The Series II (1958-1961) Land-Rovers are more what we think of when talk Land-Rover in the US. They kept the same wheelbases as the Series I's, but they had been restyled and now had a new 2.25 liter gas engine. They look like the Series IIA's and have many of the same features and options, but a few things will help you tell them apart from their more common brother, the Series IIA. The Series II had the horn button mounted on a bracket that came off the left of the steering column, and the turn signal switch was on the dash board. The SIIA had the horn button in the center of the steering wheel and the turn signal lever was on the column. The SII commonly had amber glass turn signal lenses on the front fenders. The SIIA's commonly had clear glass. The rear side windows of the station wagon versions had 2 drain holes per side. The SIIA's had 4 drain holes per side. The front apron ( the part above the front bumper, between the front fenders ) on the SII's were usually bent at 90 degrees, and the SIIA's front apron was a smoother roll. The Series II also has a 2.25 liter gas engine like the Series IIA's, but some parts of it are odd. Some of the SII engines have different crankshaft journal sizes, and different cylinder heads (among other things) that are not interchangeable. Some parts for these SII engines are hard to get. The Series II was available as an 88 or a 109.

Series II 88 Land-Rover Safari Station Wagons

Series II 1958-1961
Model 88" Short wheelbase 109" Long wheelbase
Engines2.25 gas: 77HP @ 4250 rpms
2.0 diesel: 55HP @ 4250 rpms
2.25 gas: 77HP @ 4250 rpms
2.0 diesel: 55HP @ 4250 rpms
Transmission 4 speed (synchro in 3-4)  4 speed (synchro in 3-4)
Transfer case Part time 4WD Part time 4WD

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