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1994 NAS Defender 90
Frame swap and upgrades

This 1994 Defender 90 soft top has come to us for a long list of upgrades and a conversion. It will also be getting on of ECR's new galvanized chassis. The list of options and upgrades are long, with everything from a Phase 2 intercooler and an Old Man Emu lift kit going in, to additions like Air Conditioning and an updated soft top.

The first step in our frame swap process is to lift the body off the rolling chassis. Here you can see our unique system that allows us to change this D90 to a galvanized frame without having to take the entire Rover apart. The new galvanized hybrid chassis (available only from ECR) will combine all the unique safari cage and fuel tank mounts for the NAS Defender 90, and blend them with the needed mounts/. This gives the best of everything and will make sure that this D90 will be around for a long long time to come.

The next step is to tear down the rolling chassis. As we move the axles and suspension over to the new frame we will install new suspension bushings and fixing any other item that needs service. The running boards and all the other good parts from this chassis will be installed on the new galvanized unit.

This image shows the new galvanized chassis with some of the suspension being installed. ECR's new chassis combines everything that the unique NAS Defender chassis require, right down to the sway bar mounts and rear fuel tank.

Here you can see the new galv. chassis set up with most of the D90's running gear. The suspension has all new bushings installed and more. We also installed new Old Man Emu springs and Bilstein shocks, as well as an ECR HD tie rod guard and HD drag link. In the image above you can also see the exhaust system is in place. We utilize the NRP full stainless system that we combine with the new head pipe for a long lasting system. At this stage the new galvanized rolling chassis is ready to be rolled back under the Defender 90 and be hooked up.

In this image the body has been installed onto the new drive train and is ready to be bolted down and all the systems set up. Some other things have been added as well. Notice that the Air Cond. condenser has been installed in front of the radiator/ intercooler as well as the upgraded door gutter kit. We've also installed the running boards and numerous other additions at this time. Tie rod guard, OME steering stabilizer, wing top guards and ECR's turn signal conversion kit for use with the upcoming winch mount bumper.

Some of the other additions to this D90 while it is at ECR are a new rear tire carrier that gives you a place for your tire, 2 fuel cans and a Hi-Lift jack. The unit is also stronger than the factory unit and offers a better departure angle, even with larger tires.

We are also adding Air Conditioning to this D90. Here you can see the interior AC set up installed. A number of things have to change in the system to fit it with the 300 Tdi, but it all works great when the custom install is complete. In this image you can also see the new Rockford-Fosgate 6" speakers that we installed. We also fitted a new Clarion head unit and sound down products where ever possible.

We added a number of electronic system to the D90, but we always want to keep a very clean and stock look to our work, so we use the correct switches for the job. Now located on the wiper motor cover are the switches for the dash illumination, the rear work light that works alone, or automatically with the reverse light, and the Allard fueling switch for "economy" mode when you need added fuel mileage.

Along with the correct switches, we also install the correct dash layout on all our conversions. Here you can see the correct dash binnacle that is correctly wired to run like the factory intended, no add on's or odd ball wiring here, our conversions go further than just dropping the motor in.

This image shows the new full top, with the gutter kit that we installed on the D90. Notice how the top seals around the door tops and how large the rear windows are. These really are one of the best upgrades you can do to your Defender soft top.

This image shows a few of our new tricks. As this Defender is used on the beach a lot, the real fuel tank skid plate had completely rusted out. We designed this new unit to replace the factory steel unit with heavy duty aluminum and still utilize the stock bumper. You can also see the NRP stainless system and get a good look at ECR's galvanized Defender chassis. The owner of this D90 will never have to worry about frame rust ever again, no matter how much beach driving he does.

Here you can see the nearly completed engine bay with a nice clean install when everything is done. This D90 now has a simple, long lasting and fuel efficient power plant and a galvanized frame and dozens of upgrades... what could be better.

In this image you can see another of those upgrades we installed, the raised air intake. This unit will keep the air going to the engine and help keep dust and water out.

Here you can see the new front bumper and skid plate that we installed with a Warn 9000 winch, and 2 Hella 4000 driving lights to give this D90 even more capabilities.

In this image you can see the skid plate, heavy duty drag link, ECR ROX tie rod guard (for use with sway bars) and the Old Man Emu steering stabilizer installed.We also installed and repaired dozens of things that you don't see, such as: Dual optima batteries, full rebuild of the transfer case, all new brakes, stainless steel body bolt kit, door top easy-offs, repair of the roll cage system, and much, much more.

Here is the completed project nearly ready for delivery to the owner in MA. This 1994 D90 has now been made into a long lasting trouble free machine with its galvanized frame, powerplant and it also has a long laundry list of repairs and upgrades that have been made to make it even better. A new chassis, long engine life and NO engine computers!! What could be better!
Let ECR know if we can help you with any of your Defender needs, from mild to wild, 300 Tdi to Pursuit 4.6, we are your custom Rover source!

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