Series Land Rover Paint and Body

At ECR our in house paint department can handle anything for your Series Rover, from a simple job like painting a new set of 16" rims for you, to major work and crash damage. You can see our paint and body work on all our restorations as well on these pages and we also do crash damage on older Rovers too!

This 88 was hit in the rear by a school bus. It was shipped to ECR from Richmond, VA for us to take care of the crash damage. Here you can see that the damaged rear body has been removed, and work is well underway. The left rear body side was been removed and the body tub was rebuilt in our body "jig" that assures a perfect factory fit of the new panels. Then onto the paint booth, and final assembly. The 88 also had damage to the frame. In this image you can see the damaged rear frame section has been cut away, put into our frame jig and rebuilt to factory specifications. The new galvanized rear cross member we installed assures long life, and a first class repair. After the paint work is done the 88 will be assembled and sent back to its owner in VA.

Before and after. We work with all insurance companies and can provide complete door to door Rover service, restoration or crash damage repair.

Series IIA 109 Exterior Paint job

The nice original Safari Wagon seen below came to ECR for a complete exterior paint job. It is in pretty good shape now, but needs a new paint job to make it truly great. Here you can see the body is being readied for paint.

Here the 2.6 6 cylinder engine has been removed in favor of a New Rover V8 3.9. Notice the paint preparation already in progress.

The finished paint work done in our 1,000,000 BTU paint facility. Now it will move on to the get its other work done in the ECR service dept.
To see more of this project go here!

Series III 88 Crash Damage Repair

Major restoration paint work, to quick in and out crash damage, we handle everything related to your Series Rover. Click the image above to see a typical ECR repair of a minor fender bender.

If you have paint and body needs for your Series I, II or III Land Rover, contact ECR and we'll be happy to help you make your Rover world class.

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