Land-Rover: A Guide to U.S. models

ECR provides this page as a service to those requiring some basic information about U.S. Land-Rovers. Some restoration shops want you to buy a costly information kit, but the world wide web contains lots of information about Land-Rovers, and quite a few good books have been written about the vehicles.
We have put this information together from our knowledge of U.S. Land-Rovers, as all the books written are based on the UK and world wide Land-Rover markets. All the photos (except those that are labled) were taken by ECR, at our facility, or on our Off Road test track. The images of old sales brochures have been taken from our collection of antique Land-Rover literature. The images and technical data on these pages is intended as information only, not as advertising.

If you need any other information just contact ECR, or stop by for a visit to see all of our Land-Rovers.
We will be glad to help in any way we can.

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This page contains information on the most common Land-Rover models imported to the United States. Land-Rover had hundreds of variations and special models, from military vehicles to rare prototypes that were in use around the globe. All of them are NOT listed here; however, these are the basic North American models that you will commonly see here in the United States. Land-Rover also did not follow strict production guidelines, so it is best to use this information as a guide, not as fact.

Click on the type of Rover that interests you for basic informnation, technical data, an "at a glance" identification guide, photos and more!


DEFENDER 110 1993

DEFENDER 90 1994, 1995 and 1997


RANGE ROVER 1987-1995

RANGE ROVER 1995-2002

RANGE ROVER 2002- (coming soon)


A strong and loyal following of Land-Rover owners will continue to make sure we have examples of Land-Rover's history from the Series I's to the last of the Defender's.
If you would like the East Coast Rover Co. to help you own your own piece of Land-Rover's history, feel free to call, fax or email.

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