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DEFENDER 110 Station Wagon

The images below document one such build up of an ECR Station Wagon (or 5 door). 4.6 EFI V8, automatic

This ECR Defender 110 is being built as all ECR 110s are: To the customer's exact specifications, and by hand here at ECR. As with all ECR 110s, the project starts out as a new galvanized chassis (seen above). The chassis is then set up with axles and drivetrain. In this case that means that this chassis will be getting a Pursuit 4.6 liter Rover V8, an automatic gearbox, 24 spline axles and a Salisbury rear disc brake rear axle. This Coniston Green 5 door 110 with a Satin Black safari cage will be a real show stopper.

In this image you can see that the drive train has been installed, and with 275 hp from the Pursuit 4.6 this 110 will not be under powered in any way. We have also installed the bulkhead, basic wiring and the front fenders (they are protected by the black fabric you see so the paint stays flawless) This 110 also gets a full winter ECR package and that means a heater intake snow guard, heated windscreen and more.

Here you can see the heart of this 110, the Pursuit 4.6 in the nearly completed engine bay. Fully controlled by the latest GEMS system engine management for power and ease of use, the 4.6 will pump out roughly 275 hp and over 300 ft. lbs of torque. It will also have 4 wheel disc brakes, with vented rotor up front to stop after you let off the gas. All this with the smoothness of the automatic gearbox means a truly great 110.
Keep in mind as you look at these ECR 110s that the factory never built these vehicles. Land Rover never produced a 4.6 liter, automatic Defender 110, only ECR 110s can be set up in these ways as they are custom built to your needs. These aren't copies, they are vehicles that even Land Rover never offered.

This image shows the HD Salisbury rear axle with disc brakes installed on the 110s galvanized chassis. You can also see the rear sway bar and fuel system going into place. This 110 has front and rear sway bars, unlike the NAS 110s that only have rear bars, so it will handle like a dream with its Bilstien shocks and upgraded suspension.

In this image you can see the rear body starting to come together. The rear tub and T supports have now been installed on the galv. frame. At ECR all the T supports and other steel parts are fully isolated from any alloy, and the parts are painted inside and out, top and bottom for a long lasting 110, unlike the factory's exterior only style of paint work.

The 110s roof panel has been fully painted in correct Alpine White and is ready for assembly onto the body.
Notice that all the options have been fitted, rear window washer, extra sound dampening materials, sunroof and alpine window.

Here you can see the roof sides have been installed, and that the 110 is almost ready for its roof. Please excuse the ugly old steel wheels... we just use them to move the 110 around the shop. The new alloy wheels and radial tires are saved until road testing starts near the end of the project.

With the rear body starting to come together, we have now finished the engine bay, seen above. The 4.6 Pursuit engine with over 275 hp looks right at home in the ECR 110 Station Wagon, and with a full NRP stainless exhaust from front to back, and performance catalytic convertors to breath through this 110 will really move, and sound great too.

In this image you can see that the rear bodywork is almost done. The roof is on, the safari cage in Satin Black has been installed and the side doors have been hung on the body. At this stage the project really starts to look like a 110 5 door.

This 110 has a host of options in store from Hella 4000 lights to a Warn 9000 winch and more. Here you can see the 4 roof mounted Hella 4000s, 2 pencil beams and 2 driving beams for a great light pattern. You can also see that the roof basket has now been installed., as well as all the trim and lights in the front bodywork.

In this image you can see the interior trim starting to take shape. This 110 has a heated windscreen, HD floor mats, HD seat covers on all seats and a number of other options to help it be a great performer in the winter months.

Here you can see the ARB winch mount bumper installed with its Warn 9000 winch, 2 more Hella 4000 lights and the wheels and tires now in place.

In this image you can see some of the lengths that ECR goes to to make a correct North American style 110. Notice the parking lights and rear lights are all correct NAS lights and look at home on this 110. Every aspect of the ECR 110s are built with this type of attention to detail. We leave nothing to chance, and make sure that everything is the way it should be... the right way.

There are still some small details and road testing to go before this beautiful ECR 110 Station Wagon can go to its new owners, but it is getting very close.

Now complete this 110 gets a final check of all systems and 500 test miles to make sure that everything is perfect prior to delivery to the customer. The images below will show you some of the details of this ECR 110 and some of its many options.

Starting at the front seat on the interior you can see the seat covers, the custom automatic shifter console and the full carpeting throughout this 110 Wagon.

Above the driver and passenger's seats is a factory style sunroof and all the correct padding for the roll bar, as well as all the correct interior trim and insulation to make this ECR 110 warm in the winter.

The middle row of seats look just as good with the matching seat covers and heavy duty floor mats. Also notice in these images that the 110 has all the correct interior trims and headliners. No corners are cut on ECR 110s.

The rear cargo area also has the optional 4 jump seats in this 110, and all seats have inertia style seat belts for safety. The rear jump seats also have the waterproof covers, and they give this 110 the ability to seat 9 with ease.

Some other options on this ECR 110 are a full stainless steel exhaust system, a rear ladder for access to the roof rack, tire cover and much more.

In this image you can see some of the many options we installed during the build up of this ECR 110. It has an ARB winch mount bumper with a Warn 9000 winch. It has 2 Hella 4000 driving lights on the bumper, and 4 Hella 4000 lights on the roll cage. The alloys wheels and full side steps finish off the bottom, while the full roof rack and safari cage (powder coated in satin black) finish off the top.

Left hand 3/4 view

Right hand 3/4 view

Front view.
Let ECR know if we can make your dream Defender 110 or 130 a reality, just as we did for this customer. Our only limitation is your imagination.

If you have Land Rover dreams you would like to see come to life, contact ECR, we can make them all come true no matter how mild or wild.

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