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Please be aware that ECR is now a Defender repair and modification shop only.
We no longer work on Range Rovers, Discos or Series Rovers.
These pages are from work we did in the past and left up for your enjoyment.

Series Land Rovers have always needed a 5th gear. In the past the problem has been solved by the use of overdrives and other bolt on equipment to your 4 speed. The problem is further compounded by the fact that Series gearboxes are not the toughest things around. The transfer cases are quite robust, but the gearboxes have been known to give owners some trouble. The good news is that you can solve all your gearbox worries in one shot with ECR's R380 5 speed conversion. If you are in need of more top end gearing but do not want to use an overdrive, or if your gearbox has problems and you are just looking for a replacement... we have you covered. The latest fully synchronized gearbox from Land Rover can now be fitted to your Series 88 or 109! This is the same gearbox used behind high torque Tdis and EFI V8s, so it will stand up to anything your 2.25 can dish out. The conversion bolts directly to the 2.25 and gives you all 5 speeds on one stick and no overdrive levers to clog up your tunnel cover.
Our conversion mates the latest generation R380 5 speed to the older style Series Rover part time transfer case. This set up will fit directly to the Rover 2.25 and you can retain the part time 4WD system and still get speed without going up to 3.54 gears or upgrading your transfer case gearing. You can use the set up in a number of applications. We use them in some cases when installing a Rover V8, or when a customer wants a 5 speed gearbox, but needs to retain a leaf sprung front (U-joint) axle. (overall length increases by roughly 4 inches)
Some modifications need to be made to fit this gearbox, it is not a bolt in operation.

Here is an example of just one of our 5 speed installs in an otherwise stock Series III 88":
Series III 88 Hard top

This SIII 88 came up from CT for a new gearbox. But what is better than a new gearbox? A new ECR 5 speed gearbox!

Here it is. A new R380 fully synchronized 5 speed gearbox (same style box used in Defender 90s and 110s) mated to the stock Series II/III part time transfer case via this adapter kit. This eliminates the need for problematic overdrives and gives you an ultra tough gearbox with all your gearbox speeds on one lever, and with ECRs conversion you can bolt it directly to your 2.25 engine! No more leaky gearboxes or crunching noises if you forget to double clutch your SIIA.

This is the R380 gearbox bolted into the SIII. A few more hours putting the floor and tunnel cover back in and it will be ready to go.
The owner of this 88 called a few days after the install was complete to express how much he enjoyed the 5 speed conversion. He said his trip back to CT was one of the best he had in the Rover.

In this image you can see the completed install, fully trimmed in a Series IIA 88 Station Wagon we recently converted to 5 speed. Notice the 4WD levers stay in the same location, and with our custom tunnel cover the new 5 speed shifter looks right at home.

If your gearbox is fine, then we suggest you fit an overdrive, unless you are looking for a tough 5 speed unit. If your gearbox and overdrive are in poor shape, then this conversion is a perfect repair for your Rover. If you are fitting a Rover V8, a Tdi or other high output engine into your Series Rover, leaf or coil, this conversion will solve all of your gearbox worries. We have done many many conversions and all have performed flawlessly.

5 speed adapter kit (plate, cluster gear, instructions, etc. Does not include R380 gearbox)
$ No longer available

The 5 speed set up does not allow for transfer case PTO units
** To fit the complete unit into your SIIA/SIII you can either move the transfer case 4" back, or you can move the engine 4" ahead.

We do not suggest the use of 3.54 differentials in 2.25 powered Rovers to gain highway speed as this changes the gearing too much and you will have trouble on hills and your off road crawl ratio will be raised too much. The same is true for high ratio transfer case upgrades. They are fine for a V8 or high powered engine, but do not work well with the 2.25 engine range.
For more information on diffs and transfer cases go here.

Let us know if we can help you with your gearbox needs. Stock gearbox or a 5 speed upgrade... ECR is your source!

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