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SIII resto.
Custom 1973 Series III restoration. Coil chassis, Defender look,
Discovery wheels, etc. Delivered 11/95 Owner: Sam Brooke, ME
Before Photo

SIIA 88 resto.

Stock 1965 Series IIA restoration. Built to the owner's specifications
2.25 gas, interior sleeping/ storage bed, etc. Delivered 12/96 Owner: Peter McElroy, PA
This 88 has now completed its trip from London to South Africa and it did flawlessly.
Thanks to the ECR prepared Series IIA!
Project and Before Photo

Stock and Custom Vintage Land-Rover restorations are the focus of ECR. Our standards of restoration far exceed most "garages". When we say "restoration" we mean it. It isn't a term we toss around with any Land-Rover that recently got new seats and a paint job. A restoration takes lots of work, and a frame up rebuild of every nut and bolt in the vehicle. One of our Land-Rovers recently won "Best Original Rover" at the Atlantic British Rally. That is pretty good considering that very Rover was in terrible condition when it arrived here at the facility on a flatbed truck; however, a few months later, it is winning awards! Our reputation is second to none, and our recommendations from quality companies like Rovers North and our past customers, keeps us pushing ourselves to "always make the next Rover even better!" If you are serious about getting a new stock or custom Land-Rover contact ECR, or better yet stop by and check out our facility and workmanship. We urge you to do the same with our so called competitors. We know you'll end up part of the ECR family.
Any type of custom work you can imagine we can do for you. Our ability to custom build the Land-Rover you desire puts us at the top of our field. Regardless of whether you want V8 power, a roll cage, custom paint work, an automatic gearbox, or just a winch... we are your source. We build the Rovers that Land-Rover never built. No one else can combine the best of vintage Rovers with modern technology like ECR. Call us and we'll discuss the restored Land-Rover that is right for you.

This page will take you through our typical restoration process, from donor vehicle to finished one of a kind Land-Rover.

All our restorations start with a "donor" Rover. We can easily supply you with this base vehicle if you don't have a Land-Rover already.

donor 88

First the base vehicle is taken apart down to the last nut and bolt. Each part is evaluated for condition and either restored or discarded to be replaced with new. Engines and gearboxes are removed and stripped to bare blocks and casings, hot tanked, and restored. Old wiring and upholstery is removed, and the galvanized steel pieces of the Rover are taken off, stripped, and sent to be re-galvanized for later installation.

rear body work

We then take the body parts that need to be restored or modified to our new 1600 sq. ft. paint and body shop located here at the facility. New panels are installed to fit each custom vehicle's needs.

bulkhead jig

The bulkheads are installed on our "jig" that makes sure any needed repair panels that are installed are exactly the way the factory intended them. This assures a perfect fit of all the other body panels during the assembly process. After any custom fabrication is carried out, such as modifying a bulkhead for a Rover V8, or other type of engine...

Paint work

all the body parts go to our paint facility to be chemically stripped to bare metal, primed, and painted in the color of your choice. As the engines and gearboxes are being restored to new condition, we bring in the "backbone" of the new Land-Rover, a new galvanized steel frame. (In this case a coil chassis)

coil chassis

We then assemble all the suspension and other frame mounted components in readiness for the new drive line.

Body work

When all the tolerances are set, and the drive line installed, we test fit the major body panels to make sure of a perfect fit.


At this point the bulkhead is installed and we begin to put the new parts in place. We install the wiring harness, brake lines, clutch system, dash board parts, exhaust, etc. at this time and test what we can. The remained of the bodywork is also installed at this stage.

roof resto.
In this image you can see that we go as far as taking the drip edge off the roof and painting the roof inside and out. We then hot dip galv. the drip edge and install it to the newly restored roof panel with the proper crush rivets, and a marine sealant to eliminate those old "rover leaks".

Panel work

Once the majority of the body is assembled, and all the systems are bench tested, the Rover gets its final modifications. Items such as fender flares, winches, etc. are added, and then it is ready for the interior.


We install new headliners, seats, door and roof panels, jump seats... the works. At this time we also do any custom sound system installations and other items the new owner may want inside the Rover. When all these processes come together and testing proves that the Rover is ready, its time to deliver this NEW 1972 Series III Land-Rover to the new owner. We have clients as far away as Hawaii, and as close as down the street, but this particular Series III will be shipped to its owner in MA for another few decades of faithful service.
Miller 88 SIII

This is the completed Series III 88. It was custom built for the owner from the donor vehicle you have seen in the photos above. This Rover was fully restored by ECR and delivered 10/97 to its owner: Lloyd Miller. It has a new galv. coil chassis, 4 wheel power disc brakes, Warn x8000i winch, Defender look package, custom stereo, and a 4.0 liter engine.

As you can see we take our restorations very seriously. These are not just a paint jobs and new seats on an original Rover like the other shops. We are remanufacturing these Land-Rovers from the chassis up, and they are nearly 100% new! Check out our so called restoration competition, and you'll find, like all our clients have... there is no restoration better or more complete than an ECR one. Contact ECR if you need further information about our restored Land-Rovers.

What does a Land-Rover that has been truly restored look like?
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To see one of our "resto-mod" Series Land Rovers, go here.
"Resto-mod" means blending old and new to make a better vehicle.

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