Discovery Paint and Body

Please be aware that ECR is now a Defender repair and modification shop only.
We no longer work on Range Rovers, Discos or Series Rovers.
These pages are from work we did in the past and left up for your enjoyment.

At ECR our in house paint department can handle anything for your Discovery I or II, from a new coat of paint on a Camel Trophy Discovery to a fender bender from the mall parking lot, we offer all types of paint and body services for Discos. We service customers with simple jobs like painting a new set of 16" rims for their off road tires, to major work and crash damage. Click the images below for images and project details about these Discos.

This 1997 Discovery just had a major accident. The accident took place in the left front demolishing the hood, fender, bumper headlight, grill, drivers door, even the left front wheel! If you would like to see your damaged Rover looking this good after a major or minor accident, call ECR. We work with all insurance companies and can give you fast service from estimate to final repair. (If you look closely you can see that the paint on the fender, hood and door are a bit more glossy than the passenger door and the rear body. This is because we have not buffed and waxed the entire vehicle yet. (part of our attention to detail) We did this so you know this Discovery was the one in the accident, not just a photo of a brand new one passed off as a repair.) A lot of body shops do not have you and your Rover's best interests in mind, ECR does.

Discovery Minor Crash damage

Discovery body damage repair. Go here for details and project images

Discovery Major Crash damage

Discovery body shell damage and rust repair. Go here for details and project images

Major restoration paint work, to quick in and out crash damage, we handle everything related to your Disco.

If you have paint and body needs for your Discovery, contact ECR and we'll be happy to help you make your Rover world class.

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