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North American Style DEFENDER 110 2 door
SR110 "Summer Runner"
The images below show an example of one of our NAS style 2 door SR110s.

These are some images of yet another ECR Defender 110 style, the NAS look 2 door. This 110 was custom made to have what the other 110s in the USA are lacking... a removable top! The way we have set up this Rover means it can have "no top", or you can install the soft top and roll the sides up for a "Bikini top" style, or install the "Full Soft Top". In the winter we can also set this style 110 up with a full metal hard top as well for the ultimate in flexibility and comfort.

Here you can see the 110 we call the "Summer Runner", or SR110 in "No Top" form. This is open air driving at its best.

The fully frame mounted interior/exterior safari cage not only offers protection, but gives you the ability to have a Defender with no top that still has shoulder inertia seat belts for the driver and passenger.

Run down to the beach and have 9 of your friends jump in (and seat them legally with seat belts as required by most states) and toss their surfboards in the Rhino-Lined rear cargo area. Don't worry about the seats they are all covered with Badger Coachworks seat covers for the ultimate protection.

If long range trips are your taste load up the Defender with gear and head off to Baja on your next surfing trip. This 110 has a V8 EFI engine and a 5 speed gearbox and can cruise easily at well above legal interstate speeds all day long and with its off road ability and larger fuel tank than a Defender 90 it can reach that remote surf break with ease.

Shown here in full soft top form you can head out through the rain and snow to get to where you need to go.

The sides and back section of the soft top roll up easily so that you can have an open air driving feel, but with protection from the sun. Got a Defender 90 soft top but it just doesn't have enough cargo room? Your answer is pictured above.

For convenience the SR110 has swing away rear tail gate an a rear step/tow bumper so that rear passengers can get in and out with ease. This allows us to use a NAS spare tires carrier and a high mounted 3rd brake light for added room inside the 110 and added safety.

This very versatile Defender 110 can be used for many things, from the ultimate 4x4 surf wagon to a hard working ranch vehicle. If you need cargo space just fold up the rear seats for a ton of cargo space.

Unlike the UK soft top Defenders the SR110s come with a full set of sun visors and an interior light to make day or night driving a snap. These ultimate Defenders that you never though existed all exist here at ECR. Our only limitation is your imagination. Contact us today to get your own SR110 in the works!

Below you will find some images from the build up of this SR110 to show you just a little of what goes into an ECR SR110.

Here you can see the 110 has just returned from being Rhino-Lined. This will make it virtually impossible to harm the rear cargo area. Next we will add the rear seating for 8, the seat belts and the roll cage. You can also see that we have finished the install of the NAS D90 spare tire carrier and 3rd brake light assembly. These have been modified so that they work on the 110 rear body, without body flex and they have been installed with all stainless steel hardware.

This image shows the 110 in "Summer Runner" form with the roof sides rolled up for an open air feel but with coverage from the sun.

Here you can see the seats in the rear of the 110. These give you the option to have 4 people per side, with seat belts for all so that every one can come along for the ride in street legal safety. You can also see that we have removed the bulkhead behind the seats that is found in the stock 110 2 door and install a roll cage cross brace, that is frame mounted, to support the sides and offer a more open feeling inside the Defender.

If you don't have passengers you can fold the seat bases up out of the way and carry a ton of gear to your destination or drop your sleeping bag in and use the SR110 as a camper. Take a look at all that seating. This Defender would be perfect as a tour vehicle or people mover for your specialty business. Nothing says "adventure" like a Defender 110.

Here you can see the Summer Runner project a little further along. The soft top has been modified and installed and the safari cage is being test fit. Once all the welding is done on the safari cage we will remove it and media blast it to white metal and then powder coat it is satin black.

Our only limitation is your imagination and we prove it every day.

Hold on there's more. The new owner of this SR110 wanted some upgrades for his new Defender, so we installed some tricks to make the 110 even better. Go here for details.

If you have Land Rover dreams you would like to see come to life, contact ECR, we can make them all come true no matter how mild or wild.

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