know if we can help you with any of your Defender needs!

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