Another Land-Rover called the Freelander now exists in other world markets, and is now here in the USA in a 5 door, V6 form. It resembles a Toyota RAV-4, more than any Land-Rover that came before it. With the recent trend of small, car-like, mini-van/ sport utility hybrids; like the Mercedes M-Class, it would be a good bet that Land-Rover will gain a foothold in that market with the Freelander, but at an estimated $34,000. for the V-6 powered Freelander, the competition will be tough to beat. A modified version of the Freelander was used in the 1998 Camel Trophy (Land-Rovers last entry in the Camel Trophy), and although it's 4WD system and off road ability look very weak to us here at ECR, we are sure it will fill a void for a entry level, family based utility vehicle in the US. Only the gas powered 5 door hardtop version (as seen below in UK form) is scheduled for release in the USA currently. The 2 door soft tops and diesel powerplants will again miss the North American market.
Freelander FrontFreelander Rear
Land-Rover Freelander (UK version)

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