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1993 NAS Defender 110
Pursuit 4.6, Stage II and numerous upgrades

This NAS Defender 110 Station Wagon has come to ECR from CT for a host of upgrades and repair work. First off it has some substantial body damage on the right front that we will repair. here you can see the damaged panels have already been removed in order to correctly repair the vehicle. Among the other items this 110 will be getting will be the following: a Pursuit 4.6 EFI (275 hp!!), an R380 5 speed gearbox, ARB lockers front and rear, Safari Gard front bumper, 10K winch, ECR rock sliders, full NRP stainless exhaust system, ECR tie rod guard, HD drag link and more!!

In this image the old 3.9 has been removed and the engine bay cleaned for the Pursuit 4.6. The gearbox and transfer case have also been removed, along with the front differential and the rear axle in preparation for the upgrades.

The LT230 transfer case has been inspected and new seals installed and mated to the new R380 5 speed gearbox. Next will be a new clutch and pressure plate and the gearbox will be ready to install.

In this image you can see the Salisbury rear axle with disc brakes ready to install into the NAS 110. Notice that the ARB air locker has already been installed (blue air line). The axle will be fitted to the chassis with a Safari Gard Stage II suspension, a great combination for on and off road use, and with 4 wheel disc this 110 will really stop when it needs to.
Along with this bulletproof rear axle this 110 with be getting a HD 24 spline axle upgrade to the front axle. For more information on that upgrade check the "Off Road Equipment" page on this web site or click here.

At this point the new panels are going back on around the new Pursuit 4.6. Also added have been fender top guards, the ECR turn signal conversion kit, and more. You can see the battery cable for the upcoming Husky 10K winch as well.

To help the 275 hp 4.6 breath better we have installed a full stainless steel system. ECR ROX is the only company that offers a full stainless system for the NAS V8 110. Along with being long lasting, it also gives a great exhaust note to let other know this 110 means business, and doesn't have the whimpy 3.9!

In this image you can see the ECR ROX sliders. These units are tough as nails and ready for the trail (and they look great on the street too!). They will not bend or fold even under the most extreme conditions. Made from HD steel and frame mounted the ECR ROX sliders out class any other 110 slider on the market. They are also made with a slight extension to help your doors clear the rocks. They can have any option you desire, Hi-Lift points, recovery points, custom paint, you name it. ECR ROX equipment can handle it.

In this image you can see the ECR paint work. The new hood, fender and hinges really set this 110 off nicely.

Next was the Superwinch 10K winch. Safari Gard bumper, skid plate, ECR stainless steel limb risers and the Hella HID lights to finish up the front end of this NAS 110 dream machine. You can also see the detail of an ECR paint job on the bottom of the hood. We don't just paint the parts that show, we help fight rust and corrosion by detailing all the surfaces, inside and out.

Here you can see the ECR ROX sliders in place and the Stage II suspension doing its job. The 32x11.50 SSR radials and ARB air lockers mean that this 110 will be able to claw its way over just about anything. The front axle was also upgraded to 24 spline HD axles with 1 ton CV joints so this 110 won't have any trouble on the trail.

Now complete this 110 will be sent back to its owner in CT so it can rule the local trails and blow past ordinary Rovers with its 275 hp!
Remember...This is no ordinary 110, this is an ECR prepared 110.
Let us know if we can custom set up a 110, or other type of Rover for you!

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