The Discovery (1994-Present) has been Land-Rovers main market here in the US. This sport utility seems to have a little bit of character and does still retain some ruggedness from the Land-Rover heritage. It seems to stand out from the rest of the sport utility crowd. It still retains a solid axle front and rear, a full box section steel frame, and a tough gear drive transfer case and more.

1996 Discovery LE

The Discovery has been available in the US since the 1994 model year and has offered both an automatic and 5 speed gearbox. The engine choices are still limited to the EFI Rover V8 in this country. A wide range of options are available for the Discovery from dual sunroofs to rear jump seats. The models range from the base SD to the SE7 and others. Although the lower end Discovery "SD" has been dropped from the line up recently. Quality problems were high in the early US models, but the Discovery has changed to meet these needs and many things including the engine management systems have been changed.

1995 Discovery SE7

The Discovery has also had its share of "special" models. The XD was a bright yellow Discovery that was identical in the drivetrain to the stock model, but had bull bars, a roof rack and some othere options bolted to it. This was the model that most closely ressembeld the Camel Trophy Discoverys in the US, eventhough the two vehicle are quite different. (The real Camel trophy Discos had a turbo diesel engine, stripped down interior and a lot of real off road equipment).

Discovery XD

Recently developed is the Discovery Series II (1999- Present). This is a totally redesigned version, based loosely on the existing Discovery crossed with the new Range Rover. This new model looks into some of the complaints US buyers had about the original Disco. The new version is longer in the rear for increased cargo area (about 10" longer), is wider, and will have the windscreen line raised for better visibility. It also carries a host of options and other small changes such as a rear air suspension set up for load carrying, hill descent button, and all new interior and better driver controls.

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