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1993/2000 Defender 110 Hi-Capacity Pick Up
Custom Hard & Soft top conversion

This ECR 110 Hi-Capacity pick up was built back in 2000, but it just changed hands and the new owner wanted some changes to make it the ultimate summer beach ride. The ECR built 110 already rides on a new galvanized frame with every trick in the book. Here you can see the 110 with the cargo area hoop set and canvas in place, already a cool truck.

The great thing about ECR Defenders are the way we can alter them to fit your needs. To make the 110 more of an open cruiser you can removed the cargo area soft top, as shown above.

This customer wanted to go one better, with the addition of a full custom soft top. Here you can see we are removing the pick up hard top in order to start the conversion. All the conversion work is set up so that the hard top, with all its headliners and trims can easily be put back on for winter use. When we deliver the 110 to NY we'll carefully wrap the hard top up in the cargo bed so that the customer can easily have both hard and soft tops.

Here you can see what we created. We have basically made an NAS soft top Hi-Capacity Pick Up, something that never existed before... anywhere. We also installed a set of upgraded door gutter kits to keep a nice tight seal when the soft top is on. So you can run the 110 as a full hard top in the winter, or quickly remove the hard top and install the soft top for summer. Then take off the soft top and run the 110 like a convertible, as shown above. The NAS style rear hoop is mounted on ECR fabricated brackets that allow it to be easily removed.

Inside the 110 the conversion is complete and finished looking. Even with the top off, we have set it up like an NAS D90 so that the interior lamp still works and so that it has L and R sun visors and nothing looks goofy or "raw".

For the ultimate in open air driving you can quickly remove the gutter kits and the rear roll bar to give that cool "no top" feeling. We even set up the 110 so that it can go one step more! You can easily remove the door tops from the split doors with new stainless steel door top hardware and quick release speed nuts AND fold the windscreen down if you so desire! Then remove the cargo area soft top and you have a wide open summer Rover!

Here you can see that we have completed our fabrication and paint work on the 110 and sent it to our favorite trim shop. They have created a one of a kind NAS Hi-Capacity soft top for the Rover that is made from top quality fabrics and offers a tight seal and weather protection, as well as a large back window.

This image shows the completed 110 ready to head to the customer in NY. The NAS style soft top set up offers the ultimate in flexibility. Full soft top, no soft top, remove the bars and door tops for no top at all, or when it gets chilly install the full metal hard top!
An NAS Defender 110 Hi-Capacity Soft Top. There is something that Land Rover never offered, but ECR does. This 110 is just one more reason why we say, "If you can dream it up... we can make your Defender dreams come true!"
If you have Defender needs contact ECR, we'll be happy to help.

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