Safari Gard visits ECR!
August '98

SG 90 and ECR 1
Since Safari Gard made the long trip from California to the 50th Celebrationat Greek Peak in NY, we couldn't resist inviting Greg and Brandi from SafariGard back to Maine to the ECR facility and to put their modifiedDefender 90 to the test on some of our favorite local trails.

SG Defender 90 SG Disco
The Safari Gard display at Greek Peak showed off a lot of tricked out Land-Rovers.Now that we have had a chance to test Safari Gard's products on our testinggrounds, we give them the thumbs up. If you are looking for the full rangeof their products, or an authorized installer, feel free to contact ECRand we'll be glad to help.

ECR line up
Fueled up and ready to go... Greg and Brandi from SG, Alan, Glen, Ian, Allenand Mike from ECR head for our local testing area.
SG 90 in the Maine woods
The Safari Gard Defender 90 follows the ECR Zebra hybrid throughsome trails. The Stage III suspension works well, and the best thing is,it rides and drives well on the highway. It also scores over 1000 on theRTI. (Ramp Travel Index)

SG twist front SG 90 twist rear
The Stage III suspension system twists keeping all the wheels on the ground,so that you don't loose traction, even without lockers this set up is prettyunstoppable and it keeps up with even our wildest hybrid Rovers!

ECR 1 Off road
ECR 1 with its Old Man Emu springs was out matched by the Safari Gard setup. You can see here that ECR 1 has a wheel well off the ground, withoutthe ARB lockers, ECR 1 would have have not been able to proceed.

SG 90 Hill
Let us know if we can help you with any of your ECR or SafariGard needs. We'll be glad to help.

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