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DEFENDER 110 Expedition Style Vehicle
The images below document one such build up of an ECR Expedition vehicle.

This 110 project is a 110 3 door version in Arles Blue for an expedition company. It will be fully expedition ready with everything from ARB air lockers and a galv. frame to an Allard Phase 2 intercooler! Awesome! It, like all the ECR Defender 110s, has a new galvanized frame for long rust free life, as well a 5 speed gearbox and numerous off road upgrades. In this image you can see the basic 110 coming together. It has everything from Bilstein shocks to sliding rear windows and tons of storage space for expedition equipment.

In this image the interior is starting to take shape. A new wiring harness is set in place and hooked up. The air locker wiring is also installed as well as heavy duty dual Optima batteries and more.

Here you can see the bodywork further along, the windscreen in place etc. Also now installed is the Allard upgraded inetercooler. This will give this 110 even more power. We will also be installing an "economy" mode that will allow the 110 to have on tap power or long range fuel mileage at the flip of a dash switch. Only ECR has this much experience and we are you source for conversions or build ups such as this ECR 110.

Interior of this ECR Defender 110 Tdi now almost complete. Notice the custom center switch panels, ARB locker switches, and more.

The ECR Defender 110s don't scrimp on anything. We use the full interior trim packages to make your 110 as nice as possible. In this image you can see the factory sunroof and new headliners and trim installed on this ECR 110.

We also installed the African specification side sliding windows in this 110 so that it can have the 3 door configuration, but still have lots of ventilation inside. This images shows the nearly complete ECR Tdi 110 with side windows in place.

A few other options finish off this ECR 110 for its intended expedition use. The rear mud flaps keep rocks off the vehicle behind you and the twin work lights, roof rack, custom ECR access ladder and rear bumperettes finish off the package nicely.

This ECR 110 came back shortly after it was delivered for a raised air intake system . Not a problem, as long as you are ECR. We stock all the parts and accessories in house. No one else in the country has our dedicated parts wharehouse, and we've been doing it for years. This ECR 110 was delivered in early 1999, before anyone else had even started on conversion kits, converting bodies or engine changes.

ECR Defender 110 3 door 300 Tdi side left side view

ECR Defender 110 3 door 300 Tdi Right side view

Now complete, this Defender110 3 door is ready for anything, expedition, or daily transport a fantastic vehicle.

If you have Land Rover dreams you would like to see come to life, contact ECR, we can make them all come true no matter how mild or wild.

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