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1995 NAS Defender 90 Soft Top #2128
Air Conditioning, Upgrades and Routine Servicing

This 1995 NAS (North American Specification) Defender 90 Soft Top (with fiberglass top fitted) has come to us from the point of purchase so that we can add a number of upgrades and complete a number of repairs before it gets put into service by its new owner. The truck has modest miles, about 86K, and is in pretty good shape for being a decade and a half old, but the new owner wants is ready to roll when it comes "home", and that isn't something you'll get when buying from a used car dealership. So to make sure the 90 is ready to go we will be adding a number of nice upgrades, installing Air Conditioning and giving the truck a complete once over with needed repairs.

One upgrade that all NAS Defenders should have, and one this 90 is getting, is to remove the factory oil cooler lines and replace them up upgraded stainless steel units that don't go anywhere near the hot exhaust manifold. The green arrow points to our latest version of the ROX oil cooler lines. They are not only far away from the exhaust manifold, and made out of race car grade materials, they are now sleeved in impact and abrasion resistant materials for the maximum protection. What happens if your NAS Defender doesn't have ROX oil cooler lines? Go here.

Inside the 90 we are adding a nice simple sound system with an Alpine head unit and two sets of JL Audio speakers. This set up has a direct iPod connection that is located in the cubby box so that you still have access to all your iPods music through the radio, but it remains locked up safe and sound in the cubby box.

Another nice upgrade going in this NAS Defender 90 is the addition of Air Conditioning. The A/C kits that ECR installs are all custom set up right here. We build our kits to work with all aspects of the 1994-1997 NAS Defenders. Our AC units go in like a factory installation. No goofy brackets, no oddball wiring, no hacked in systems. Our kits plug in directly to your existing wiring harness. No cutting of wires, no trying to run wires all over your Defender. Because we use all the factory connections that also means that your A/C system is tied into your EFI system so that there is no idle fluctuation as the compressor clutch turns on and off.

These images show a Defender 90 with our A/C installation while the EFI computer is hooked up the diagnostic computer.

As you can see the EFI system clearly knows when the compressor clutch is under load and when it is not and it adjusts the engine's setting as required to maintain a smooth idle in all conditions.
The other guys will tell you this is not required, but that is only because they don't know how to do it and we can't tell you how many of those systems we have to do fix so that the customer's Defenders did not have erratic idles. The factory systems all tied into the EFI system, so shouldn't your new system? We think it all should work as the factory intended, without cutting corners.

Here you can see the engine side of our A/C system. There are no oddball parts, everything looks factory and runs smoothly as it should. Our A/C line outlets are off the back of the compressor like they should be, unlike the other guys, so that the A/C hoses do not hit the hood prop and best of all is that we stock replacement parts for every aspect of the system, so if you need repairs down the road we will have the parts. If you need to stay cool in your Defender, we have you covered with a better engineered system than anyone else.

Along with the new AC system this D90 is getting some other nice upgrades, like an ECR ROX bumper and skid plate, topped off with 3x Hella 4000 lights and a Warn 9000 winch. This image shows the bumper set up going into place the the wiring for the lights taking shape.

Out back the 90 has been treated to a set of ECR LED lamps. These will end the problems with the factory 95-97 lamps once and for all and are even brighter so that the people behind you might be able to see you better.

Here you can see the project a little further along. The Rover is now in the process of getting a new R380 gearbox so that shifting will be nice and smooth. We have also removed the fiberglass top and will be fitting the 90 with an upgraded soft top with a side seal kit so that the leaks will be kept to a minimum.

This image shows the new taller rear bench seat that will be going into the 90 taking shape. The seat has been made here at ECR to have a higher back and twin headrests so that it is safer for kids in the back of the Defender. Now that the seat has been completed it is time to give it an upgraded ROX seat cover so that it can stand up to kids, dogs, whatever. Custom seats require custom seat covers and that will throw most places for a loop, but not here at ECR, because all this work is now done in house at ECR, so no request is too mild or wild.
Defender 90 rear seat
Here you can see the taller rear seat with the twin headrests and the ROX seat cover in place. If the cover gets filthy, just put it in the washing machine.

The twin headrests on this seat are adjustable and removable, so if you still want to fold the seat forward to carry some cargo, you simply remove the headrests and flip and fold the seat as you would the stock seat. The only difference is the back height so that it can be safer for kids and adults alike.

The front seats have received some matching ROX seat covers as well. Nice, sturdy protection with no logos for a nice subtle look.

Now back up and running after the new R380 gearbox install, the 90 has had the new side seal kit test fit and modified (No, they don't fit right out of the box) and those items are being powder coated for a nice finished look to the black top once it goes on.

Here you can see the new upgraded top installed, along with the new door seals and the side seal structure kit. The top not only looks better than the factory vinyl tops, but it is made from much better materials and will stand the test of time and weather.

This image shows the 90 getting the last few tweaks done before it heads off to NJ. As you can see the doors are off, this is because we are adding one last upgrade, new door hinges.

However, these are not the typical upgraded hinges that we normally install. The units we normally use are the hinges used on late model Defenders in Europe, but these new units go one step further. These are made from alloy and are CNC machined for exact tolerances and because they are alloy there can be no rust. The pivot is also grease-able, so if the hinges get stiff they can be lubricated, instead of thrown away like the original units.

Here you can see the new hinges installed on this 90. They look nearly stock, but the days of rusty hinges are gone, because these are alloy with a stainless steel pivot. The factory 1993-1997 NAS Defender hinges were terrible. The upgraded factory units were much better, but these units are the final cure to the common issue of rusted hinges. Stay tuned for more information on these hinges on this web site coming soon.

Here you can see the Defender ready to head back to NJ for family fun. The Defender has been fully serviced and checked out so that it will be truly turn key when it arrives home. The 90 also has a host of nice upgrades that enhance everything from looks to safety, comfort to off road ability. It doesn't matter if you need oil cooler lines installed, or a slightly longer list of items you want done (like one this NAS Defender 90) or if you want a full restoration. We can easily handle all your needs from mild to wild.

If you have dreams for your Defender, contact ECR. We'll be happy to make your Defender everything you want it to be... just like we did with this one.

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