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1993 Range Rover LWB
Corrosion and rust repair and full exterior repaint

This Range Rover LWB is one that we know well. Over the years it has come to us for everything from a Pursuit 4.6 to lockers and off road goodies. This trip is has come to us from Oklahoma for a full paint job and full corrosion and rust repair. Having lived most of its life in Chicago and PA, the elements have taken their toll on the body of this well outfitted Rover. The images above shows the first step in any good paint job and rust repair... tear down the vehicle so that you can actually find all the areas that need repair, not just the areas that show.

In this image you can see that the rear quarter panels have been removed. One of them will be replaced due to previous damage, but the real story is under the panel, as shown above. The roof pillar of the Range Rover's steel body shell has rusted away and actually has large holes in it. (We found this type of damage all over the Rover, we are just using these pictured areas as examples) Notice in the image that Land Rover only applied one thin layer of primer to the Range Rover's body shell, and it is rusting quickly. With an ECR full paint job, these areas will be fully primed and rust won't stand a chance for a long time. Imagine how long it would last if we had built the Rover from new!

The drivers sill and floor have not survived well either. The image above shows holes to the outside in the sill and floor. The good news is that ECR can repair all this damage and make the Range Rover last for a good long time. The first step is to find all the rust, open up the spot weld seems and go at the vehicle with the media blaster to get back to white metal so that we can do the repairs, and get a good coat of epoxy primer on the rusted areas.

These images show the same rusted sections as the images above, but with all new metal welded in place. The areas will now be media blasted again before it is primed to ensure a proper, long lasting repair.

We also found this rust lurking under the rear cargo area. We had to fully sandblast the area and then make metal repairs to the floor to stop the rust. The good news is it should be better than new when we are done and stand up to a not more use.

All the new body panels have been covered in 2 layers of PPG DP401LF epoxy primer and are now ready for the paint booth, and the areas where body work was needed have also been spot primed with 3 coats in our 1,000,000 BTU spray booth.

The Range Rover will now be fully sanded from top to bottom and given 2 more coats of epoxy primer before the 3 coats base color go on, and then we'll wet sand and add 2 more coats of clear. Next time you call your local body shop for a "cheaper" paint job, make sure you compare apples to apples. ECR will only paint Rovers one way... the right way.

Before we fully prime and paint the Rover the rusty seams are treated, sealed with seam sealer and undercoated. This will hold off any more rust for a long time to come. In the image above you can see the treated seams on the body now ready for primer and paint.

Remember that huge rust hole and scaly panel from the images above? Well this is what the same area looks like now. It has been repaired with all new steel (no body filler) and has been primed and painted, even where the factory never painted. This means added cost when compared to your average "scuff and squirt" body shop, but it sure does look better and last longer, and that is what ECR is all about... being better than the average body shop.

In this image you can see the Range Rover has now been fully primed with epoxy primer and painted in the correct factory base coat/ clear coat green. The rust has been repaired and treated inside and out as best we could as well for a long lasting job. The Rover will now be sent to the mechanical side of ECR for assembly and some mechanical work orders.

The mechanical work orders include fixing some of the items uncovered by doing the paint work. We found that the rear window tracks were completely rusted out and had to be replaced. A number of window regulator parts also had to be replaced as well, as new door seals in some areas. This image shows the new upper window frame now installed. The door interior trims will now be put back in and the interior of the Rover will be good as new.

This image shows the Range Rover almost finished. The new side trims and logos have been installed, as well as the roof rack bumpers, ECR ROX sliders and rear bumper that have a new coat of PPG paint on them.

The two images above show the sills and door jam areas on the Range Rover with all the door seals and interior trim back in place. If you take a look back at the images on the top of this page, you can see the large rust holes that used to be in these locations. Now these areas have been repaired with new metal, NO body filler was used, and fully painted to make this Range Rover as close to new as possible, and with our paint techniques this Rover will last a lot longer this time, than it did with the factory "paint what they see" style paint job.

This image shows the completed Range Rover, now at home in Oklahoma with its owner. The Rover has now been fully updated in both mechanical and a cosmetic upgrades and is ready to serve the owner well for many years to come. If you have Range Rover needs, from an engine problem that no one else can seem to solve, to a full paint job, let the staff of ECR handle it, and we'll make your Range Rover world class.. just like this one.

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