Please note: ECR safari cages and roll bars are custom built and installed to each vehicle, here at ECR, in our facility only.
We do not offer any mail order safari cages, roll bars, or cage parts.

ECR's full fabrication department can build anything you can imagine. One thing we get asked to build often are roll cages for all type of Land-Rovers. We can build anything from a Defender 110 style safari cage for your 1964 Series IIA 109, or a custom roll cage and roof rack system for you 1997 Defender 90, or even an interior roll cage for your Discovery. The only limitation is your imagination. All our roll cages are frame mounted for safety and made from thick wall seamless pipe. They can be powder coated or painted to match your Rover by ECR's paint shop. If you want to feel a little safer in your soft top 88, or want a rally look for your Range Rover feel free to contact ECR.

The roll bar above was built for a recent ECR Defender 110 Hi-Capacity pick up. The roll bar is frame mounted for strength, fully welded and incorporates a locking gas can rack on either side, as well as a support for a large recovery gear storage box in the middle. For more information on this Defender 110 project go here!

How about a 6 point, frame mounted, full external cage for your 101 Forward Control! For more info on this cage go here!

The image above shows an in progress image of a 4 point, fully frame mounted, external cage for a 1970 Series IIA 88. For more images of that ECR custom built cage go here!

Go here
for images of this SIIA soft top 88 with 4 point, frame mounted, internal cage with inertia shoulder belt mounts and interior light all built in by ECR.

ECR can handle any roll bar or safari cage you can imagine. Feel free to call, fax, or email with your needs.

A recently built roll cage for a Series IIA 88 is a good example of how ECR works with the customer to give them exactly what they want. The customer wanted a roll bar for safety, wanted it frame mounted, but he wanted to be able to switch between his hard top and his soft top without having any trouble or issues with the roll bar. No problem for ECRs fabrication department, this is how the project went:

With the hard top removed we take all the needed dimensions to allow for both hard and soft tops. The main hoop is bent up and the support bars fabricated.

With the main hoop in place the feet of the roll bar are made. The roll bar bolts through the body (no large holes are cut in case you ever want to remove it) and a sister bracket is made from below the tub to the frame.

This is a detail of the frame support bracket that reaches from the frame up to the body, and then bolts directly to the roll bar for true roll over protection. Once the roll bar is test fit, it is removed and then fully tig welded for strength in all the welds. The roll bar is then sent to our paint department for painting in our new spray booth. In this case it was painted black at the customer's request.

After the paint is baked in our bake booth the roll bar is installed and the details done. In this image you can see some of the customer's other requests. The roll bar works with the hard top, with no top, or with the full soft top. We also installed a work light in the middle of the roll bar and wired it into the exiting interior light switch. That way the 88 still has an interior light even when it has a soft top, or no top at all.

This 88 also had upgraded inertia seat belts that the customer wanted to be able to use even when the top was off, so the roll bar doubles as a support for the seat belt reel and the shoulder pivot point. That way you can have inertia belts no matter what top you have on the Rover. The seat belts system works all the time and does not depend on the top for anything.

The completed roll bar looks great in the 88, is fully functional and holds everything from seat belts mounts to an interior light for the answer to the problem that the customer was faced with. It meets all the demands that he set forth, and because it is frame mounted it will protect the passengers if the worst was to happen.

This is just one example of our roll cage and safari cage work, other examples can bee seen throughout the ECR web site and on Rovers across the USA.|

All our cages can be built to your exact specifications, so let your imagination run wild.

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