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1966 Series IIA 88 Soft Top
Misc. repairs, upgrade to parabolic springs, interior trim and sound system

This nice clean 88 was recently sold by ECR. When the 88 was purchased the ECR evaluation found a few flaws, such as a burnt exhaust valve, some leaks and rusted springs. Armed with the real story about the 88 the new owner set about having us do some repairs and upgrades to make this rust free 88 even better.

The interior of this 88 was very bare bones with no trim and only the bare minimum, The new owner wanted a little bit better looking interior and a sound system as well.

Before we get into the interior details of this 88 though, we have to sort out the main systems. In this 88's case, a burnt exhaust valve and a poor running engine. We installed an 8:1 compression unleaded cylinder head, a new radiator and some other odds and ends to make the 88 run as well as it looks. We also installed parabolic springs and gas shocks for better ride and handling from the leaf sprung suspension system.
For more information on parabolics go here.

To neatly install a new sound system in an 88 we use the NAS Defender 90 door panels that can be modified to fit almost any Rover. Here you can see the panel in this 1966 Series IIA 88 with a Rockford-Fosgate 6" round speaker installed. The panel even has a map pocket for storing items.

We also installed a new center cubby box with a Clarion sound system including a 6 disc CD changer. The cubby box also locks for some security in your soft top and makes a clean install for the stereo and a nice addition for holding your gear.

In this image you can see that we have completed the stereo install and done a few other nice items in the interior. We have trimmed the interior with the correct hardura fabric, new carpet floor mats from Badger Coachworks and a new tunnel cover. All these items are small, but they make the interior of this perviously "bare bones" 88 seem much more comfortable. The small details make the difference.

Now complete ,this 88 is ready for some fun in the sun. The new parabolic springs will give it a nice comfortable ride, the new unleaded performance cylinder head will give it some more power on the road and on the trail, and the interior comfort items and the CD sound system will make it a pleasure to drive. It will now be shipped to its new owner in Long Island.
Let us know if we can upgrade and update your Series Rover, we'll be glad to help.

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