ECR ROX Defender Seat Rail extensions:

Sick of having your knees up around the steering wheel?
ECR has the solution.

This product has been discontinued

Here at ECR we have built 1000's of custom items at the request of our customers. One of the items that keeps coming up again and again are the ECR ROX Seat Rails. Our taller customers have always complained about the lack of room in their D90s and D110s, but we have designed a way to overcome this problem.
ECR's seat rail extensions for NAS Defender 90s and Defender 110 Wagons give your seat more rearward travel and raise the seat slightly for a much more comfortable seating position. The seat retains its stock travel length so it is still adjustable to other drivers.

This image shows a set of Seat Rails installed on a 1993 Defender 110. Those of you who know what a 110 seat looks like all the way back, will notice that this seat is a lot farther back than the stock unit. This makes for a better driving position and adequate leg room even for the largest driver.

Here you can see the difference the ECR Seat Rails make. The passengers seat (close to camera) is all the way back on the stock rails. The drivers seat (away from camera) is all the way back on its ECR ROX Seat Rails. As you can see, a major difference and much more comfortable.

This image shows a stock NAS Defender 90 with the seat all the way back.

Here you can see a Defender 90 with the seat rails added and the seat all the way back.

The seat rails bolt in in a few minutes with simple tools and can add a world of comfort to your Defender if you need more leg room.

We now offer the seat rails in a few ways to serve our customers better, and due to increased production we have been able to lower the price! We offer them fully epoxy primed and painted in PPG Black, or we can sell you the seat rails in bare steel. We offer them in bare steel for those who may want their rails powder coated, or those who would feel a coat of "spray paint" would be adequate for their rails.

Primed and painted rails in black:
$120. (NLA)
Kits come per seat (2 rails) with all needed hardware and instructions.

Our customers say:
"I'm dropping you a line to let you know that the seat rail extensions for my D90 are installed and providing much-needed leg room. Thanks to you guys for inventing seat rails extensions!"
Mark Strength, Birmingham, AL
(via email about his mail order Defender seat rail purchase)

Fitting Notes for overseas customers and owners of non-USA Defenders:
ECR ROX seat rails are designed for NAS (North America Specification) Defenders. They will only add seat room on a Defender 90 that does not have a bulkhead behind the front seats. Like the picture below of a 1995 NAS D90:

Other versions of the D90, such as some Japanese and some middle-east Defenders, are also set up this way, but some D90s have a bulkhead behind the seats. Make sure your Defender does not have the bulkhead before you order. Most 3 door 110s do have the bulkhead.
The ECR ROX seat rails will work on most Defender 110 5 door Wagons, USA Spec. or otherwise.

Keep in mind that these seat rails were developed by ECR because our customers asked for it. If you have an issue with your Defender the answer to your problems just might be sitting on the shelf at ECR, and if it isn't, we'll make it for you.
Let us know if we can help you with any of your Defender needs!

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