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North American Style DEFENDER 110s
The images below document one such build up of a NAS style 110 3 door.

These are some images of yet another ECR Defender 110 style, the NAS look 3 door. This ECR 110 has now been delivered for use as a "people mover". It is used by a kayak company in Cape Cod, Mass. to take their customers around and tow their kayak trailer. Those will be some lucky customers to ride around in this AA yellow, V8, Defender 110 3 door.

With the new frame and 3.9 EFI V8 and 5 speed drivetrain installed as per our standard ECR 110s, we look to the custom items that set this NAS style 110 apart. This 110 will have seating for 10 and room for gear. In this image you can see the inward facing jump seats and seat belts being installed in the freshly painted AA Yellow rear bodywork.

Another option in this 110 is an NAS style rear bulkhead behind the seats. All Defender 110 3 doors made have a bulkhead behind the seats, but this customer did not want the bulkhead, they wanted it just like an NAS Defender 90. No problem... we modified the 3 door body tub, cap rails and roll cage system to make this 110 exactly like an NAS Defender, even though the factory never made such a vehicle. In the image you can see the cubby box and safari cage system correctly mated to the 3 door body tub. No one would ever know that this was not built from the factory as an NAS style 3 door.

Shown here almost complete this 110 will be able to do lots of jobs for its new owner, from towing to moving up to 10 people around in comfort. This 110 has everything... AC, power steering, CD player/ changer with subwoofer, etc, etc. Notice the correct NAS style lighting and safari cage parts. No attention to detail is too small, and when the ECR team is done with its work, you get an amazing result.

Here the optional roll up window doors are being readied for the body. Next will be the rear door with wiper and defrost. Also notice the African spec sliding side windows for passenger ventilation even though this is a 3 door ECR 110.

With the rear door now installed, you can see the defroster and rear wiper system. This 110 even has a subwoofer for the 6 disc CD changer.

Here you can see the completed NAS interior design. This makes it easier to get from the cab to the back of the 110 and lets the customer use all the seat travel and keep the factory CD changer. Notice the fold down jump seats on the sides, and the center bench seat for use when there are not so many people. The center bench seat is easily removed for when you need to carry more passengers in the side jump seats.

Front view

Right side view

Left side view

Rear view

If you have Land Rover dreams you would like to see come to life, contact ECR, we can make them all come true no matter how mild or wild.

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