ECR Expeditions: Southern Mexico '98

A great aspect of operating a Land-Rover company is that we are often called upon to test Land-Rovers and after market equipment in extreme conditions in remote locations around the world. Our most recent trip was with a Defender 110 from Maine to Oaxaca, Mexico. ECR's unique knowledge of a Land-Rover's ability to conquer tough situations and terrain comes from our experience with them both off road, and on long expeditions such as this one.
The trip consisted of the journey from Maine to Oaxaca, Mexico, many short trips around southern Mexico, and a longer trip from Oaxaco to Acapulco, and then back to Maine. The ECR prepared 110 performed flawlessly for the entire journey.

One of the products that we were testing on this trip was Old Man Emu's new LTR gas shocks. At a retail of $250.ºº each we thought it would be hard to get enough performance to equal the price, but the shocks prooved themselves over 1,000's of punishing miles on Mexican roads. With no fade, and the best road vibration dampening I have ever seen. ECR has given the OME LTR shocks the tested seal of approval. The shocks performed better than anything else we have driven on washboards and the poor condition roads of Mexico. The shocks combined with Old Man Emu springs are a great combination that we suggest highly.

If you want information on vehicles or new products; how they perform, how they stand up to abuse, you need to call the experts at ECR Off Road. If you were going to select a company to work on or build your Land-Rover, who would you choose? The company who sells parts as a job 9-5, or the company who lives and breathes Land-Rovers and must cover more ground in Land-Rovers in a month, than all the other places in the U.S. combined.

Below are some photos from this recent journey. Next expedition... deep into Northern Maine or ?! Wanna go?

The "roads" that we use were usually on were more suited to walking than driving. Here Ian navigates a very steep side hill corner.

One of the historic sites we visited was the ruins at Monte Alban, just outside of Oaxaca.

Hazards and road blocks in this part of the world don't always mean washed out roads or road crews. This "obstacle" reluntantly moved with some gentle persuasion.

The Land-Rover got a lot of stares, especially when we were in areas that few vehicles usually drive on. During the entire time in Mexico only one other Land-Rover was seen. A pink Series I! The big green Defender 110 was definately not the normal transportation of the area.

Part of the expedition team from ECR, somewhere in Southern Mexico.

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