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North American Style DEFENDER 110 2 door
SR110 "Summer Runner"
The images below show an example of one of our NAS style 2 door SR110s.

The image below shows SR110-1, yet another custom ECR Defender 110 style, a 2 door NAS type of 110 that we call the "Summer Runner". This unique to ECR Defender 110 version has proved very popular and now it is time to build another, SR110-2.

The SR110 is custom made to have what the other 110s in the USA are lacking... a removable top! The way we have set up this Rover means it can have "no top", or you can install the soft top and roll the sides up for a "Bikini top" style, or install the "Full Soft Top". In the winter we can also set this style 110 up with an optional full metal hard top as well for the ultimate in flexibility and comfort.
The SR110s can carry a ton of gear, or up to 10 people making them great for taking your dogs around town or a tribe of kids to the beach.

SR110-2's starting point is this very nice Defender 90, from this point we will strip down the vehicle and inspect all the parts in order to replace what it needed to make a long lasting and unique SR110.

Here you can see the donor process a little further along. The next step will be to remove all the body panels and then bring in the new back bone for the project, the new Defender 110 galvanized frame.

As the SR110s are meant for beach and other harsh uses we go to great lengths in order to make sure that rust will not be a factor anytime soon. Instead of painting the 110 after it is built, we paint each piece so that primer and paint is applied to all sides of the part, not just the show surface. This makes sure that everything is well protected from the elements.

To keep the frame from having any rust issues we build all the BR110s and SR110s on brand new galvanized frames. These units will not rust out even when used on salt water beaches and that means long life for these unique vehicles, unlike other vehicles that will rust out in a few seasons of beach use. The image above shows the new frame set up as a rolling chassis. The suspension has been set up with new springs and Bilstien shocks for a correct ride driving manners and the brake system has been upgraded with new parts as well.

Here you can see we have started to assemble the fuel system and the running gear into the SR110. The new fuel tank and new stainless steel fuel lines are being installed and the engine and gearbox have been installed.

As the chassis and running gear are assembled our in house paint shop takes care of getting all the new panels epoxy primed and painted in Coniston Green. Here you can see the doors that are epoxy primed inside and out and fully painted in the correct color. This assures the longest life possible for these painted parts.

As the new parts start to make their way onto the SR110, upgrades are also installed. SR110-2 will not only have stainless steel fuel lines, but also stainless steel brake pipes and even our ROX 304 stainless steel full exhaust.

Here you can see some of the upgrades going into place on the 110. This is the factory style driving light switch that will later control the 3x Hella 4000s on the ROX front bumper. This switch makes for a clean and factory looking install, something we always strive for. There is nothing worse than a bunch of goofy looking switches stuck all over the place. To operate the system you flip this switch and then the driving light are turned on and off automatically as you select and deselect high beam headlights.

This image shows Rover running and yard driving as a SR110. At this stage all the systems have been gone through, from AC to tail light wiring, brakes to steering. You can also see here that the soft top support system has started to be installed. Next up we will get all the paint work finished up and get the 110 off to the Rhino-Liner for the bed liner to be sprayed in.

Here you can see the SR110 just back from the bed liner shop. The rear cargo/passenger area is now tough as nails and ready for anything. Now that the liner is done we will install the rear speakers and the jump seats and seat belts.

Also on the back of the SR110 is a set of our LED tail lights that will make sure the lights stay working, unlike a stock 95-97 Defender. At the bottom of the picture you can also see the ROX 304 stainless steel exhaust system we have installed for long time exhaust life, even when used on the beach, and we aren't talking about just the pipe being stainless, we mean a full stainless steel exhaust system (304 stainless pipe, stainless hangers, stainless muffler and even Random Technology stainless steel performance catalytic convertors)..

This image shows the SR110 nearly complete. The remaining body panels have been installed, upgraded door hinges, a stainless body hardware kit and rest of the gutter kit and hoop set have also been installed. The Rover is now road ready, but there are still a number of details to get in place and a few last fabrication items.

The last fabrication items are the arms that connect the front hoop to the safari bar behind the driver and passenger. The orange arrow shows the new bar that we have fabricated to make the connection and to make the cage a safe and secure part of the 110. Shoulder inertia seat belt brackets will be welded on the rear hoop next and then all the fabricated items will be ready for powder coat. The good news about the SR110 is that we fabricate everything so that you have options down the road. This SR110 is being set up as a soft top, but if the owner decides he wants to use it for a ski vacation instead of a beach vacation, we can simply add a full hard top and change out the safari cage arms to accommodate the full hardtop, we are always thinking one step ahead.

With all the custom items at the powder coater we can get the options and upgrades done to the SR110. It has all our usual upgrades like stainless parts and our LED tail lamps, but it also has a few extra touches. The ROX front bumper with a Warn 9000 winch and 3 Hella 4000 lights make a nice addition and will add a lot of functionality if the going gets tough.

To make the door tops easy to remove we have added stainless studs and quick nuts so that taking the door tops off can be quick and painless. In this image you can also see that we have installed the upgraded speakers and new door panels for a clean and tidy look.

Hiding under the passenger seat we have installed an Oasis air system so that when this SR110 comes off the beach it can "air up" its own tires and not have to worry about driving on under inflated tires, or dealing with trying to find compressed air off the beach.

The compressor is controlled by a remote switch that activates the system and we also installed a pressure gauge so that the owner can keep track of the air in the Oasis system. Here you can also see the new Alpine head unit. Under the console is the amplifier and the needed wiring to make the sound system crank.

The system plays AM, FM, and iPod through 4 speakers and 2x 8" subs that are mounted in the custom sub box we fabricated and then had Rhino-Lined to match the cargo area. The subs are protected with stainless grills so that boards or bags won't hurt the speakers.

Here you can see the cargo area of the SR nearly complete. The seating for 8 (total of 10 if you include the front seats) is done and the seat belts have been installed. The cargo tie down points have been installed and this SR is nearly ready for the beach.

A special request from the owner of this SR was the ability to carry surf rods to and from the beach. The red arrows point to 2 of the 4 surf rod holders we made to mount directly to the ROX front bumper. These blend in nicely for a subtle look, but will hold even large surf rods with ease, and they even have a soft plastic top lip to protect those fancy reels.

Here you can see the completed SR110 #2, it boasts everything from a galvanized frame to a custom ROX front bumper, and on board air system to a great iPod ready sound system. It is now ready to head to the beach or the trail with up to 10 people or even more gear!

Anything Defender you can imagine we can create it. Now its time for the SR110 to be loaded on the transport truck and head to its new owner in CT where it will be used to head back and forth to the beach for all kinds of activities.

If you have Land Rover dreams you would like to see come to life, contact ECR, we can make them all come true no matter how mild or wild.

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