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Professional service, at a great price, with unmatched quality and attention to detail.
ECR is your Land-Rover source!

You can also see that customer's project in detail... just click the vehicle description at the end of the comments!

Mike and ECR,
Well over 50,000 miles now and still running like a Swiss watch. It is an everyday workhorse better than I had dreamed. From getting me through anything the weather dishes, doing the landscaping to moving my boat around it gets the job done. It even gets me to and from work. For those of us who grew up car lovers what you guys do is priceless.
Thanks again,
Mike B., NY

(via email about his ECR restred 1993 NAS Defender 110)

Just wanted to let you know again how much Vicki and I are enjoying our "new" Defender/ We're constantly receiveing compliments. It's so rare to feel like one has gotten their money's worth but we certainly do. We're already working on a new wish list.
William Morris, CT
(via email about work done to his 1997 NAS Defender 90 Wagon #244)

For about a year I spoke on and off with Mike about the Safari Car he was building for us, the excitement growing with each passing day. Finally, it arrived, with Mike trucking it down, rolled it off the truck and... and... and... oops, he forgot the keys.
A day later the keys were fed-exed and the Safari Car was all we hoped it would be. Solidly built, strong motor, smooth ride, good shift and an eye-catching attraction. Drove through our small town of Shelter Island as if we were trekking through Africa... even had our Rhodesian ridgeback sitting on one of the four tiers.
Dick Tarlow, NY

(via email about the Safari Car 110 that ECR constructed for him)

Kim -
Some heroic photos as a tribute to the good work ECR did. Been out and about in her. Lots of fun. 18 year old son no longer has eyes for our Jeep. Took a while but the finished product is great. Thanks to everyone.
Best regards,

(via email about the 1972 Series III 88 that ECR mechanically refurbished for him)

Definitely not as cool a the pictures from Cape Breton Island, but I thought you guys would like on of #2412 on the beach in Raccon Cove in Marlboro, ME, with the mountains of Acadia in the background. Those are my sidekicks on the roof rack... the truck continues to be absolutely fantastic :-)
Thank you!
Kate M

(via email about the 1995 Defender 90 she purchased and had upgraded through ECR)

Here are some pictures from our Trek into Canada.
The truck is now approaching 5000 miles and has been nothing short of amazing- you cannot get new vehicles this well built. I stopped at the local dealership to get an oil filter and every employee was around it in amazement This thing is going to grow a life of its own with great stories to tell along the adventure. We will keep you guys in the G4 loop. :)

(via email about the ECR restored and modified 110 he had constructed)

Dear ECR Staff,
Please thank Ian and your staff for helping me out with my first Land Rover purchase. Ian was great in explaining how and where all the basic functions of the Lightweight. I.E....the gas tanks are under the seats....this is the electrical disconnect are the props to hold open the rear window. He went out of his way to explain in simple terms看 of 看where and how everything worked.
I had been looking for a看Lightweight Airportable LHD diesel for quite some time. Most were either pieced together questionable junk or frame off restorations that were beyond看what I was willing to spend. I knew talking with Holly and upon arriving and seeing看it parked out front it was exactly what I was looking for. Also N.Y. State Motor Vehicle was able to look at the paper work and breeze right through it. THAT SAYS ALOT!!! My only regret was I did not stay in Maine longer and see some of the work in progress. It was only after talking to Mike at the end of the day did I really understand the scope of ECR. You all do to Land Rovers what I once did with antique/and new electric boats. From one artisan to another....Great work!!!
James R. Mathiasen

(via email about the Series III 88" Dutch Lightweight he purchased from ECR)

Hello Staff at ECR!
My truck arrived home today. She looks amazing. thank you again!
Jason M., NH
(via ECR's Facebook page about the repairs done to his 1997 NAS Defender 90)

Hi Mike,
Thank you!!!
The wolf green defender looks spectacular and I love it!!!
The wolf green paint, the hard top conversion, the bench seats, the bumper and winch combo, the mechanicals, the overall craftsmanship of all the work is amazing.看 Everything was done right and it all came together.看 Not only does the truck look great, but it drives great too.
The transformation from white pick-up truck to this incredible looking military spec defender has been truly impressive, so a big thanks to you and all the guys for a fantastic job. And, to be honest, the process was a little stressful for me because of the financial uncertainty.看 But at the end of the project, I am very, very, very, happy with the way it turned out.
In fact, out of all the vehicles I've owned, this one is my favorite. Thanks again!!!
Have a happy holiday,

Pete, CA

(via email about the work and modifications done to his Defender 110)

Mike, Holly and team:
My Defender 90 arrived this morning and took it for a little drive. Had it state inspected as well and pass with flying colors. The vehicle is impressive! Thank you for all the assistance you have provided me. I appreciate the information and advise you have given. Your expertise and help have been invaluable during the process.


(via email about the repairs and upgrades made to his 1994 NAS Defender 90 Soft top)

Hi Holly:
Wanted to let everyone know the 68 Rover made the trip home to its new home just fine-I had a blast driving it back to Brunswick. I wanted to thank you for all the phone calls, picking me up, and all the other stuff I'm sure you do (did) behind the scenes. Thanks the guys for their time and effort. If I had known this process would have been so smooth perhaps I would have purchased a vehicle years sooner!! This has been a pleasant experience for me.
Thanks again

Jim I., ME

(via email about the Series IIA Lightweight he purchased through ECR)

I just wanted to say thank you to Holly, Mike and the entire ECR team!!! Thanks to ECR my Defender is finally fixed and back on the road where is belongs. After months and months of frustration from local shops who claimed to know the truck well I was getting nowhere. My Defender would break down every time I drove it for longer than an hour. So after thousands of dollars spent and no results I decided it was time to call Mike up at ECR. From start to finish this is by far the most professional group of people I have ever dealt with. Their attention to detail and the thoroughness of their work really put my mind at ease and it was clear that this was the only place to be if I needed work on my D90. Since my Defender arrived back from ECR I have been driving it non stop and enjoying every minute of it!!! Again thanks to ECR for everything and I can't wait to send it back in a few years for some more upgrades.
Thank you

Matt L., NJ

(via email about his 1995 NAS Defender 90 soft top that we recently repaired and customized)

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!! We are loving the truck, especially the kids because they don't have to use doors and they look cool at school pickup. At the gym the other day Mike over heard two guys talking about "that new awesome black redone defender that just appeared in town" He thought it was cool that that was our truck. Thank you so much for all that you did. Michael is already making the wish list for the next time the truck comes to you.
Have a great summer....

Liz and Michael Cecil, NJ

(via email about their 1995 NAS Defender 90 soft top that they recently had serviced and customized)

Dear Holly and Mike,
You have done it again! The restoration of my D90 is nothing short of perfection. Our D90 rides, looks and now SOUNDS amazing!
ECR handles everything from pick-up to delivery in expert fashion. The work is always great and the costs are always fair. Holly always provides great communication and updates and Mike's expertise is second to none. The other day a friend asked me if I could have any vehicle I wanted,......and my response was my "1995 D90". I can not imagine enjoying a vehicle as much as my D90. Great job again, and thank you for your time and effort,

Alex and Howie D, NJ

(via email about the latest round of upgrades to their 1995 NAS Defender 90 Station Wagon)

Got it last night and took it out for a good lil drive.
The truck is awesome. Many thanks for the time and effort spent on getting it ready for transport down here.
Mike G., NY

(via email about the ECR prepared 1995 NAS Defender 90 Station Wagon he recently purchase through ECR)

My Defender arrived via DMT last Friday. Can't think of a better word, but Wow! It looks great, sounds great.
Thank Mike et all for the great work.
Brian Wilder, NC
(via email about the accident repair and upgrades done to his 1997 NAS Defender 90 Station Wagon)

Dear Mike and Holly,
Many thanks for the impeccable service and advice that you provided.
The vehicle is everything that I had hoped for and more, and with only 7,000 original miles!!!!
It's the perfect vehicle for knocking around the Catskill Mountains at the weekends.
It was a real pleasure dealing with everyone at ECR.
Tom, NY
(via email about the 1994 POE Defender 90 he purchased through, and had modified by, ECR)

Hey Holly, (and Mike)
Sorry it took me so long to get back to you.
Everything is great. It's like getting a new Defender, except better. I'm already starting my "Stage 2" modification list...
Thanks again, tell everyone there thanks, and have a great Thanksgiving.
Michael Barley, PA
(via email about the repairs and upgrades done to his 1994 NAS Defender 90 soft top)

Dear Mike, Holly, and ECR,
I received my D-90 and it is even better than expected. The work that ECR did was exceptional and thorough and I will be coming back for more when my name comes up on the list again. Despite living half a country away, ECR will be the only shop that works on this Rover. Your shop was top-notch in customer service and assistance, going above and beyond several times over the course of my vehicle's visit to ECR. I can not thank you enough for the work that you do!
Best Regards,
Brian, IL
'95 D-90
(via email regarding the work and upgraded done to his newly acquired 1995 NAS D90 Station Wagon)

Mike and Team,
I owe you a very belated thank-you for all you and your team did to bring my recently acquired D110 up to top condition. As you know from my D90 project, I am a demanding customer and I shipped my D110 to you across country and back because I am convinced that you are simply the best. Up front, I appreciated your thorough evaluation and the guidance you provided for repair/upgrade ideas. Your access to new parts and upgrades and your proven ability to keep up with factory improvements is a huge draw. Going through the all the options you offer produces many temptations and knowing when to say enough to all the possible goodies is easier said than done. During the project, frequent updates via email and the link to my project on your website was first class. Most importantly, however, the finished project was nothing short of amazing. Quality of workmanship and attention to detail are evident throughout and your support post delivery is much appreciated. We had a great summer roaming around the mountains of Idaho and putting off-road upgrades to the test and we are looking forward to getting back out there this winter to play in the snow. I am attaching a few photos of the good life last summer. More to come as our adventures continue.
Thanks again and best to all.
GS, somewhere in Idaho

(via email about the work done to his, new to him, 1993 NAS 110) (To see this customers 1995 NAS D90 we modified go here)

East Coast Rover:
We recently had an occasion to visit your web site in order to help explain to some friends how we came to find you and collaborate on building the "safari vehicle." You may recall the history of how we came to get together and start the journey that culminated in your delivery of the Defender to our ranch in Texas. But we had fun retelling it to our friends:
How we discovered you online in a search for off road specialty vehicles
How we called to ask if you had ever done anything like this before and you said: "send me a photo and we can build anything"
How we sent a brochure to you - from a Land Rover dealer in South Africa - and that seemed to put some real steam in the process
How we never even met - but had lots of conversations as you built this vehicle and added all the little extras like the binocular box
How we told you we needed really big tires to handle the 2,000 foot elevation changes over rock and rubble and you said we would never slide, rock or roll down a hill.
How we sent our Mike (ranch foreman) to meet your Mike at ECR to inspect the vehicle before it would make its first expedition (down to Texas) and, how your guys dropped over the vehicle as fast as they could in order to get to New Orleans before Mardi Gras was over.
And, so here we are - 8 years later - and the Safari Vehicle is still as strong as on Day One. It is phenomenal and we love it. We've put on one new set of tires, we winched ourselves out of various situations, we did totally ruin the Hella headlights when we took it nose down into a creek (but we otherwise came out OK on the otherside and we did not need to use the winch for that).
Our local Land Rover dealer in San Antonio has serviced the vehicle and they are always astounded to see us bring it in.
The day we took this photo, we toured about 100 people around the ranch. That's about ten trips with the vehicle fully loaded (as it was). We think of it as driving to Chicago and back but it's really not that far. Along the way we see Zebra, Elk, Black Buck Antelope and other exotics. It always reminds us of South Africa where all of this began.
Thanks again for a great vehicle and a way to continue the adventure in style.
Linda and John Graham, TX

(via email about the custom built ECR Safari Car Defender 110 we custom built for them a number of years ago)

Hi Mike,
Just a quick note to let you know we made it home safe and sound. The 110 performed great!! I love this thing!!! This truck is the perfect blend of Series and Defender. It's loud, clunky and feels like you're driving a tank! Oh, and you're right, that fourth gear has plenty of "legs" to it. I kept it at 62-65 mph the whole time we were on I95 without a problem. Anyway, thanks for checking over everything, putting some test miles on it, and changing out some of the broken stuff with used parts to save some cash. I'll be in touch later in the week. Thanks again for all your work and time. And a big thanks for the opportunity to purchase this truck from you!
Mike C., ME
(via email about the 1983 Defender 110 he recently purchased from ECR (The third Defender he has purchased through ECR!))

It's a real beauty, that's for sure! I am very impressed with the truck and everyone who has seen it is drooling on the thing. is way, way cool. Going to have some fun with this beast and cannot wait to get the final bits (engine and on board air) done. Let me know ASAP when the engine date will be.
(via email about the his low miles 1995 NAS D90 Wagon that was tricked out by ECR)

Now that summer is here, I'm using my Defender a ton and really enjoying it. It's running great and drives well on the soft beach sand.
Derek Smith, NY

(via email about the his custom built Summer Runner #2)

Guys, I have been thrilled w the new engine and the new power... also very happy with the other stuff we did to the truck.
Howie Hubler, NJ

(via email about the new Pursuit 4.6 install and other work done to his 1997 Defender 90)

Dear Mike and co.,
I wanted you to know that the Defender made it from Maine to Maryland with no problems, and that it seems as if the truck has found the Fountain of Youth at 66K miles. The engine is humming as well as ever, the LED lights are terrific, and the new hinges and hoses and the rest make a huge difference in the look and feel of the truck. Appreciate the fantastic work as always. You guys are by no means the fastest, nor the cheapest shop around....only the best.
Let me know when your new transmission solution for the 97s. In the meantime, thanks again!
All the best,
Bill B.

(via email about the work and modifications done to his 1997 Defender 90 with an ECR 5.2 engine)

Hey guys,
Just wanted to let you know that I received my 110 a few days ago and it is beautiful. You really did a great job on all of the work. I haven't had a chance yet to really see what she can do but I am hoping to get out on some dirt this weekend. The car is everything I had hoped for and more.
Thanks again,
Alan Hollander, CO
(via email about the Defender 110 he had tricked out and serviced by ECR)

After a few years of ownership, and a move from out west to the east coast, this same customer recently had this to say via email about his ECR prepared NAS 110:

First off let me just sing your praises yet again. I was recently on a scouting mission with some of my local club members and my 110 yet again surprised everyone with its capability. We drove up to Windrock TN to the Coal Creek OHV park and spent the entire weekend scouting trails for a potential rally we may have up there. The 110 was a beast and got up and over virtually everything (I did have to yank myself over one rock but it was REALLY big). We even got some positive comments from the rock crawlers that were out there on the same trails we were. On one section of the trail I actually drove through an obstacle that still had one of the crawlers paralyzed with a broken differential. The 110 just drove right up and over it with no problem... Anyway, I just want to thank you guys again for all of your help over the years and the great job you did on my vehicle. The protection you suggested and installed underneath has proven to be priceless and all of the other add on's and restoration bits have really made it a beautiful car that I will enjoy forever. Thanks guys...

A note from the owner of ECR:
As you read the customer feedback on this page you likely think that we only put up the positive comments, but that is not the case. Read through the comments, you'll see real customer comments both positive and negative. 99% of our projects go smoothly, but as we are human, and so are our customers, sometimes things go off target. I know the work done here at ECR is top notch and that our standards are far superior to any other Rover shop, but we do have customers who are upset sometimes. Thankfully it very rarely happens. In a recent project we had a problem. To make a long story short the customer was very unhappy with the time taken and the money spent to get his Defender 90 up to snuff. At the end of the project the customer's emails were like this:
"Given all the emails I have sent and the messages they contained, I would have expected to hear from you directly a lot sooner. I do not want you to remove upgrades or repairs, I just want my Defender delivered at the earliest possible date.
Then you can post my customer feedback on your website to provide a fair and balanced view of your process.

As we are a small shop its very upsetting when these things happen, as we are always working hard on the customer's behalf to make their Land Rover the best we can. The important element in my opinion is how we handle those issues when they do come up and if we did our normal level of work on the project. In the case of this project, the Rover was completed and sent back to the unhappy owner. A bummer all around for everyone involved.
A few weeks later we received this email out of the blue from the same customer:
"So I think you know I waited longer than I wanted and paid more than I wanted for my 90..the irony of this note is not lost on me.
Having said that - you guys are the real deal.
I have owned this Defender for more 8 of its 11 years and always had it serviced at Rover dealers the first 8, then respected foreign car specialists that take care of the rest of my family fleet with great success. Some minor, some major work as you would expect - but nothing that comes close to the results you achieved. After driving my 90 for a week, I have to say the ride and performance is fabulous and exceeds any expectations I may have had when you picked it up last September. It is better than new.
I am still reading the book and setting up all the features of the audio system - it sounds GREAT and the custom work on the woofer is better than original. When I get around to the on-board compressor I am sure I will have to make a call or two for moral support.
As opposed to the past few weeks, I think that is a call you will actually want to take from me.
Thanks again....."

Louis A. Borrelli, CT
Its nice to know that the work we did was appreciated and it is of upmost importance to us to know that the customer is happy when driving his Defender. We looked at this customer's feedback in depth, both positive and negative, and we have made some minor policy changes because of it. As with any growing company we can make mistakes. The difference here at ECR is that we learn from those mistakes and never repeat them, but I think this project illustrates the main focus of ECR, correct work, done to far better standards than any repair shop. For us it is all bout the Rovers and there is only one way to do them... the right way.
Mike Smith, ECR
(Go here for a link to the work ECR did on this customer's 1997 NAS Defender 90 soft top)

It seems a lot of customers give the immediate response after just getting their truck back from your shop. I wanted to wait and let some of the newness wear off so I could give more down-to-earth feedback on the 110.
This 110 is awesome! The quality of your work is truly top-notch. I wish I lived in Maine or closer so that I could be a "regular" customer. It is everything I wanted it to be. Now, that I am accustomed to the ECR standard, it will be a long, and well thought out process for me to plan any "upgrades". They have to be Genuine Land Rover where possible, and they have to look factory. None of the out-of-place modifications, everything must be done correctly and professionally. That said, I have yet to do anything because it doesn't fit the standard.
Will S.
(via email about the ECR restored 1993 NAS Defender 110 that we built for him)

Dear ECR,
Congratulations on your new place!!
I am certainly enjoying my 110, mostly by looking at it and dreaming about trips I want to make in it. I am the envy of the soccer dads and moms as soccer commuting is its main job (this was not the plan, just the way it worked out).
Also a little fun stuff in Vermont and in the snow. Have "rescued" a couple of people stuck in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Best wishes,

(via email about his 1993 NAS Defender 110 that we converted to Tdi and galv. chassis a few years back)

Hi Holly,
The Defender is running great, thanks to all. One question, are there any special engine break-in requirements that I should be following?
Thanks again.

(via email about the Pursuit 4.6 install and upgrades done to his 1995 Defender 90 soft top)

Dear Mike, Holly, and the ECR Team,
We love our newly refurbished Defender 90. We live on an island off the coast of Maine and when any new cars arrive in the community they must pass the scrutiny of the residents. Our Defender has won the approval and envy of all our neighbors. No one can believe it is a 1995 model. We have to point out the small dent in the right fender, left there as a tribute to our cars rugged past, to prove to people it is a used car! From the pre-purchase assessment, to the purchase, and right through the restoration you were great. We have the highest regard for your workmanship, craftsmanship, and customer relationship. We look forward to continuing a long association with you over the years to come.
Hugh, Sue and the dogs

(via email about the purchase and upgrades done to their 1995 Defender 90 soft top)

Hi Mike-
I dropped the D90 off this week with Anna and she was thrilled with it. She immediately commented on the new throaty exhaust - and was quite happy with the top and new stereo/tuffy setup. Good call on replacing the center console and stereo!
I think that it is now an outstanding ride - better than before. Thanks!
Funny aside - I took the ferry over to the island and there in the ferry parking lot was another white D90 with a badger top and the ECR sticker on it. I'm not sure if it is her neighbor's, but I hear they have a white D90 too (my kind of neighborhood).
Hope the move went (is going) well.
Thanks again!
(via email about the repairs and upgrades done on a 1994 Defender 90 soft top)

Hi Mike,
BR110 made its first trip to Nauset today with 8 passengers, surfboards, skimboards, boogieboards and other stuff. Works better than we ever imagined. BR is my favorite toy. Really glad we did it. Everytime I use it I think about all the thought and craftsmanship you put into it!
Thanks again,
John R
PS: Enjoy the holiday!

(via email about his custom built BR110 (Beach Runner) that ECR created for him)

Dear East Coast Rover,
Thank you for all of the work you did to my Defender. I am especially happy with the custom options. I certainly recommend you to anyone looking to have work done on their Land Rover.
David Cantella
(via email about the service work and upgrades completed on his 1997 Defender 90)

Mike and staff,
While I sorely missed my Def 110 over the past 2 years, I can now say it was absolutely worth it! My 110 was cool before, but now it's off the hook! The engine really makes the truck run like it should, it rides like it's glued to the ground. Solid is the word. I also appreciate the suggestions you guys made through the process, as it turns out you were 100% correct! I have no worries with all the re-working you did on this animal. I am trying not to drive it all the time, but definitely enjoy the times I do. Amazing work, great support. Couldn't ask for more.
J. Philip Cornett,

(via email about the extensive repairs and upgrades done to his 1993 Defender 110 Station Wagon)

Thanks for all the work- on time. I look forward to a summer of fun with the 90. See you in the fall for a 4.6! Have a great summer. All the best,
(via note about the repairs and mods done to his 1995 Defender 90)

Dear Mike and Team,
I took delivery of my "new" 90 a week ago and I am still having trouble wiping the smile off my face. The restored, rust resistant chassis is tight, quiet, and ready for years of salty, muddy conditions. The 4.6 engine install appears factory fit and runs strong and smooth. What a difference it makes driving up my local hills without downshifting to third. My favorite though, is the custom interior. Your conversion of my carpet laden, side facing seating arrangement to a full rubber, kid friendly bench arrangement is exactly what I wanted. The custom add-ons like heated seats and bluetooth work just like I hoped they would. The wait was painful but the result could not have been better. Looking forward to working with you guys in the future to keep this Rover on the road for years to come.
Many thanks,

(via email about the new galv frame, 4.6 V8 and other upgrades done to his 1995 Defender 90 Station Wagon)

Hi Mike,
I've had my 90 now for a little over a week and love it. Thanks for all your hard work on it. It looks great.
(via email about the service work and upgrades completed on his, new to him, 1997 Defender 90 Wagon)

Hi Mike,
Now that I've had a week to drive around in the truck, I wanted to extend a very big "Thank you" to you and the crew. That new 4.6 makes a world of difference! It's a real treat being able to drive uphill without having to change gears all the time! The truck runs like a charm, and I'm real happy with the other upgrades as well. As always, I'm very pleased with the work, and am looking forward to some future upgrades.
P.S. Sally and I would like to wish you, your family and the whole crew at ECR a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!
(via email about the 4.6 V8 and other upgrades completed on his 1994 Defender 90 ST)

Dear Mike and associates,
I want to thank you all very much for the quality of your work. I only wish it did not take so long to finish.
That said, thanks again and may you and yours have a great 2007.

Tim Hoiles, CO
(via email about his restored and fully tricked out 1993 Defender 110)

Dear Mike and crew at ECR,
I have been meaning to sit down and write this note, but it seems I have been too busy playing in my refurbished Defender 90.
I cannot thank you enough for the GREAT job you guys did on my truck. It came back looking almost new inside and out and it drives beautifully. The new stereo and speakers sound amazing, and the ipod attachment is so convenient. No more having to eject cds while driving. Your extensive evaluation and subsequent recommendations and repairs, give me much more confidence driving around steamy South Florida.
If I have one complaint it would be that your company is too busy, but that just tells me you guys are that good, add yes you are! I appreciate your patience with my numerous e-mails and questions, and you always responded quickly and thoroughly, erasing any concerns or hesitations I may have had with the job, and watching the project unfold start to finish via your website photo postings is a great feature.
I wish I lived closer and could use your company for all of my Defender's service, but I guess I will have to save ECR for special occasions only.
Thanks again and continued success!!
Don McDowell, FL
(via letter about the repairs and upgrades completed on his 1997 Defender 90 ST)

Daisy (l) and Tavish (r) are really enjoying the D90 and so are we. Thanks to the dog tie down ECR installed, they go where we go. The truck looks better than brand new. We get compliments all the time. Our kids love the side facing seats and the sub woofer. ECR did a great job and combined with the service from Copley Motors, our experience of buying a 9 year old D90 has been a pleasure.
Although we had an electrical problem immediately after taking delivery, Copley and ECR remedied the problem promptly and at no cost.
Copley and ECR have earned our trust. Can't wait to take it off road!
The Rudner family, CT
(via email about the 1997 NAS D90 that ECR tricked out for the entire family, dogs included! )

To ECR staff:
Here are some unvarnished comments regarding a D-90 frame swap done Nov. 2006 by ECR. These guys are hard to get hold of by phone and not exactly warm and fuzzy on the first encounter. (It must be that Maine aire). But they give good email and once they get going they are efficient, meticulous and thorough in their work. The whole vehicle got a careful look when they took the job of replacing my rusting '95 chassis. They made priority and discretionary suggestions (no hard sell here) for additional services to be performed, and offer a wealth of Rover / off-road knowledge and experience on their web site. In the end, my 11 year-old D-90 is safe and reliable and rides like it was new. I'm pretty sure there ain't nobody in NYC who'da done it better, faster or for less.
Steve Athanail, Brooklyn NY

(via email regarding the frame swap and off road goodies done to his 1995 NAS D90)

Trip back to South Bristol was uneventful. New motor runs like a top. Engine compartment looks great. Brakes stop straight and quietly.
Huge Improvement!
Thanks for everything. Will report again after a few more miles.
Bob, MA

(via email about his Series IIA 88 that ECR recently worked on )

Mike and the team at ECR,

Thanks so much for the amazing job on my '97 Defender. I could not have asked for a better experience. Each step of the way, you and your team acted professionally and in my best interest when it came to the upgrades and repairs on my rig. Never did I feel I was being "sold" anything. (And a couple of times you guys actually recommended I do something which cost less than my original idea) Your ability to understand that my rig was going to be more of a "beach comber" rather than a hard-core off-road explorer really made the process a whole lot easier.
When I first told people I was sending my recently purchased, very low mileage, nearly perfect Defender to, what I called, "Defender Camp", they thought I was crazy. After coming across your website, seeing all the work you had done and reading some of the letters, I was sold. All of your suggestions and recommendations have made my Defender, truly, one of the best anywhere. Like you guys say, "It is better than new!"
Thanks for following up with me a few weeks after I got the rig back and explaining a few things I was confused about. I already have one buddy who is shipping his rig to you guys and I'm sure when other see the incredible work they will do the same.
Keep up the great work and thanks again.
Mark McCooey
Rye, NY
(via email about his ECR modified 1997 NAS 90 )

Just got back into town from working overseas, I am very impressed with the restoration and the quality of your work. I will be running a archaeological field school next month and I am looking forward to taking it up into the mountains and putting it to work.
Again, thanks for the hard work, it drives great. At some point I need to send you my two older rovers back for restoration.
Mark Timmons
Department of Anthropology
The University of Montana

(via email about the ECR restored NAS 110 he recently purchased and had modified)

Mike and company at ECR,

Just a quick note to say thanks for all of your efforts and professionalism with regards to the upgrades and repairs to my 94 Defender. It was a visit to your web site long before I needed you that gave me the awareness of all you offered. Your evaluation and your suggestions based on your experience with these trucks exceed anything I have ever experienced from my Land Rover dealership (and they built the thing). You fixed my speedometer and discovered an injection problem that has plagued my vehicle almost since new. It was great to get up there and see your place first hand. My ride back was a joy as the truck ran better than new and continues to do so. The best thing you can hear from any customer is what I have to say Thanks, and I'll be back.
(via email about the repairs and upgrades done to his NAS Defender 90 soft top)

Hi guys,
I just wanted to let you know I picked up the white 1995 D90 SW from Stuart at Copley Motorcars on Saturday at 2:00 pm. I then drove over 1500 miles in 48 hours (two sleepovers) through seven states of driving rain, straight line winds, and snow. The truck runs like a champ! I have absolutely zero regrets. I had apprehension initailly about buying a truck without seeing it, but based upon Mike's evaluation, and Ian's description of the truck, I convinced my wife to fly out with me, and drive it back to St. Joseph, MO. I wanted it stock so I would be able to better know what changes I wanted to make, and am compiling a wish list to hit you with. I just wanted to say "Thanks!" and to let you know I will be letting everyone know ECR is the only source for Land Rover.
Kelly Horn
(via email about the ECR serviced and slightly modified 1995 Defender 90 Wagon he purchased from Copley Motor Cars, shown below being loaded up for the trip from ECR to Copley for customer delivery at their showroom)

I hope that you all are doing well,
My green D90 with the TDI conversion still runs amazing. I have only put about 10,000miles since the conversion in 2000. I have gone to a few rover events here in WI and every one asked where I got the work done. The fit and finish is perfect and everyone is really amazed at your work. Thanks for a great rig.
Thanks for your time,
Jeff Sommer
(via email about the Tdi conversion and upgrades done to his NAS 1994 Defender 90)

Dear ECR,
Thanks very much for the service you performed on my 1994 D90. I had had the usual service by the local dealer. Little did I know of the extensive rust both with the brakes as well as most of the undercarriage. Your thorough initial evaluation was very welcomed. Following the evaluation I was pleased to see that you prioritized repairs and kept me informed of the cost accrued as you went along. I was also very impressed and interested in the pictures of my vehicle on your website as the repairs progressed. Thanks very much for your professionalism and expertise. I plan to be back in Maine again for further work on my D90 in the future.
T.C.Kline, Jr.
Rockford, Illinois

(via email about the service work and upgrades done to his 1994 NAS Defender 90)

Mike -
When I first considered sending my D90 up to you from NY after owning it for a couple of years, I thought I was a bit crazy! But with no one being able to fix my ECU issues locally, I took the plunge. I can't tell you how impressed I was with your approach to the car - from your initial evaluation to the suggested work...Your regular contact with me throughout the process was appreciated, and the work you did was fantastic. Most important to me, your persistence in repairing a very difficult and elusive problem, and your professional approach - even when it became clear that this would not be a financially rewarding repair for you - was impressive. Be assured that I will not hesitate to send my D90 back for future upgrades (an Interceptor engine huh??). Take care and thx!

Rob English '97 D90
Long Island, New York

(via email about the service and repairs ECR completed on his 1997 NAS D90 soft top)

We love it!

Matt and Heather Morris, MT
(via email about their ECR restored 1993 Defender 110 Wagon #132/500)

To the ECR Staff,
Thanks very much for the hard work and care/craftsmenship you put into my 1994 D90. Certainly my D90 has always been an attention getter here in the Wash DC area but nothing like it is now. The day after I brought it home, someone followed me home and parked in front of me in my driveway.... Scared the ###! out of me - All they wanted was to heap accolades of praise upon the "new" D90. My only regrets through the three year process was that I did not have ECR "fix" even more of the Land Rover engineered problems - especially some future corrosion ones. (The wait makes having to leave a car overnight at the dealership seem quite insignificant.) From the modifications to install the rooftop tent to the stainless lines for the brakes, there is obviously an attention to detail that most shops do not wish to undertake. I'm glad someone is. Fortunately/unfortunately, I'm sure you will find me in the queue again some day in the future to do what remains since it would be difficult to entrust it to someone else. This weekend will be my first offroad outing since the rehab - it is pouring outside.... looks like it will be great!

Corey Chamness, VA

(via email about the 300 Tdi conversion and other work ECR did to his 1994 NAS D90 soft top)

Hi Mike, the 110 got here last night and I am thrilled with the way it looks and runs.
You and your guys did beautiful work and I know I did right by sending it up to you for the inspection and needed repairs. I could not be happier.
I got a call from Howard (the car hauler driver) and he got a call from a guy in downtown Seattle that saw it on his truck and wanted to buy it. Look for this guy to call you, because he doubted that I would give it up.

You have been great to work with Mike, and I will be in touch.
Have a great day!

Debby, WA
(via email regarding the service and repair work ECR completed on her newly purchased NAS Defender 110 Wagon)

Thank you for the incredible work on my 110.
I have had it on the beach on Martha's Vineyard, and now fully appreciate the work you did adding an on board air compressor, the sun roof, the surf casting rod holders (you should have seen the envious look of the guy at Coop's the local Orvis dealer!), and of course the ingenious cup holders. The seat covers were as advertised, good looking and practical for sand and salt water covered kids, and the new clutch and transmission are smooth and a major improvement over the 1993 vintage I had. My 14 year old son and his iPod have taken control of the sound system, and we have shaken the windows of the vehicle, and those of some surrounding buildings, when he also controls the volume! In general, the more I drive the vehicle, the more I appreciate your attention to detail and quality work.
I have recommended ECR to my brother for his Defender 90.

Thanks for everything.
Brian, MA
(via email about the custom work and repairs ECR completed on his NAS Defender 110 Wagon)

Wanted to drop you a quick note to express how thrilled I am with my ECR D90. The level of service and attention to detail was a ten. Your team has made my first experience with Land Rover outstanding.
It gives me great confidence knowing that I can rely on you and your team at ECR for further custom work and service in the future. There is no question in my mind that ECR is the best in the business.

Howie from Jersey
(via email about the Defender 90 he recently purchased and had modified by ECR)

Hey Mike,
I just wanted to tell you that I am thoroughly enjoying the D-90. It is
everything you said, and I wanted to thank you for everything you have done
for me. You did everything you said you would and made my rover buying
experience excellent. I hope to continue to be a customer of yours for a
long time to come.
Thanks again

Ernie Novey, CT
(via email about the 1994 Defender soft top he purchased from ECR)
Novey 90

Hi Mike,
I just wanted to catch you before you go "off line" for a couple of weeks. Mike and I would like to thank you once again for keeping us in mind when this truck came up for sale, and for giving us the opportunity to purchase it. It's an outstanding truck, and we are very pleased with it. The ride home went off without a hitch, and now that we've had a couple days to drive around in it and look it over, we're even happier with it.
We'll be in touch in a month or so in regards to dealing with the door hinges sometime this summer. Thanks again!

Sally Fosdick, ME
(via email about the 1995 Defender Wagon purchased from ECR)
Fosdick 90SW

Dear Mike and the crew at ECR,
We've been on a long, long journey to find a 110, and thanks to you we are the proud owners of a really great vehicle that performs superbly.
We are incredibly thankful to have built a relationship with ECR, and the craftsmanship and effort that has gone in to our vehicle is noticed by everyone who comes in contact with our 110.
Suffice it to say, through it all ECR is our *ONLY* trusted advisor when it comes to Rovers, and will be happy to help any customers (or potential customers) realize the value in the work and knowledge that ECR provides.
It's really clear to us why ECR has such a thing as a waitlist - and we will happily wait to continue to upgrade our vehicle through the fine work of ECR. Thanks again!

Mike Werner, MA
(via email about the Defender 110 he recently purchased through an ECR customer, and had upgraded by ECR)

A few years ago I was involved in a serious car accident. My beloved 1970 SIIA and I were motoring down the Ave. when a woman decided to blow off a red light at about 55 MPH. Ouch! Now somewhere, I think from an old TV show I got the notion that I could rebuild it! Better! Stronger! Well not without the help of the trusted experts at East Coast Rover! I had set out to tear down what was left of the vehicle, salvage what I could and rebuild/ replace the rest. Somewhere along the line I decide that anything worth doing was worth doing right. So with this in mind I set out to build the best rover of which I was capable of building. (After all, I don't repair and rebuild Rovers everyday) I had called Mike and the boys from time to time to determine what the heck I was getting myself into. They were more than willing to help me in anyway they could. The advice they gave me really helped things move along smoothly. Many of the parts that I needed I was able to dig up here and there, almost anything is available if you are willing to search for it long enough. Well with that one great exception! Yes, the bulkhead! Well, again, thank god I know of a great shop which is the foremost authority in Land Rover rebuild and repair! So I called up my old buddy Mike, again, and told him that I would be taking a road trip to his neck of the woods and I would like the benefit of his shop's knowledge and expertise to make my bulkhead beautiful once more! So I threw the firewall and the seat box in the Disco and made my way up north. When I dropped it off I was met by Ian, the one who would ultimately be restoring the parts. He looked at it for a few minutes and with a heavy heart he delivered some devastating news. "This unit is too far gone and I do not know if we will be able to bring it back." Sad news indeed. However they set about sourcing me a take off and getting to work on that. The pictures of the project are on their site and they would e-mail me pictures regularly and give me updates of the projects progress. They also wanted to know what kind of systems I would be running through it as that would determine where the holes went and would help make sure that everything fit neatly and looks correct. Besides, as beautiful as the firewall looked when I picked it up I think it would be a sin to drill a hole in it. Well boys, you will be happy to know that things are coming along nicely, although I must admit, almost daily I run into stumbling blocks that set me off to search about on the computer and wait about a week for parts from literally all over the world. But, I find it to be fun. I have a rolling chassis in my garage and I expect to have the firewall painted soon so I can begin running the brakes, heater, steering and all of that fun stuff but I know that I am still no where near complete. Although I will have you know that whenever I tell someone that knows anything about Land Rovers that I have an ECR bulkhead, eyebrows raise and I get sense that they know that this guy isn't messing around. Well, honestly if I was not messing around I would have brought the whole truck there and I would have been driving it by now, but, I have the time and some mechanical know how and a great group of guys in Maine who are willing to help me work through some of the Rover issues as they arise.
Thanks again guys and I will certainly keep you posted on my process. Hopefully there will be some pic's to follow!

Adriano Bongiorno, NY

(via email about his ECR refurbished bulkhead)

To Mike, Ian and the ECR staff-
I want to thank all of you for the work you've done. This was a difficult process based on the condition of the vehicle when it showed up on your doorstep. During the process, I was kept up to date. I really appreciated the constant feedback and the prompt answers I got to my many questions. During the process there was a constant flow of questions from me, different ideas on how things might be done and the occasional outbreak of panic over a particular item. In every case you provided me with complete information and advice. In many cases you kept me from pushing on an issue that would have cost me a lot of money. Working with you we developed an overall plan of what the project would look like at completion and we stayed the course. You did what needing doing but kept the project from going off course in terms of time and budget by not expending recourses on issues that were not within the scope or spirit of the project.
The results are fantastic. What I now own is a vehicle that has off road capabilities impossible to find from any manufacturer. Since having this out in Colorado I've had some service work done at a local Land Rover dealer. Worked stopped in the shop as everyone had to look at my rig. I'm sure they've seen their fair share of retooled Land Rovers. The best compliment I received was when one tech said "This is the right way to modify a Classic". Hey, and looks are important too. I receive complements everyday with my LWB. I'm really looking to warmer weather and a chance to get out on the trail. Winter driving is not even a challenge with this vehicle.
I am thrilled with the results. I appreciated the way you all walked me through this process. What I now own is something truly unique. As a true car nut I appreciate the level of detail and workmanship that went into this project. I really enjoy driving a vehicle that stands out from the "vanilla wagons" (Hummers, Tahoes, Suburbans), better yet passing them on the trail.

Many thanks to all of the guys at ECR.
Jim Wyne, CO

(via email about his ECR upgraded Range Rover LWB)

I've been meaning to write you and tell you all looks great. The truck is running just fine!
Thanks for all your help on the vehicle.
Bill, CT
(via email regarding the service and updates to his 1993 NAS Defender 110)

I would like to take a few minutes and thank everyone at East Coast Rover for the fine job they have done on my 1994 NAS D90. Everyone I dealt with was professional and friendly and of course the work was top notch. I especially liked how they always had time to explain what was going on to a guy whose mechanical experience was gained on the less technical Rovers. The service was personal and I received frequent e-mails updating me as to the progress and asking for my preference of repair parts. ECR understood that I was on a tight budget and were very helpful with money saving solutions. I look forward to doing business with ECR again, the way I drive it could be sooner that later, ha! Just kidding. Honestly though, I hope to get some time to spend with them learning more about my truck and four-wheeling.
Andy Tinto, ME
(via email regarding the recent repairs to his 1994 Defender 90)

Hi Mike,
I just wanted to thank you and all the gang who performed the preventative maintenance and repairs on my Defender 90. What really impressed me was that after I had left your shop, (in the wrong direction I might add), I decided I had better turn around. While getting things arranged in the cabin I hit the diff. lock lever into neutral, so I pulled over. What I didn't realize was that two of your employees, (Mike and Steve), who were on their way home from work promptly pulled over to see if I was having any problems. This gesture of kindness and professionalism was greatly appreciated and reinforces why you have such a strong client base.
Thanks again,
Ed McIntosh, ME
(via email about the service work and upgrades done to his 1995 Defender 90)

ECR Staff,
Thanks for the great work on my D90. I appreciate all the detail in diagnosing problems and the execution of all the work done. I would definitely recommend your services and will use you again in the future.
Thank you,
Frank B. Johnson, VA

(via email regarding the repairs and custom work done to his AA Yellow Defender 90)

The Rovers arrived on Monday and they are magnificent.
Michael Tuite, VA

(via email about the Series III Rover he purchased from ECR)

Thanks for everything. It was expensive but should be good for another 10 years. I'll be in touch about a top.
Jim Gribbell, ME
(via letter regarding the repairs and upgrades made to his newly purchased Defender 90)

All at ECR -
Thanks for making driving so enjoyable. The '94 D-90 performs as expected and the improvements you made work exactly as I hoped. Great to buy a Rover and know from the outset that you folks have checked, tuned and tailored it to my specs. I also appreciate the follow-up: answering minor questions, keeping me from buying other Rovers that don't fit my needs, and helping with ordering other accessories.
Patrick Jeffries, VA

(via email about his ECR purchased and upgraded Defender 90)

Mike -
Wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for all your great advise concerning the replacement of the drivetrain in my 110 with a low mileage 3.9 EFI from one of your diesel conversions. Your knowledge and experience was evident from the start and your planning of the work to coincide with the availability of the take-out resulted in quite a cost savings. I have done business with numerous other garages reputedly "expert" in working on Land Rovers and have found ECR to be the best. There is no other Land Rover garage that I know of that does the type of work ECR does routinely. Your consistent high standards and quality of work places ECR in a category all by itself. I know of no greater assurance for anyone contemplating major work on their Land Rover than to trust ECR will do the job correctly and cost effectively. It is a well deserved trust, one that ECR can be proud of.
Thank you.
Edward M. Miller, MD

(via email about his Defender 110 that ECR converted to EFI V8 drivetrain)

Sorry for not responding sooner, but I've been enjoying the Lightweight. The vehicle arrived as described, and in talking with Mike it is exactly what I expected and more. I have plans on returning the Lightweight to ECR for some custom work in the future. I would not hesitate to deal with ECR again, as they give you the real information on vehicle quality and shape.
Again, thanks for the assistance. I also enclosed photos of the Lightweight next to Cotton Modules before they are Ginned.
Ed Hartman, VA

(via email regarding the Series III Lightweight he purchased from ECR)

Hi Guys,
First, the 4.6 is working out great. I can really tell a difference in the driving. Thanks for the great work....
Aaron J.W. Haskell, IN

(via email about the ECR 4.6 installed in his 1995 Defender 90 Station Wagon)

Hi Mike,
I just came back from China from an extended trip and just saw my car for the first time. The paint job and body work is superb. Thank you.
Many thanks,
Kent Shih, WA

(via email regarding the custom body and paint work done to his 1988 Range Rover)

Hey guys,
Thanks for all the hard work you put in on my 110. The ability to have a hard top for the cold winter and a one-of-a-kind soft to for the hot summers here, is a dream come true. One thing I counted on when I sent the car to you was attention to detail, and you guys over delivered on that. I finally feel like this car was made just for me, thanks to you. I also appreciate all the time you have spent answering questions for me before, during and after the job was done. I am sure I will have more questions in the future, and it's good to know I have a trusted resource to rely on....Thanks!!!!
Sanjay Verma, NJ

(via email regarding his hardtop/softop Defender 110 Wagon that ECR created for him)

My dad was a geologists and had an 88II that we used for back woods treks and almost everything else when I grew up, until it just got to be too much trouble to get parts and maintain. I missed it felt like it was part of our family and have always wanted same thing. When I discovered ECR, and fact they could build one that would last forever (new transmission, galvanized frame, SS muffler system, diesel engine) and was essentially a brand new vehicle you bet I signed up next day. Took a lot longer than I wanted, but boy was it ever worth the wait.
Picked it up in Jan 04 and took it to an island property that is usually impossible to reach in winter (snow drifts and rotten roads). That little sucker just cut though three foot drifts without breaking a sweat, other 4x4s get stuck here and I knew right away this vehicle is really something special and can go just about anywhere. Its just great fun to drive -- have had several people already stop me and ask if I wanted to sell it and I told them that is like asking me if I want to sell my wife. Were married, bonded at hip forever now and its not for sale (neither is my wife). ECR team did great job, perfectionists, professional down to last SS bolt, no corners cuts anywhere. They know these vehicles well and have same passion in heart as owners and buyers. ECR gets A+++ on all counts.
John K Stevens
Straham, NH
(via letter about his ECR restored and updated Series IIA 88")

Hi Mike,
I just wanted to write and let you know that you and your crew have outdone yourselves once again! As always, I am truly happy with the work completed on my vehicle. Ians' gas tank skid plate is a real work of art. I must also say that the drive home from ECR is always a pleasure, as I have the utmost confidence in the truck, and that it has been properly taken care of. I big "thanks" to you all. Also, thanks for putting up with my barrage of questions every time I stop in. As I'm not a mechanic by trade, your information is invaluble.
Best Regards,
Michael Colemen

(via email about the service and upgraded done to his 1994 Defender 90 as seen on the bootom of the projects page
Mr. Colmen also purchased his D90 from ECR many years ago)

Mike and Ian,
The Defender was exceptional, ran and handled great, 20+ miles to the gallon, 70 mph, 2800+miles total trip, No problems!! Thanks for a great job when you all built this machine. Thanks again for the tour of the shop and doing such a great job on the Defender...
Bill Butler, TX

(via email about the ECR Defender 110 he recently bought from the original construction client)

Mike, Ian & company,
It was a long process but worth it. I want to thank you for getting my car back together. As is evident from the story and pictures on your website the project expanded greatly through no fault of any involved. Thanks for sticking with it.
Your advice and expertise were invaluable. You really went out of your way to make sure that I understood what was going on. Your prompt and complete responses to emails were a great help. Also your help with battling the Registry of Motor Vehicles was outstanding. You really went out of your way to get it back on the road.
It was worth it. I do enjoy having the Disco back. It seems like a new car, at least the part of it that ECR worked on. (I really should get the interior detailed.) The suspension and front end are just like new. It is a lot peppier. The 3.9 was a really nice engine. It ran a long time with no problems. The 4.6 does seem a better match for the car at least for the highway driving I do. I hope to put another 100,000 miles on the Disco.
Thanks again,
Dwight L. Davis, Andover, Massachusetts
(via letter about the ECR 4.6 install and crash/rust damage repair to his Land Rover Discovery)

I purchased a '65 109 ex-MOD pickup through ECR several years ago and I have been nothing but pleased ever since. ECR made some minor upgrades to the vehicle at the time of purchase (parabolics, alternator, etc) and she continues to run like a top -- from Rochester, NY to Whitefish, MT to Austin, TX.
Thanks Mike,
John Bartram, Austin, TX

(via email regarding the Series IIA 109 he purchased from ECR)

As an avid Defender fan I was thrilled to drive by ECR one day by chance and see a veritable field of them. I was even more thrilled to find they had a website with pictures! After years of scanning the site weekly, anxiously waiting for updated photos of current projects and teasing myself occasionally by visiting the "for sale" section, low and behold a lightly used 95 D90 popped up in my price range. After securing financing (If you have never seen the face on a loan officer when you tell them how much you want to borrow for a 10 year old car, you are missing a good laugh.) I contacted ECR and arranged for a test drive. To say I was incredulous of the description of the vehicle when I saw the asking price would be an understatement. I had read all the customer reviews and was confused as to how such a seemingly upstanding Rover shop would possibly deceive a potential buyer. My research was turning up Defenders of the same year with 3 times the miles for twice the price. It seemed to be one of those too-good-to-be-true deals but I had to at least see for myself. When I arrived Ian let me drive it for a bit and explained how ECR was very familiar with the D90 and it truly had no issues other than cosmetic dents and scratches. After a 15 minute drive I knew this was my lucky day and bought it. I have been an owner for only a week or two as I write this but could not be happier with the service I received. I have peppered Mike (and who ever else was unfortunate enough to be checking the shop's email) with questions before and after the sale and each email was answered the same day. Many times within the hour! Based upon all my dealing with the staff at ECR I have every confidence that I bought from the right place and will have a reputable shop to go to for any and all Rover needs. Buying cars, especially used ones, is a stressful situation for those like me who are not certified mechanics and are wary of buying a money pit. It is a good feeling when you know you got more than you bargained for (in a good way.) and everything you were promised. Thanks again!
James Estabrook

(via email regarding the 1995 Defender 90 soft top he recently purchased form ECR)

Wanted to thank you and ECR for the great job you did in creating the Island Rover for us. After a previous ECR Rover rebuild, I knew I could count on a level of quality that was beyond question. However, I was not sure that I would be able to create a Rover that would fulfill all of my needs. I was not looking for a complex Rover but rather an extremely "simple" Rover that could provide decades of near maintenance-free, rust-free service in a remote Caribbean location that rapidly devours vehicles, including dozens of stock Series Rovers over the years (although I am happy to say that stock Series Rovers have outlasted all other 4x4s that people have tried to date!). The Rover had to be done right the first time since we would be unable to ever return it to any shop for future work.
Anyways, months of emails while you listened to my ideas and added many great ideas of your own convinced me that ECR could create a slightly different Rover than I had seen before. The final product was all that I hoped for and more. ECR is great at thinking outside the box prior to building a Rover as well as during the build up. There were many additional concepts and components that you found and discussed with me during the build up. All of this added up to a complete Island Rover that has nothing that I would do differently (not that I'm not going to keep looking!). The quality of the work is everything I expected from ECR after seeing and owning past ECR Rovers. The ability of the Rover is beyond what I expected. I'll let you know in 30 or so years if the Rover needs any tweaking or improvements! Thanks again for listening and working with me to create what I needed.

That's 2 ECR Rovers you've done for me and I'm a bigger fan than I was after the first.
Thanks again.

(via email about his ECR built Island Series IIA 88 shown below in the British Virgin Islands doing its job)

The D-90 makes me happy whenever I look at it sitting in the barn where it remains because frost heaves have rendered my barn doors inoperable. I had the chance to remove and clean the seat rails which has much improved their operation. Does anyone offer a mod that allows passengers into the back seat more easily? It is my impression that both the buyer and the seller were well served by ECR's handling of the purchase of my D-90. The seller was in a bit of an awkward spot in that they were leaving the country and had misplaced the title which normally would be a deal breaker, for me. Knowing that the vehicle was in Warren, ME at ECR and had been properly evaluated gave me the confidence to hang in there with my offer (6 weeks for a duplicate title). I believe that ECR acted scrupulously, advising me on what a reasonable offer would be while discouraging my desire to low-ball the seller because of his predicament. In the end I am comfortable that I got a good deal on a sound vehicle. I feel that ECR had all parties interests in mind and brokered an equitable deal.
The money saved on the purchase of this vehicle allowed me to invest in some upgrades, most notably the Badger top. I also appreciated the rather sane and responsible advice on which off-road mods to go for, protection and recovery first. A good experience that I anticipate repeating as modifications and service are required.
As spring is around the corner I look forward to getting dirty.

(via email about the 1995 Defender 90 he purchased and modifed through ECR)

Hello Mike and the crew at ECR,
I want to thank you and your staff for all of your assistance in my purchase process of a 1995 Range Rover County LWB. Your attention to detail and vast knowledge of both the particular product (RRC LWB) as well as the brand overall was extremely helpful to me.
Here's my story...
I originally purchased a 1995 white LWB from eBay through what I believed was a reputable Land Rover dealership in the northern midwest. Upon close of the sale, I had the Rover, sight unseen at this point (aside from over 32 digital photos - don't trust them) shipped directly to ECR. The goal was to have the EAS replaced immediately, 60k mile service along with some upgrades prior to my taking delivery. Upon receipt, ECR found that the tranny was pretty much inoperable and that it would require a complete rebuild. Aside from that, the vehicle had quite a bit of rust and seemed to be lacking of care and custody from the prior owner; things that the folks at ECR were quite comfortable in picking out.
With all of that said, I ended up returning the truck to the original dealership. I was given quite a bit of hassle by the dealership, but at the end of the day it was their issue and my rights as a purchaser to return it. If this had been a private sale, my rights would have been diminished substantially, something that any potential buyer of a car sight unseen should know prior to going into a purchase. So, off in another flat-bed truck the Rover went, returning from whence it came.
My time spent with ECR was not over at that point. Mike was very good in offering quite a bit of advice to me on tracking down a better vehicle and gave me the insight to find something quite good for a much more reasonable price. I was able to make better and more informed decisions as to the next vehicle and am quite happy with what I ended up purchasing (1995 Black LWB). I am very thankful to the assistance that was afforded me.
Moral of the story...
Do not buy off eBay (or any vehicle sight unseen) and definitely work with the folks at ECR. First off, sight unseen just opens up quite a few "worms" in that what you expect is not what you get. Secondly, the folks at ECR will never go wrong by you. The money you save on not doing things twice is quite a bit better than trying to go the "cheap" route; these folks are the experts and will be included in my plans for future upgrades to my new vehicle.
Thanks again, and keep up the good work!
George Z. Marootian

1995 Range Rover County LWB
(via email regarding to help we offered him about vehicles purchased elsewhere)

Finally I have a chance to write you about my experience's with ECR, in a nutshell "great" from even before the beginning of our relationship, what I mean by that is the time you spent explaining and answering a multitude of questions before I purchased my rover or spent a dime with ECR ! Since I have purchased my d90 and had extensive modifications to it by ECR, my experiences with you and Ian have been nothing short of great ! Making sensible recommendations of doing modifications in phases (this is an important point for me, as I am just getting into trekking and using the vehicle before moving to the next step), not trying to sell me the farm all in one feld swoop. Going out of your way to get my parts to accommodate my completion dates, to Ian offering off road tips and on several occasions him waiting after hours for me to pick it up.
A refreshing experience.
Thanks again
Joe Paolillo

(via email about the 1995 D90 Wagon he purchased and then upgraded at ECR)

Dear ERC:
I am very very pleased with my 110. I have been away on business for quite sometime and never really got a chance until recently to inspect the work. All work as ordered seemed to have been completed in a most professional and knowledgeable manner. The #1 110 looks as if it has been in storage since 1993 and has just come off the show room floor with several upgrades making it much better than the original factory equipment offered. I can definitely feel a big difference in the brakes and the vehicle definitely turns heads when we are driving it. I hope to get the truck back up to you in the near future for a 4.6 upgrade and would also like to send up my 1972 Series III for restoration. Thanks for a great job.
John S. Pettibone

(via email regarding the upgrades and service to his 1993 NAS Defender 110 #1)

Trip back to New Jersey was uneventful. Truck runs well and the suspension feels firm and better than the stock air unit. I went to the Far Hills Races Breeder's Cup Saturday. When I revisited my parking space a RR "nut" was laying on the wet ground under the truck checking-out the improvements! He has a 1993 and should be calling you soon to discuss some upgrades.
Thanks again,
Joseph H. Weinkam, JR.
(via email about the upgrades and service work recently performed on his 1995 Range Rover LWB)

I'm dropping you a line to let you know that the seat rail extensions for my D90 are installed and providing much-needed leg room. Thanks to you guys for inventing seat rails extensions!
Mark Strength, Birmingham, AL
(via email about his mail order Defender seat rail purchase)

We had both trucks off road this past weekend. It was the first time I had seen or driven the 90 since it has been back- What a Difference!! I was more impressed with the ride than anything else but the added power was great. You guys did a tremendous job!!
Unfortunately since I've driven the 90 now I want to deal with the 110.

(via email about the ECR 4.6 install and numerous general repairs to his son's 1994 Defender 90 soft top)

Attached are some exterior shots my friend took of the damaged RR from the recent accident. Although you can't really see it, the HD drag link and tie rod guard you installed still are intact! The wheel was pushed back all the way under the foot wheel and the force actually broke the radius arm. Even so, the axle is straight and the steering gear protected by the guard as well as the drag links are ok. That is some pretty stout stuff!! Forget the force of hitting a rock or stump at low speeds. This impact was at 40mph over a cars hood which was totally ripped off. You can also see the ARB took most of the impact and basically saved the day. I've always felt the work performed by ECR was top notch quality. It also probably just saved me from sustaining some very serious injuries. My door still opened and other than almost biting my tongue off, I came out of this without any injuries. You guys build some serious vehicles.
There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that my next RR will once again be prepared by ECR in order to handle anything you can throw at it - including those events for which you never planned on happening.
With best regards,

(via email. We never like to see an ECR prepared Rover totaled, but we are very happy our customer was able to walk away)

Dear East Coast Rover:
I'd like to thank you again for all your help regarding the Defender 110 and the Defender 90. All the workmanship is absolutely impeccable and your attention to detail and "getting it right" is unsurpassed. Both vehicles were a ton of fun in Nantucket this summer. Thanks again and all the best.

A Nantucket fan of East Coast Rover
(via email regarding his tricked out Defender 110 and his son's soft top Defender 90 (shown below). Both vehicles were purchased from ECR and outfitted to the customer's specifications)

Hi Mike, I am continuously impressed by the quality of ECR's work on my 1963 Series IIA. Everything from the Turner HO 2.25 and ARB Air Locker to the upgraded door latches show your experience and attention to detail. With the R380 5 speed transmission mated to new 2.25 engine the 40 year-old 88 is a dream to drive! The CV joint front axle, parabolic springs, gas shocks, and Goodyear MTR tires provide both excellent off-road ability and on-road manners; the ECR ROX galvanized rock sliders look great, are super heavy duty, and are wonderfully designed with Hi-Lift jack points and fuel tank shield. Thanks for doing a great job matching up the right Rover with the right upgrades to the right customer.

Best Regards / Andrew (driving the 88 daily and smiling)
(NY, via email about his recently refurbished SIIA 88)

I was finally able to let your creation out to play this past weekend. The trails had a little bit of just about everything you could imagine and the Discotech did outstanding. Through all sorts of obstacles the Rover felt solid, performed flawlessly and conquered everything. The only time I got stuck was crossing a stream and attempting an almost vertical climb out. I got stuck but no one else even tried it. To top it off, I had a 6 hour drive home and the Discotech cruised at an easy 80 mph in comfort the whole way.
Matt La Frenz
(SC, via email about a recent off road trip in the ECR ROX Discotech. Matt is the rig's owner)

East Coast Rover staff,
Although this will reach you after Christmas there is still time for a Happy Holidays wish and a Thank You for answering my email questions even though they were just rookie Land Rover questions, and not specific to your products. Great customers service for someone who isn't even a customer. (Yet)
Thanks again!
Mike Murphy
(Via letter)

Hi Mike,
Couldn't make it to the shop in time to say hello when I picked-up the Rover as the limo from the airport had a lot of people to drop off that day. Was able though to find the place for lobsters you suggested on the drive back. They were awesome and made a big hit at the tailgate party in PA the next day.
The Range Rover looks really great. Although the quarter panel and the body end cap were pretty beat up from our lost wheel experience, I was more concerned about the tear at the bottom of the joint where the wheel well meets the body shell. That plus the seat belt retainers plate which was just hanging on by the but had me a bit worried. I knew that to get it back to the condition it was in after the paint/corrosion work we did a few years back there was only one place, ECR.
You can't even tell now that the area has been repaired, at least unless you have an eye for detail as good as yours! The results are always the same, simply the best.
Thanks for everything and especially for getting it road ready for the cross country trip back to OK. The RR once again is running like a scalded cat, the 4.6 is back on song and without the overheating problems it had recently developed. (cracked expansion tank) Also really appreciate you finding and correcting the problems on the RR since ECR last worked on it.
Now I just have to arrange for getting the 109 back to you for a thorough check-up!
Hope to see you and the ECR gang next trip.

(via letter about the recent accident repairs and other work orders on his Range Rover Classic LWB)

The truck looks and runs great, thanks again for all your help coordinating the sale and doing the repairs. I can't wait to start the restoration when $ allows.
Thanks again for everything.
Andrew Pappas
(CT, via email regarding the Series II 88 he recently purchased and upgraded through ECR. (pictured above))

Dear Mike,
This is to let you know how absolutely pleased I am with all the work you did on my NAS Defender 110. You may recall that my nine year old daughter and I flew up to Warren, Maine to pick up the 110 to drive it straight through to the Hyannis ferry to transport it to its ultimate playground, Nantucket.
I'm very happy to tell you that the Defender worked perfectly on the break-in trip and I was able to put another 300 miles or so on it in the two weeks running around a 14 mile long island. We took it on the beach quite a bit and every single system worked absolutely flawlessly. The onboard inflation system that you installed was totally the right choice when 20 SUV's with 12 psi in their tires pulled off the beach at the same time and lined up in front of two air pumps. The new engine and drive train work like a charm and the sound system is a complete knock-out.
I am a complete car/motorcycle fanatic and I have always had a couple of jobs going at the same time. I can honestly say that you guys are on of the very few organizations that I have dealt with that have actually delivered without compromise on the timeliness and the quality of the workmanship. I am looking forward to seeing you folks again when I can figure out something else to add to this Defender.
Thanks again. Very truly yours,
Andrew S. Paul

(Greenwich, CT and Nantuck, MA, via letter regarding his recently ECR upgraded Defender 110)

Back in Maryland with the new, improved D90. Planning on an off-road adventure tomorrow in Virginia. As usual, your work was impeccable. The truck looks great, and the drive was very smooth, even if the SSRs were a tad noisier than the Michelines.... And thanks again for making a special vehcile an extraordinary one. You guys are the best. Cheers, and see you in September at the Bill Burke event.

In an email after his off road trip the same customer writes:

The trip was terrific. I was able to use the winch to help someone out of a jam (a Toyota Truck), and the Defender handled everything in style. Plus I learned some good instructions on off roading, which I hope to put to good use in September.
Again, thanks much and will look forward to seeing you guys next month.
Bill Bodie

(Maryland, via email about his recent off road upgrades to his 1997 5.2 powered Defender 90)

A quick note of thanks to you, Ian and your crew, for an excellent job very well done. Sending my Rover to Maine was a leap of faith on my part and you exceeded my expectations. The entire process from start to finish was very friendly and professional. It was a pleasure doing business with you. By the way, I love this truck. No one will touch it except ECR.
Tom Kennelly

(Nantucket, MA, via email regarding the upgrades and service to his 1995 Range Rover Classic)

Mike and the ECR gang,
It seems like yesterday that I picked-up the Range Rover from your shop, yet, it really has been a few months ago so this note has been a little late in coming. The corrosion and paint work performed to save the RR from possibly literally breaking into pieces due to the rust you found in hidden areas is incredible. Your comment of "the first step in any good paint job and rust repair... tear down the vehicle so that you can actually find all the areas that need repair, not just the areas that show" really sums up on how thorough the work was performed. In any project such as this one, there is always the option to just buy another RR and start over. What convinced me into having you "save" my RR was I knew from past experience the work by ECR would be to a much higher standard than from LR itself. So, even if starting over again, the same problems would occur down the road as PA will always use tons of salt during the Winter months so eventually I'd be faced with the same situation. Knowing that "With an ECR full paint job, these areas will be fully primed and rust won't stand a chance for a long time" plus making repairs with new metal and no body filler anywhere, I am confident the RR has been given a new lease on life and will provided many years of enjoyment. Now the body side of the RR is as good as the mechanical side. Thanks for the excellent work and considering the time, materials, effort that went into the project, all for a great dollar value.
With best regards,
Jim Thompson

(via email about the paint and corrosion repairs done to his 1993 Range Rover LWB)

Hello Mike,
Thank you all for being so thorough with your diagnosis and treatment. The car runs great... The engine runs very smooth. I also noticed that the SRS light now turns off, that the left side repeater light works and the headlight switch operates properly. Thanks!
G. Kent Tableman
(ME, via email about some recent service work to is 1995 Discovey)

The Lightweight did great. No problems.... great little driver.
Ed Bear
(ME, via email about some recent work and a LHD conversion of a Series IIA Lightweight)

Dear East Coast Rovers,
Well, I have logged over 6,000 miles on my 300Tdi Defender 90, and I have to tell you, I couldn't be more pleased! Out of that total mileage, at least 400 miles have been logged off-road, from severely rutted dirt roads to sand dunes to rock crawling up dry creek beds. In the course of three months, I have had my vehicle at elevations ranging from 9,300 feet, in Colorado, to -100 feet, hear the Salton Sea in California. I have ranged in temperatures from -20F in upstate New York to well over 100F in southern Arizona. Through all of this, the 300Tdi has simply excelled. It fires up with a flick of the ignition, regardless of the conditions, and runs all day without missing a beat.
The power delivery on the road is at least equivalent to the V-8, but the torque is absolutely unparalleled! It blows the V-8 away! As you said, the torque is low in the power band, too, so I now enjoy nearly idling over the most demanding obstacles off-road, and not having to worry about "revving it up." It took a little getting used to, but the Tdi simply pulls down and lugs through whatever you put in front of it. The 4.11 gearing makes a big difference in low range, too, even with the auto transmission. By the way, I think the 300Tdi with automatic transmission makes a great package; it's a dream to drive.
While the engine is still breaking in, I am already approaching 20 mpg, and I increase my range with every tank full. I am also amazed at how the engine cools when idling, even on a triple digit day in Arizona! The 300Tdi is simply fantastic in every regard. I wouldn't consider driving anything but a Tdi now for off-road use. I am sold!
I also wanted to comment on the excellent work all of you did on my vehicle. You treated it like it was your own. I have crawled over and under her and keep seeing telltale signs of the attention to detail that you put into my truck. Everything you worked on is better than factory; it's that simple. The paint, the electrics, and the mechanics are all perfect; my thanks to Chris, Ian and Mike M. for their efforts, too. You all make a great team. Everything it tight.
Finally, I would like to mention that doing business with you was a real pleasure. You delivered on every promise, and in most cases went beyond what you promised, even though I was over three thousand miles away. Your customer service should be a model for all businesses. Mike S., your recommendations were all right on the mark, and I don't regret a single decision we made. You didn't steer me wrong. My D90 is now a world-class vehicle, and I am proud to show her off!
Rest assured, you will be my ONLY source for any serious work on my Defender, or any other Rover I own. I know now, if a Land Rover has been in your shop, it's worth owning. This project was the best money I ever spent, and it was worth every penny! You have my sincerest thanks for everything. You have a customer and a friend for life!
Best regards,
Frank R. Motley, Jr.

(AZ, via letter regarding his recent 300 Tdi conversion and upgrades on his 1997 Defender 90 Wagon)

Dear ECR,
Thank you so much for the expert repair to my SIII 88. It looks perfect, was done very close to the estimate and you completed it so quickly!
Barry Polonsky
(ME, via email in regards to his recent minor crash repair on is RHD SIII 88)

D90 is here. I'm thrilled to have it back. Everything appears to be very well done and a very nice job. Thank you for your diligence, patience and a job well done. I'll get back to you closer to summer if I'm able to get the 109" up there.
Eric Evans
(FL, via email regarding his 1997 Defender 90 Wagon galvanized frame swap)

Just wanted to let you know that I received my Land Rover and have been enjoying it very much! I must say, it rides, handles and sits much better then I remember it! Thank you for doing such a great job and maybe I can work out a time for it to go back up to have the last remaining details completed.
Thanks so much!
Jonathan Highfield
(VT, via email about his recent Series IIA 88 frame swap and parabolic upgrade)

Dear Mike,
The 300 Tdi conversion to my Defender 110 has performed flawlessly over the seven thousand miles I've racked up in the last two months. It is smooth, plenty powerful and quiet. I'm getting around 550-600 miles to a tankful of fuel. Except in the wildest of areas, I'm not even carrying extra fuel anymore. Although it has an attractive diesel tone to it from the outside, it is not perceptively noisier with the 300 Tdi than it was as an NAS V-8. The freedom from having to carry gasoline cans on the outside of the vehicle has eased my mind both on and off road from a safety standpoint. The Dormobile camper body conversion that you installed is fabulous. I have lived in it for up to 13 days in "comfort" while on expedition. It is amazing how much can be done with a limited space if it is well thought out and executed. I have 2 bunks, refrigerator/freezer, sink, hot shower, 115 volt and 12 volt power and self contained water, in addition to ample storage for supplies and equipment. All is securely restrained for off-road use. You were able to accomplish this while still retaining 2/3 of my back seat and my dogs appreciate this as they are frequent travelers with me. The vehicle is well done and beautiful in appearance. It gets compliments and thumbs up everywhere I go. Because of time constraints, I had to ask you to "outfit" the vehicle for me. Other than food, the set up and equipment were all that I needed for the Border to Border trek to Labrador in August '01. I was nervous as I had always outfitted the vehicle and prepped it myself. Your experience showed, however, as I had no problems. There were failures and breakdowns on the trek, but they didn't involve my vehicle. I would be remiss if I didn't comment on the fine treatment and service I received from you. Again, due to time constraints, I had to fly into Portland airport and leave immediately from there on the Border to Border trek. Ian and Chris brought the vehicle to the airport for me and went over its operation and features with me at length. The only "squawk" was a burned out power supply in my ARB refrigerator/freezer when I took delivery. You had already discovered the problem, diagnosed it, and were able to overnight the part in. Chris then drove 2 1/2 hours each way the next night, met me in northern Maine on the trek and installed the part while in the parking lot. Total downtime on the refrigerator: 36 hours. That is service! Please express my appreciation to those I have left out of this letter. I know this took a great deal of effort by your whole team.
Paul G. Sipe

(PA, via email about his recent Defender 110 Tdi conversion and expedition set up)

Dear Mike,
It has been two weeks since you delivered our D90 to Manchester after what amounted to an almost complete rebuild. Iam writing to express my appreciation and thanks for the very high quality work and the flexibility which you and your team showed throughout the design/construction phase. As with most projects there were numerous changes along the way, and each was handled in a helpful and positive manner.
The end product is a fantastic piece of machinery which is a direct result of your input and experience. Most importantly, there were no surprises along the way and it was fun doing business with you.
Thanks and best regards,
Stephen Kasnet
(MA, via letter about his 300 Tdi Defender 90 and numerous upgrades)

My "new" 1991 Range Rover arrived on Friday. I took a small trip to Canada to check it out. Everything is as advertised and more! I am extremely happy with my purchase and would recommend you to anyone without hesitation.
Thanks again,
James Kerr
(NY, via email about the used 1991 Range Rover he purchased sight unseen from ECR)

ECR staff,
I made the 7 1/2 hour journey after I picked up the Rover from ECR w/o problems. Thanks very much ECR. You guys did well by me. I am truly pleased with the work done.
Brian Stanislaus
(NJ, via email about some recent service work to his Range Rover Classic)

Mike and staff-- Thanks for the great work you guys have done on the Rover. It runs great, and the steering is much tighter, and the CD player installation exceeded my expectations. My son Brian did add two rear speakers and an amp so the set up really rocks. I can't get him out of the Rover to drive it myself. See you next year for the annual servicing.
Jim Kautz
(ME, via email about his recent ECR service and upgrades to his Late IIA 88)

Hi Mike and crew,
I wanted to drop you a line now that I've put about 1500 miles on the new Gen2 Pursuit 4.6 to let you know that this engine is truly fantastic. Pushing 33" tires and lots of gear at Colorado altitude kept the 3.9 in my Range Rover limited to about 45mph trying to cross the Continental Divide, but now I can easily hold 65mph and keep up with traffic no problem. This engine is very smooth and has gobs of torque off the line and for rock crawling. An even better surprise is that I'm getting 2-3mpg better than the old engine!
My hats off to you and your team. You guys did an excellent job of handling this work and getting the truck back out to me in Colorado just in time for "wheelin' season". The level of quality that goes into your work is impeccable. Your Gen2 Pursuit 4.6 just turned the truck I'd been dreaming about into reality. Thanks again.
Marc Richardson
(CO, via email about his off road modified Range Rover with ECR installed 4.6)

Mike- The red 88 is here and she is gorgeous. Too nice in fact... I've got that "new car panic" about letting her out of the garage. I'm not supposed to have that with a Rover! ECR's work definitely lives up to its claims (its a nice surprise to find a company where that does exist). You can count on having the Rover back at the shop for further work over the years (when the wallet and the imagination are in mild agreement that is!)
I am very happy with how I was treated as a customer. You are great about returning emails and answering questions. For me that's a big deal. You passed on all of the information that I needed and your suggestions were much appreciated and very worthwhile. I also appreciate that completing the work correctly and completely (including road testing the final work) is your driving force rather than being quick and sloppy while moving Rovers through a shop as fast as possible. It shows when you finally stare at the completed 88 and turn the key! There is nothing that I have seen or experienced (quality or care) with the red 88 purchase and refurb. that gives me any hesitation in having ECR build up the Island rover for us. For me, that is another pleasant surprise.
Jon Grant
(MA, via email about his recently refurbished Series IIA 88 soft top)

ECR: I found your team very patient with a novice Roverfile. My endless questions were answered with balanced responses and sound advice. The quality of the end product was as advertised, top notch. The vehicle upgrades were carried out as agreed and deliver the performance promised. The parts and materials used seem of the highest quality and the labor hours certainly within reason. The communication along the way was excellent, by both web and phone. The progress being posted on your site is a real differentiator. I will be back for more! Please add my name and number to your reference list. I am already bragging about you guys when I get into the countless conversations this vehicle provokes.
James K. Kelly
(NY, via email about his recently refurbished Coil Sprung, 5 speed, Series IIA 88 Station Wagon)

Mike: What can I tell you about my 1967 Land Rover except that it is the best recent addition to my life. I never thought that owning a vehicle that was older than I was could be so much fun - but it is. I have more faith in the capabilities of this automobile than I have in my 2000 Land Rover, and more importantly, a greater appreciation for the simple things in life. You and your team have been and continue to be outstanding. As a first time vintage owner, I felt incredibly naive about the purchasing process. With your continued patience and in-depth knowledge, I was able to make all of the desired modifications to my Rover - and will no doubt continue to do so over the years. Your email tutorial on how to drive the vehicle, as well as your phone accessibility gave me enormous comfort. I look forward to what will undoubtedly be a growing Vintage Rover collection, and thank you for your tireless efforts. Who ever said girls and trucks didn't go well together.
Best Regards,
Shelli Breidenbach
(NY via email regarding her recently purchased and upgraded ECR SIIA 88)

Hi Mike,
Just got back from a trip to the States. The 88 is awesome. You guys did a great job.
Joe Bulbulia
NY and New Zealand, via email about his ECR refurbished V8, 5 speed, coil Series IIA 88)

Hello Mike,
Now that I have spent some time on the road with "Blue Boy"
(the owner's ECR restored 109), I can truely appreciate the vehicle. You can definately see the similarities between the 109 and my past D90. No mistaking the lineage of the vehicles. I am totally impressed with the workmanship especially given the many special work order requests such as stuffing a 4.0 liter engine into a 1967 vehicle and still having it look totally stock. Plus all the other extras you did to make a truely one of a kind vehicle. Besides the obvious way cool look of a 109, the Rover really performs well. Probably just seat of the pants, yet seems quicker than the D90. Plus the paint work is incredible. Much better than the D90's. Glad we went with the enclosed carrier for transport. Having the red and yellow knobs for the (full time LT230) transfer case controls really completes the interior look. And the stereo rocks even with the windows open! It was also great to be able to watch the vehicle come together on the web. Made you feel part of the process. When you consider all the special work that had to be accomplished, it really took a short amount of time to finish it. ECR truely is like the past great coachwork companies like Fisher when everything was done by hand. That type of quality and skill is almost a thing of the past. ECR keeps the tradition alive and well. You were right. The D90 was a nice Rover. The 109 is just an awesome Rover. Great job and look forward to many happy years with the new Rover addition. Even the 4-paw Rovers like the back seat and now we have room for all of the "stuff"!
Take care and regards to all.
Jim Thompson

(OK, via email about his recently delivered ECR full restoration and custom work on a 1967 SIIA NADA 109 Station Wagon)

Just got into the office after driving the D90 down from ECR last night-- I actually stayed at an airport hotel in Portland and did the rest of the drive today. Very impresssed, well done all around. I'm partcularly pleased with the paint job, which looks absolutely seamless. Unbelieveable. I only wish it didn't take an accident to see how well you guys do structural repairs.
thanks so much for your consistently excellent work.
Bill Bodie
(MD, via email about his ECR 5.2 powered Defender 90 service and accident repair)

The driver delivered the 110 Sat. morning, we were certainly excited. It is just how you described... My son and I spent all day detailing the truck (which it sure needed) and went thru it pretty well. It now looks great. I really appreciate all the help you and your people provided, it was a little scary buying site unseen.
Thanks again for your help.
Marshall White
(FL, via email about his Defender110 he had just purchased from ECR)

Greetings ECR!
Thank you for all the good work on the 110. The car looks and runs great. After all your upgrades and repairs, we felt confident heading into a long journey. We chalked up 850 highway miles since leaving Maine on Friday. We managed to put a couple hours of off roading in before hitting the highway. I tried to get it stuck in order to test out the new winch, but I failed. Even with the average tires, we couldn't get the Land Rover stuck in the rocky terrain- Perhaps another day.
Thanks again.
Sean O'Hollaren
(MD, via email about his recent Off Road Upgrades and service work to his NAS Defender 110)

Dear Mike: I am pleased with all that you have done... I am sure I'll continue to be pleased.
I am looking forward to driving my NEW truck.
Bob Ackland
(VT, via letter about his fully refurbished Late IIA 88)

Dear ECR,
Thanks again for completing my Rover just in time for Rover Fest. We had a great time. The truck ran very well, making the trip a pleasant drive. Excellent job with all upgrades, repairs, and maintenance work.
P.S. My (previously skeptical) wife now wants a D90.
Ed Hart
(CT, via email about his recent Range Rover Off Road Upgrades and general service)

Mike and the whole gang; I have been meaning to write and let you know how much Patty and I enjoyed the rover on our vacation this year. We left Wrangell and went up through the Yukon Territories over the Northwest Territories down through Alberta and then through the northern part of British Columbia. The total trip was 4100 miles in two weeks and two days. The Landrover worked great. The coils worked great and gave a much smoother ride. The five speed was a god send for running on the road (1500 which was gravel) and up and down the hills with a fully loaded 88 with camping equipment and 4 fuel cans on the back. The Rover really draws a crowd where ever you go. We would stop and look at something and have a crowd around it when we came back. One guy even passed us and then turned around and came back to stop us on the road. He said, "I thought they quit building these". When I told him it was a 1969 model he could not believe it. I could fill the page with all the good comments I got on the looks of the rover. All in all a good trip and we are very pleased with all the good work you guys did on the rover.
Brian Gilbert
(Alaska, speaking via email about his recently restored Series IIA coil 88)

I'm new to the Land Rover Family, as I just bought a Series II Discovery, I've been surfing the web trying to find out more and more as I go along, and I have to say: you guys/gals have one of the best web sites out there for anything!!! Easy to navigate, great pics, great narratives, trek expeditions written like good books, genuine through and through!! Anyway, I won't waste your time since I know you've got work to so, but let me say, that when the time comes for my off-road upgrade, there's no question who'll be doing it.... East Coast Rover!!!!
John Sabra
(via email)

Thanks a lot. By the way, I don't know if I mentioned this already, but the truck is fabulous, to look at, to drive... Simply fabulous.
Pascal B.
(CO, Talking about his recently built ECR Defender 110 Hi-Capacity pick up)

Thanks for the great work. The ride home was quite enjoyable... I am very pleased with the quality and service I received through this entire upgrade. I will enjoy your enhancements to my truck for many, many years.
Joe Gross
(CT, speaking via email about his Defnder 90 Stage III 4.6 conversion)

I purchased a 4.6 Stage III from you last summer and put it in my 1989 Range Rover... what a difference!.... been to the top of 12,000 ft mountain passes with power to spare... Many Thanks!
Win Rice
KS, via email)

109 arrived!!! It's awesome. Have to work a few more hours so can't go playing around in it just yet-- time won't go quickly enough.
John Bartram
(NY, talking about his recent 109 purchase with parabolic suspension from ECR)

Mike and Staff,
The conditions we experienced and the way the Rover handled them is really a testimony to the vehicle and the quality of the restoration, numerous complements throughout the trip. Job well done.
Peter MacElroy
(PA. Reflecting on his recent trip from the UK to South Africa in an ECR SIIA 88)

Hello Mike,
Trip home really nice. Went through NH and VT. as British Invasion happening in Stowe, saw antique car ride through town. Many Rovers en route.
Our Rover ran flawlessly and the power is incredible. Even with the probably overloaded vehicle, we cruised effortlessly at 70-75 mph on the highway without the constant downshift.
The workmanship is tremendous and without peer. That new suspension might be in order for 2000! I'll email once back in Japan.
James Thompson
(Japan, speaking about his Stage III 4.6, lockers and other upgrades to his 1993 LWB Range Rover)

Thanks for the great tow-bar. It came out great! As per your usual fine standards.
Sam Brooke
(ME. Custom AAA Yellow coil 88 and a tow bar for his Range Rover 4.0SE)

Dear ECR,
I wanted to thank you again for your kindness and assistance after my accident.
Without your help Friday night, I would not have been able to start the salvage operation on the QE 1. Thanks for making the trip out on Friday night.
Thank you again for your thoughtfulness and support.
Jeffrey B. Aronson
(ME. Paint job, crash repair, and numerous jobs on a SIIA 88)

Dear ECR,
We have already thoroughly enjoyed the truck and could not be more pleased with the outcome. I think we are still amazed at the transformation that the truck has undergone since January, We cannot thank you enough for all of the effort that has gone into our vehicle; we never imagined that so much attention would be paid to detail and to our budget, as well. I certainly hope that I can be of assistance in spreading the word about East Coast, please feel free to refer potential customers etc. to me, I would enjoy sharing with them all of the aspects of this experience illustrating what a first class operation you guys run. I honestly cannot tell you how impressed Julie and I have been with your level of expertise and professionalism. We look forward to many future transactions.
Take care,
S. Mark Williams
(CT. Series IIA 88 frame swap and mechanical refurbish)

Boy when you said that there was a LOT more performance in the Turner Engineering 2.25 petrol than in my old 2.25 diesel, you weren't kidding. No smoke, no blowing oil, no noise (to speak of), can reach a highway speed- it has everything. I actually made it back to PA in one day from Freeport- about 700 miles. I am one very satisfied customer! It performed PERFECTLY on the trip- couldn't have been better. Thank you very much. I'll happily sing your praises to anyone who'll litsen, and some who won't.
Brooks Pomper
(PA. Speaking about his recent engine conversion by ECR via email)

Hey ECR,
Thanks for all of your help!
Thanks for all your good work!
Thanks for all your good advice!
Ken Kumpe
(NC. Purchase and refurbish work on a SIIA 88)

This SIIA 109 recently imported from the UK was in a while back for service for everything from a new cylinder head, some wiring and gearbox seals.
Dear ECR,
I was meaning to write you sooner to thank you for working on my Landy. I sincerely notice the difference in the truck's performance and lack of leaks. Thank you very much...
Paul Kurusac
(VT, mechanical work on SIIA 109)

"almost showroom perfect"
"This Old Truck" magazine, March/ April 2000
Speaking of an ECR restored 88 that had already been on expedition from Londo to Africa! Imagine if he had seen it before it left!

Thanks for the personal service.
Dr. Lloyd Miller
(MA. Restoration of a SIII, frame swap on a SIII Hi-Cap and more)

Mike Smith and the staff of ECR:
Thanks for the great "off road" experience on Sunday. We have already received so many positive comments especially about the professionalism and detailed knowledge of the product by the ECR staff. We plan to do it again in the future. Thanks.
Ed Flynn, General Manager Land Rover Scarborough
(ME. "Wheels" event hosted by ECR for the dealership)

I gave the D90 a really good detailing, and then last Saturday took it to Hazelton, PA to go off-roading. I had to meet the group at a diner there at 10:00am so I was traveling down route 80 pretty fast, and actually saw the speedometer reading over 100mph once and 95 mph a few times. That must be a worlds record for a D90!!!
Thanks again for doing such a nice job, the car is better than I ever thought it could be.
Bill Burtis
(NY. D90 Stage III 4.6 upgrade and off road upgrades)

Hey Guys,
The Tdi is COOL!
Ed Bear
(ME. On his recently delivered ECR 300 Tdi Defender 110)

Hi Mike,
Foremost, please thank everyone involved for a real good job on the D90 this past Tuesday! Everything moved along quickly and came out just as we spoke. I appreciate it.
Joe Hosmer
(ME. Off road upgrades to '97 D90)

Mike and ECR,
The attitude in Northern Tanzania seems to be if your not in a Rover your not Rovin'. I have never seen so many Series Rovers in my life. 100's every day crossing rivers, slugging through mud (door high) and roads?? worse than you showed me. The Series IIA just keep on. Great job men.
Peter MacElroy
(PA. From a post card sent during his drive of an ECR 88 from London to South Africa)

I thought I had seen every rover related web page... just found yours and it is by far the most informative and entertaining!
Posey Hedges
(TN. via email)

It's Ken Kumpe from North Carolina. The 62 IIA I bought from you guys is still running great with only a few problems over the last couple of years. It's been everything you promised it would be and then some.
I keep up through your web page on a regular basis and I am very glad (but not surprised) you guys continue to "hit it over the center field fence." I am still both grateful and amazed at the level of assistance and service you provided me throughout my experience with ya'll. Not all Series Rover owners I run into have had the same experience as I did--- thanks again.
Ken Kumpe
(NC years after he purchased an 88 from ECR and ECR did a bit of work to it)

I've been putting a lot of thought into my long range plans for my Rover which produced in a laundry list of what-if, should-I and how-about questions. And who better to discuss them with but the folks at East Coast Rover.
Since my job took me to Rockland today, I returned South via Rt. 90 and made a stop at ECR arriving about 1. After checking the stock in the dooryard, I walked inside with my list. I was met by one of the guys from the garage (I regret I did not ask his name). I told him I didn't want to interrupt him if he was busy but I had some questions. Now, I must tell you that I carry some authority in the commercial fishing industry and because I was on the job at the time, this poor guy, while pleasant, had no clue as to what I'd want.
As soon as I said I have a '69 88, I could see him light right up and was more than happy to answer and discuss everything on my list. We talked for several minutes, while he helped me decide what to do with my Rover. I would have kept there for hours but for his partner sticking his head out and asking for some help-- when he was free, no rush. It seem that TALKING Rovers is nearly as important as WORKING Rovers.
Just had to toss Kudos to not only a great business attitude, but to the enthusiastic and helpful staff.
Scott Worthing
(ME, via email)

"Peter MacElroy's beautifully restored 1965 SIIA was prepared by East Coast Rovers"
The Fairlead, The Newsletter for R.O.V.E.R.S.

More letters and emails come in after every project!
Let ECR is know if we can help you and make you "one satisfied customer!"

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