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These pages are from work we did in the past and left up for your enjoyment.

1993 Range Rover LWB
Accident repair

This Range Rover LWB has come to us from Oklahoma with sad story. This Rover had a complete paint job by ECR and was shipped back out west for the owner to enjoy a few years ago. Unfortunately after a recent tire change at a local shop the left rear tire came off at highway speeds and lodged itself into the wheel well! The good news is that no one was hurt and that the damage can be repaired.

The image above shows the exterior damage. Obviously this messed up the quarter panel and beat the body end cap (the part that houses the tail light) into the rear bumper. Although we never like to see accidents happen, we are pleased to say that the ECR rear bumper on this Rover suffered no damage of any kind from this accident. The rear end cap got beat silly against it, but the bumper is in tact. Try that with the plastic end caps on your standard rear bumper!

As the tire flopped around in the wheel well at 55 mph it wrecked the rim, slashed the tire and even managed to grab the bolt for the seat belt bracket and rip the retainer plate out of the body shell. That is what you see hanging in the image above, the seat belt retaining bolt and its backing plate. We'll be cutting all this away and installing new steel and getting everything painted and back into shape.

In the images above you can see that we have removed the damaged seat belt retainer plate and have fabricated a new panel and welded it into the wheel well on the body shell. The area will now be prep'd and primed with epoxy primer and green top coat for a long lasting repair.

We also found that the stress on the wheel well. from the tire being loose in it, caused a crack at the bottom of the joint where the wheel well meets the body shell. As shown with the green arrow above. We pulled the body back into shape and welded the crack so that it can't spread. The entire area will now be primed and painted so that you'll never know the accident happened, although we bet the driver and passenger won't forget the ride anytime soon.

Here you can see that the new Genuine Land Rover quarter panel and end cap have been primed, painted and installed onto the Rover. The tail light assembly has been put back in and the only thing left is to install a new rubbing strip. You can also see that we have installed a new alloy wheel and a new tire to completely undo what the loose tire caused.

In the wheel well area we have fully primed and painted all the damaged areas, even the ones that the carpet will cover up, for a correct repair. The next step will be to put the interior items back together and get the Range Rover ready to head back to OK.

The nearly completed repair looks as good as new, and only a few experts in the world will ever be able to tell that the damage happened.

Here you can see the completed job. Everything looks like it should right down to the new rubbing strip on the new quarter panel.
Is that like your local body shop? Not a chance, but this level of quality and attention to detail is why Rovers come to ECR from across the country, like this Range Rover all the way from Oklahoma to get the job done right.

Speaking of getting the job done right... once we completed the body repairs the customer wanted us to go over the Rover and make it road ready for his trip back to OK. We found a number of problems that all related to work the customer had done at a local shop. We were able to take care of all the mistakes and get the Rover ready for its latest cross country journey. From the repair of a small fender bender to sorting out the damage from a tire coming off at highway speeds, we can help you get your Rover back into shape, and help make it world class... just like this one.
Upon the customer's return to Tulsa we got this note via email, "Trip back went very well and Rover ran great. Work as as usual perfect."

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