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1994 NAS Defender 90 Soft Top #1777
afety Devices roof rack system and Numerous upgrades

This 1994 NAS Defender 90 Soft Top has come to us from PA. It has low miles in is in generally great shape. It does suffer some from poor past work on some of the upgrades and has some service needs, but overall it is a nice example of a 30K mile NAS Defender 90. We'll be fixing up some of the service items to get the 90 into top shape and adding a number of upgrades along the way to make the 90 into exactly what the owner wants it to be.

The first step is to remove the pieces that we won't be using, like the old original top and to get the service items done to make sure the mechanical aspects of the truck are good to go. Along with the standard service and repair items we will be adding things like ROX oil cooler lines to help prevent engine fires and more. We also need to gut all the add on wiring and do it over so that it will work better and last long term.

To keep things rust free we have stripped off all the pieces on the back of the truck and blasted them back to white metal. The next step for them will be to be zinc coated and then coated in black powder coat for a fresh look to the rear of the truck and to keep rust away. To keep the frame in good shape we have taken the rear cross-member down to bare metal and then applied epoxy primer and paint to keep the surface rust away. Things look bare back here now, but once everything goes back together we will set things up so the tailgate closes easily and we will make all the body lines straight.

The 90 is taking on a slightly more aggressive look with this trip to ECR, and being made more capable for some trail work as well. To satisfy both those ends we have installed some Defender 130 steel wheels that have been powder coated black and topped off with some Super Swamper SSRs.

Inside the 90 we have changed out the original head unit for a new Alpine unit that will run the iPod and the satellite radio system. We also upgraded the cubby box to a Tuffy unit that will be a little more secure and even makes a nicer place to rest your arm as you drive down the road with your new audio system.

To add bass to the sound system we will be installing some 8" subs in the back of the 90 in the sub boxes we have made from high end materials. The boxes have been painted AA Yellow for a clean looking install and once the new jump seats are installed you won't even see these units, but you sure will hear the difference they make in correct sound reproduction, especially in a soft top, and they will keep the subwoofers out of the view of thieves making it so that you could actually leave the top off the 90 and not feel like your audio system would be gone when you come back. The sub are hidden and built in, the head unit in locked in a Tuffy box and the amp is tucked away and not able to be seen. Any thief is just going to keep on walking and look for the next open truck.

To make the rear of the 90 as tough as possible we have Rhino-Lined the cargo area. This does away with the factory rubber mat that tends to rip and decay if you drive with the top off and will make clean up easy... just hoses out the back of the truck and you are all set.

The upgraded top parts have started to go on as well as you can see above. The new gutter kit parts have been test fit, modified, then powder coated for a nice stealth look. New door seals have been install as well. This system makes the doors actually seal on the door seal and helps keep water and wind out of the interior.

This image shows the new upgraded hinges that have been installed with an upgraded stainless steel hardware kit. These will help keep the ugly hinge rust bleeds away and the stainless hardware will mean that long term service of these areas will be a breeze.

Here you can see the ECR ROX sliders have been fabricated up and are now ready for blasting, epoxy primer and paint. These units are tough as nails and best thing... if you ever do bend them, bring them back and we will fix them. We are that confident in them. We know they won't bend. We have wheeled them on everything from obstacles like "Rocker Knocker" in Moab, Utah to bashing them on rocks and stumps in Labrador.

The 90 is starting to get its new personality built into it and it is looking great.

This image shows the 90s engine bay. We have taken care of all its service needs and made sure things are ready for the owner to enjoy with just general maintenance. We have also and taken care of a number of leaks and road tested the 90 to make sure everything is 100%.

Here you can see the ECR ROX sliders all finished up and installed on the 90. There will be no more bent sills on this Defender and no need to worry if you do end up grinding a rock on the body. The ROX sliders are ready and waiting, and if you do happen to get stuck they have Hi-Lift jack points built right in.

At the rear of the 90 the original parts are back from a zinc and powder coating and we have topped them off with a layer of non-skid so that the owner won't slip on these while climbing on the truck in muddy or wet conditions.

Here you can see we have install a Safety Devices full roof rack system on the 90 and finished the install of the new upgraded soft top. The new top with its gutter kit and new seals will make the 90 a much nicer place to be vs the old original Tickford top.

On the rack we have added a Hella twin lamp light that is set up as a Work/Reverse light. From the dash you can control if you want it on all the time, off all the time or to come on and off as you select and deselect reverse gear. This makes for a handy light for loading gear, setting up camp or just having tons of light when you are backing up. It is mounted low and behind the ladder so that it won't get knocked off by the first tree limb that goes by. We often see large lights attached to 90s and we always wonder how they are meant to stay in tact if you actually take the truck off road. Our set ups are user friendly, no matter how you want to use it.

In the back of the 90 we have installed 4 jump seats so that the 90 can now carry 6 passengers with seat belts. The fabric we use is also different than most. Instead of something oddball we use the exact same fabric as the front seats so that everything matches nicely, even without seat covers. You can also see how well hidden the new 8" subwoofer boxes are. They can barely be seen behind the seats.

Speaking of seats, we also installed new foams in the front seats to counteract the age and decay that was making the seats "Squash" out the sides. This makes the seat much more comfortable and gives it is shape back.

Here you can see the completed 90 project. The truck has a whole new look and a long list of new upgrades and repairs done. When compared to the almost stock 1994 NAS D90 that arrived this "new" 90 is much more capable, more comfortable and much better looking with its now unique personality. After some road testing to make sure everything is 100% the 90 will be ready to head back to PA so that its owner can enjoy his reworked Defender 90 and go out and have some fun in it, no matter it that is an off road event, a day at the beach or on a camping trip to the back of beyond, this ECR serviced and modified 90 is ready to go.

If you have dreams for your Defender, contact ECR. We'll be happy to make your Defender world class... just like this one.

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