DEFENDER 110s (1993 Only)

DEFENDER 110 1993 North American Spec. Land-Rover

When Land-Rover brought the Defender to the U.S. for the model year 1993, they did it through their existing Range Rover dealerships. At that time the company was still called Range Rover of North America. Land-Rover, and the newly formed Land Rover North America (LRNA) had some new toys coming to the USA in the way of new models, so what better way to announce their arrival and attract some attention but with a limited run of 500 (actually just over 525 for the USA and Canada) Defender 110's. They were big, had a massive roll cage, a 3.9 liter EFI V8 engine, a 5 speed gearbox, and came in any color you wanted. As long as it was white.

The limited importation of these Defender 110's was done to get some promotion for the upcoming Defender 90 and Discovery. Introduced in the summer of 1992, at roughly 40,000. dollars, and with only roughly units 500 available, the Defender 110 was not going to replace the family station wagon. It was imported to be an "image car", and the launching point for the new Defender 90 and Discovery line in North America. The NAS Defender 110s are very sought after today and have sold for as much as $150,000. for low mileage examples. The NAS Defender 110s were like no other 110 ever built and it took the factory a year to hand produce the 534 that were made for North America. The Defender 110 has existed in other world markets since the mid 1980s and are still available today, but they are no longer legal to import to the USA.

Buyers Tip:
The speedometers in Defenders can go bad, some have been replaced for legitimate reasons and paperwork should be able to back up the actual mileage of any Defender, but we often see "low mile" Defenders where the only thing low miles is the speedometer itself. Here is an easy way to spot a replaced odometer in a 1993 NAS Defender 110 or in the 1994-1995 NAS Defender 90s.

The font on the odometer (miles driven) display is different on the newer replacement units. The image above shows a stock and correct 1993-1995 Defender 110/90 odometer.

Compare that to this speedo that just arrived in a "low miles" 1995 Defender 90. You can see the font on the odometer is quite different. This is a replacement speedometer.

NAS DEFENDER 110 Specifications:

509 USA, 25 Canada

MSRP at time of first sale:

EQUIPMENT: (standard)
Running boards
Rear window wiper/ washer and defroster
9 passenger seating
Center cubby box with Pioneer AM/FM cassette and 4 speakers
Full gauge package
Heated windscreen
Front brush bar
Roof rack and rear access ladder
Auto-dim rear view mirror
Air Conditioning
Power Steering/ Power Brakes

Alpine White paint and safari cage
Grey hounds tooth Moorland clothe / grey vinyl seats
Full carpeting throughout

 ENGINE:  3.9 EFI V8 180 bhp 227 ft.lbs torque
 GEARBOX: Stick shift 5 speed LT77S
TRANSFER BOX: Full time 4x4 (Hi-Lo) w/center diff lock LT230

 FRONT: Solid disc, 4 piston calipers
 REAR: Drum

Solid axle front and rear, coil sprung, Rear sway bar standard

Power assisted

10 City/ 12 Highway
20.4 gallon fuel tank

Trailer with brakes: 5000 lbs
Trailer with no brakes: 1650 lbs

Roughly 4850 pounds

 Ground Clearance 8.5"
Approach angle 50 degrees
Departure angle 26 degrees
Break over angle 28 degrees

 Wheelbase 110"
Track width 58.5"
Length 181.1"
Width 70.5"
Height 90"
Height (rack removed) 81.3"

How tall is a stock 1993 NAS 110:

9 prototypes were un-numbered
All but one was Alpine White. 1 special unit was painted Black for Ralph Lauren


Very easy to spot. The large unique safari cage and Alpine White paint make them very easy to pick out.
Most have a number plate on the back that gives the limited edition number out of the run of 500.

1993 Defender 110s

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