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Please be aware that ECR is now a Defender repair and modification shop only.
We no longer work on Range Rovers, Discos or Series Rovers.
These pages are from work we did in the past and left up for your enjoyment.

1995 Range Rover LWB
EAS (air suspension) conversion and upgrades

This stock Range Rover LWB has come to us from New Jersey for some upgrades, repairs and an EAS (Electronic Air Suspension) conversion to coil springs. For more information on what is possible with an EAS conversion go here. This Range Rover will also be getting a few nice upgrades and some general service to make it ready for anything the owner wants to throw at it.

One of the repair needed was that we needed to repair some damage to the Rover's fuel fill door. In the image above you can see we have removed the door, fixed the damaged and repainted it in the correct Roman Bronze. It now looks stock and like there never was any problem.

Once we completed the EAS conversion to coil spring the customer wanted to add some goodies. In the image above you can see we have removed the stock bumper and installed a new ARB winch mount bumper with a Warn 9000 winch and PIAA 80 driving lights. This really makes the Rover look better and adds a lot of function to the vehicle.

To control those new PIAA 80 lights we have wired in the PIAA supplied harness under the hood, but rather than add some goofy switch to the clean look of the '95 LWB's dash, we configured the factory fog lamp switch (shown above as the #2 switch) to trigger the aux. lights. This keeps everything looking clean and stock on the inside and means no added on wires inside the Rover.

Speaking of added on wires!!! When we opened the fuse panel to replace a blown fuse this is what fell out! This is the work of your typical cheap-o stereo/ alarm installer. This is an alarm and remote starter system that is installed so poorly that is has seriously damaged the Rover's main wiring harness and has even shorted out a couple of systems in the truck. We will be removing this mess in order to bring everything back to stock. As a side note, just for fun we left the "alarm" system armed when we removed it. We wanted to see just how good a costly alarm system would protect your vehicle. In about 5 seconds we had the system disarmed, then through the rest of the wiring removal the system never went off. Alarm systems are a waste of money. Use a brake pedal lock and a hidden kill switch if you really want to protect your car.

On the top of the Range Rover we installed a Brownchurch roof rack for a nice off road look and lots of added storage space. Next we'll move on to installing some more off road protection items and get the Rover ready to hit the trail.

To protect the doors and sills of the Rover we added a set of ECR ROX sliders. These sliders are made to be tough as nail, but they also have some style to them so that they blend in with the design of the Range Rover so they don't look like "add ons". Our sliders carry a lifetime guarantee, so you know they are tough. If you bend'em... We'll fix'em... Free. No small print, no bull.

Why is an ECR ROX slider better than the rest? They are stronger because we modify the body shell of the Rover to accept our sliders. The mail order/ bolt on units will work fine for most people, but if you really plan to use your sliders the mail order units are a joke. They'll bend and hit your doors in short order. In the image above you can see that in numerous locations we have added heavy duty reinforcements to the sill of the Rover so that the ECR ROX slider can be bolted on. We never assume that the standard thin sheet metal will hold up to an off road upgrade. The ECR ROX sliders are then bolted on with heavy duty hardware and painted in your choice of body color or satin black. We paint our sliders so that when you use them you can touch them up down the road. The powder coated sliders can not be touched up and the scratches associated with going off road will cause blisters and peeling of your powder coat. Powder coat is great for some things, but not for a rock slider.

At the front and rear of each slider we install Hi-Lift jack points so that off road recovery operations are a snap. These units are so tough you can use them to jack up the entire side of your vehicle. The Hi-Lift points make a secure spot for your jack and make it so that it won't "kick out" when under load.

The latest ECR ROX sliders for Range Rovers are even better than past versions. We now fully trim the inside of the door jam so that everything looks very stock. This new trim also fills a gap that existed between the body and the slider sot hat rocks and much won't end up on top of the slider so much. From a distance, or close up, it is very hard to tell that you have a set of ECR ROX sliders on your Range Rover, but when off roading they are tough as nails and ready for anything from the rocks of Moab to the muddy roots of Maine.

Speaking of rocks and roots... The main weak link for any Discovery or Range Rover off road is the rear mounted steering stabilizer and tie rod. The stabilizer and tie rod hang down as nearly the lowest points on the vehicle, so they are very easy to hit even when doing mild logging roads, let along hard core stuff. The image above shows the ECR ROX tie rod guard installed. It fully surrounds the Rover tie rod so that nothing can hurt it. The guard is so tough you can jack the vehicle up by it if you like. Our ECR ROX tie rod guard differs from the other mass produced units because we allow you the option of keeping your factory sway bar if you wish. You can see above that the factory sway bar is still in place on this 1995 LWB Range Rover. The other thing that makes or tie rod guards great is that we offer them for the later model air suspension cars as well as the earlier units.

To eliminate steering stabilizer problems we relocate the stabilizer to the front, and above the axle. This keeps the stabilizer out of harms way, just like on the Defender. We also make a heavy duty drag link, shown above, that is ultra tough and will take a hit in cause you misjudge the height of the obstacle in front of you. Combine that with the upgraded steering stabilizer from Old Man Emu and you have a combination that will do what you need off road and is even ready for the larger tires you may plan to install. We've also added a front diff guard to this Range Rover LWB for those "just in case" moments where a rock might harm the differential cover.
As you can see above, the lowest thing hanging down now is the diff guard and the ECR ROX tie rod guard. That means this RR is ready to hit the trail, and if it needs to grind over a rock or stump, nothing will be harmed. If you hit a rock of stump with your stock set up you'll to out your wheels and you'll be looking for a ride home, or at the very least a long trail side repair.

Here you can see the completed project. We've gone through and given the Rover a complete servicing from front to back, converted the sometimes troublesome air suspension to trouble free coil springs, made a number of needed repairs and also upgraded the Rover so that the new owner can have some fun off road without worrying about damage. All the items that we installed will work with the further off road upgrades that the customer may want down the road. None of our systems cause any problems with other upgrades. The Rover is now ready to head back to New Jersey for loads of on and off road fun. If you have Land Rover needs, from Series IIA to Range Rover Classic LWB, we are your source. Let us know if we can help make your Rover world class... just like this one.