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1966 Series IIA 88 Station Wagon
Refurbish and upgrade to coil sprung, 5 speed

This very nice SIIA has come to us from CT for refurbishment as well as some upgrades. The frame on this 88 is in bad shape and needs to be replaced, and what better way to replace a frame than with a galvanized coil chassis. The body on this 88 was in pretty good shape, and with the added benefits of the coil chassis this will be a great little 88.

In this image you can see that we have already set up the ECR coil chassis kit as a "rolling chassis". What you see here is what the complete coil chassis kit consists of for an 88. The benefits are amazing, you get stronger Defender 90 axles, 4 wheel power disc brakes, better ride, better handling, a smaller turning radius and much more all with a new galvanized frame. For more information and prices see the coil chassis section of this web site.

Speaking of galvanized frames... Does your frame look like this? Yikes!
The rust in the frame of this 88 made it unsafe to drive. Putting a new galv. frame in your 88, leaf sprung or coil sprung, is a simple job here at ECR. In our unique frame swap system the process goes quickly and gives you the added benefits of a new frame, without the need for a full strip down and restoration if you don't want it. Keep watching this page to see our frame swap system in action.

This Series IIA 88 will also be getting upgraded to ECR R380 5 speed conversion. This conversion kit mates the latest model R380 5 speed (fully synchronized. The same gearbox used in new Defenders and Discos) to the Stock Series IIA transfer case. This means you will have all 5 forward gears on one lever and have a tough gearbox that you'll never need to worry about. This gearbox can also be mated to the Rover V8, or the 300 Tdi in case the customer ever wants to upgrade his engine from the stock 2.25 petrol. It is a very flexible system that solves a number of complaints that owners have about their Series rigs. The image above shows the complete kit, built up, and ready for install into the chassis.

In this image you can see the 5 speed, mated to the stock 2.25 engine and the Series IIA transfer case from the 88, all mounted into the coil sprung 88" galv. chassis. We set up as much of the running gear as possible, then move the chassis set up over to the 88 waiting in the frame swap system, for a fast and lower cost assembly.

Here you can see the coil sprung chassis ready for the body of the Series IIA 88 Wagon.
Next step will be to make the minor modifications needed to fit the coil chassis, and lower the body onto the rolling chassis and hook up the systems. This 88 will also be getting a host of service items such as a new wiring harness, alternator conversion, new radiator and such. Notice the new 16" wheels in the correct offset to fit the tires under the stock bodywork of the Series 88, even though it has Defender axles front and rear.

This image shows the completed R380 5 speed set up from the inside. We make everything look as original as possible, and the fully synchronized 5 speeds, all on one shifter, means no more gearbox problems for this 88 Station Wagon.

Here you can see the nearly completed 88 Wagon, on its new coil frame. It is really starting to look great. The stock look of a vintage Series IIA, but with a 5 speed gearbox, 4 wheel disc brakes and a coil suspension, what could be better. Next will be some interior work and the minor details to finish up the project.

This image shows the new Badger Coachworks door panel installed, a very nice match to the rest of the upgrades in this 88. All 3 doors received the new panels that are made from better materials so they will last a long time, unless the Rover cardboard units.

Here you can see the new door trims along with the head and side boards that were recovered. Also notice the inertia shoulder belt that was added for safety.

The customer also had us add a few upgrades to make the 88 a little better. We installed mud flaps for the rear, trailer wiring, a class III receiver tube, a Hella work lamp (that can be used as a work light, and also comes on when the Rover is put into reverse.

Here you can see the completed refurbished Series IIA 88 Station Wagon ready for delivery to the new owner in CT. It will now be a fun and enjoyable classic 88 that has the benefits of a galv. coil chassis, 4 wheel disc brakes, new wiring, and a 5 speed gearbox! Classic Rover simplicity and great looks, combined with modern safety items and functionality. Nothing could be better.
Let us know if we can build your 88 to these modern standards, or even supply you with the entire turn key project.
Call, fax or email ECR... We'll be glad to help.

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