2006 Mustang GT
Saleen Supercharger Install & Stuff

Do you smell something? That is the smell of burning plastic, as in my credit card dripping melted plastic out of my wallet. The 06 Mustang was supposed to be on the back burner while a few other projects had to get done, but some time ago I came across a deal on a Saleen supercharger that I just could not pass up. The deal brought the blower from "pipe dream" to "maybe", so I went ahead and did it. The unit has been sitting in the shop since July. We have had so many customer cars to get done that I didn't have 2 minutes to even think about the blower, let alone find a weekend to install it, but last weekend the time was found.

Here you can see the stock engine bay. The stock 4.6 pumps out 300hp as it is and that is plenty to run around coastal Maine, but as with all things automotive... If some is good, then more is better. So the 300 horses will be saying hello to about 100 more when we install the new Saleen supercharger. More info on the Saleen supercharger can be seen here: http://www.saleen.com/supercharger.htm

First step is always tear down. Front bumper assembly has to come off to mount the blowers intercooler and we have to tear the engine down a bit as well.

Here you can see the factory intake has been removed and its time to install the new blower onto the engine.

The better part of a day later and the new blower is in place and nearly everything is hooked up. The computer has been sent to Saleen in CA for a new program to run correctly with the supercharger and hopefully we'll see that back shortly so that "testing" can begin.
Big thumbs up to Casey at Haney Motor Sport for all the hook ups, check out his place at: http://www.haneymotorsport.com/.

Testing has been a major success and it has been a long time since I updated this page. The Mustang now has about 20K trouble free miles with the Saleen blower in place and we have even done a few more tweaks to get the car to a daily driver reliable 450hp to the rear wheels. Its fun to surprise other Mustangs and imports that think this car is just a stock GT with 300hp at the crank.

More updates: I changed out the Street Scenes mesh grill for the the 3D Carbon unit. The new unit has a much better OEM look and it still has a little Shelby-vibe with the fog lights in the grill.

You'll also notice that the Mustang is now wearing 18" Ford Racing wheels with some new Michelins. I've wanted to do the rims for a long time now. I always hated the factory rims, and I finally got around to it.
In my opinion there are only a few things left to do to the car. I have a set of Steeda springs to install to lower the car about 1" and pretty soon the new updated Saleen blower package will go on. At that point I think I'll just drive it and enjoy it, although I have been thinking about dropping in a 5.4 from the GT500 to make the ultimate Mustang sleeper. Who knows, what I should really do is go work on the Amphicar!

Ok, so its been a year since any updates. So instead of explain a lot of what has happened to the Mustang I figure a picture is worth a thousand words.
The Steeda lowering springs have been installed and to update the look of the car a GT500 front clip has been painted and installed. Same car, it just looks better now.
This truly is the end of the road for cosmetic changes to the GT. There will be some more engine work done, but that is about it. Now it time to just enjoy it.
Thanks for watching.

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