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1993 NAS Defender 110

This 110 was recently sold to a new owner and brought to ECR for a full list of repairs and upgrades before the new owner from Maryland takes delivery. On the list is everything from some rust repair to a new Warn 9000 pound winch and everything in between.

First order of business is a run through the ECR paint and body dept. The 110 suffered from the beginnings of some door support rust, so we will be taking care of that like no other shop in the USA does. In order to get at all the rust and stop it you have to dig deep, you can't just paint over it. In this image you can see the doors have been removed to allow access to the door supports.

A lot of NAS 110s look good from the outside, but this type of rust and corrosion is hiding under the skin. The factory did not paint these areas, and neither will your local body shop or your dealer, but ECR's attention to detail means nothing escapes us. Here you can see the lower door seals have been removed and the T support trim pieces removed. Next we will grind out all the rust and make the T support like new again. It will be painted both inside and out and specially fabricated ECR door seal retainers will be made (and painted inside and out) and installed with new lower door seals to complete a better than factory new repair. Don't look at rust when you get into your 110, we can solve the problem and make it like new again.

In this image you can see the doors are back in place, lined up to close and open correctly and new door hinges have been painted and installed to make the 110 look better with no rust bleeds from the hinges. Also installed were factory running boards (sorry you can't really see them in the photo). While we were in the interior we also fixed a number of small items and added items like waterproof seat covers, HD floor mats and had to completely re-wire the stereo system from a poor aftermarket install.

Here at ECR we can handle any Rover job from massive to small. In this image you can see one of the smaller jobs that we happily completed, the installation of rear lamp guards on this Defender 110.

The front of this 110 is getting the Hella 4000 lights that you see in the picture, a new Warn 9000 winch (the old 8000 was damaged) a front steering gear skid plate and much more.

In this image you can see the front alloy steering gear skid plate. Backing it up is an ECR tie rod guard and that combination makes this 110 ready to handle some tough terrains, and keep the streering gear undamaged.

Also installed on this 110 was a Hella twin bulb rear work lamp. This work light is also wired as a reverse light so it is very handy. The ECR factory look switch for this unit mounts correctly in the wiper motor cover on the dash and allows the light to work as a reverse light automatically when you select reverse, or it can be turned on manually at any time for light when loading items or setting up camp.

Here you can see the finished front end. The new Hella 4000s have been installed, a new Warn 9000 winch fitted, ECR's Hi-Lift jack mount, wing top guards and a skid plate all make the front end of this 110 look and work great. Want to know just how concerned ECR is about getting the details right? This 110 was missing its "Defender" logo front the radiator support, but nothing gets by the ECR team. A new logo was installed to make the Defender 100%. This is just one example of what trained Defender specialist can do for you and your Defender.

Inside this 110 also gets the full treatment, from removing some strange stereo speaks that had been installed, to repairing the center cubby box to work properly, no job is too big or small for ECR. We also installed some owner supplied set covers on all seats and ECR's own seat reals on the driver's seat so that the driver can have some more leg room.

The completed 110 looks even better than it did when it came in. With a well rounded list of options from Hella lights to Warn winch, tie road guard and more to functional items such as interior upgrades, rust repair and much much more. This 110 is now ready for anything the owner wants to throw at it. Let us know if we can modify or repair your 110. The choice is simple... ECR.

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