2006 Mustang GT

If you know me, or you've read anything on the after hours section of the web site, you know I have a serious car "problem". Land Rover for sure, but other types as well. I recently bought a new Mustang and again, if you know me, you'll know I can't leave anything stock. The Mustang is no different, it has to be altered. Long term plans include some performance upgrades, but for now the changes are cosmetic. The first change was the addition of a new grill to move the fog lights into the middle of the grill. The long range plans for this car are to make it look more like a 1967 Shelby GT-500 like this one:

and center lights are the first step in the process. Why do this? #1 because Carrol Shelby is the man, and #2 because I just have to.

So what is the second thing you do with a car that has 1500 miles on it? Bring it into the shop and start tearing it apart. Isn't that what you'd do? Next up on this car is to get rid of the factory rear winglett thing. I wanted to order the car with the "spoiler delete" but it would have added about 12 weeks to delivery times and I got a much better deal on this car as it was on the dealers lot. Onto the modifications... off comes the factory wing and the trunk lid.

We removed the large "GT" logo from the trunk lid and got rid of all the foam tape that held it in place. Now it is time to fabricate some blanking plugs and get rid of the holes from the GT logo and fill the hole where the key goes into the trunk as well. The car has a remote trunk release so the butt-ugly key hole has got to go.

After we made the plugs we tig welded them in place to fill all the holes with metal. Next we'll get the deck lid primed and painted and get it back on the car. Once that is complete we'll install the freshly painted Cervini rear spoiler that will replace the factory winglett.

Here you can see the new spoiler has been test fit to the car and modified a little, and now it is getting prep'd and painted (now under primer). Next we'll block out the spoiler to get rid of the small imperfections so that the finish paint is spot on.

The trunk lid is almost ready for paint. It required a bit of hammer and dolly work to get everything straight, but it came out great. We have spot primed it now and will block sand this down a little more to make sure you can't see any trace of the welding work. Then we'll hang it in the booth and give it some primer, paint and clear coat and get it back on the car. Even in primer I think it looks better already without that monstrous chrome fake gas cap on it.

Here is the trunk lid after paint and 3 coats of clear. It now has no key hole and no "GT" logo. Once it is baked we'll put it back on the car.

Here is the completed trunk lid back on the car, no key hole, no "GT" fake-o gas cap thing. Much better looking in my opinion. Next we'll install the Cervini rear spoiler.

This image shows the rear spoiler in place. Notice that it covers the holes where the factory winglet used to be, and actually uses 2 of those old holes to screw the center piece down.

Here you can see the completed set up. A subtle change, but it gets the Mustang one step away from "showroom stock" and one more step towards custom ride. Now if I could only afford that new supercharger and the Halibrand rims...

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