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Range Rover Off Road Upgrades and Service

This Range Rover came to us from CT. It had a number of service items that needed to be sorted out. Everything from bad brakes to a rusted exhaust system. The owner thought that because the engine was running so poorly that he might have to spring for an engine replacement, but after ECR evaluated the engine we found that we could bring the 3.9 V8 back to life without need for a new engine at this time. What other shop is going to keep your Rover's best interest in mind like that. If you dropped off your Rover and asked for a costly engine change would your shop call you back and tell you you didn't need to spend the money? Think about it. ECR would, and does, just like with this customer!

Along with the service work we also did a host of upgrades, such as an Old Man Emu suspension lift, Bilstein shocks, ECR rear shock drop kit and ECR tie rod guard, a complete NRP stainless exhaust system and more. In the image you can see the ECR ROX sliders that we installed on this Range Rover. The ECR ROX slider mounts are welded to the body for real strength and they look stylish to boot.

This Range Rover is now ready for the road or the trail and has a great start to being a true off road machine. Items such as differential guards and especially the tie rod guard should never be overlooked for more "flashy" items such as roof racks and aux. lights. This customer did things exactly right in our opinion. Sort all the mechanical systems first and make the Rover safe and reliable, then go for the off road protection upgrades. the lights and roof racks can come later. With this phase of the upgrades complete the Rover will go back to CT for some off road and on road fun!
Let ECR know if we can help you, from service of your stock 3.9 V8 to radical off road modifications the choice is simple... ECR

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