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1997 Defender 90 Soft Top
Repairs and Upgrades

This Beluga Black 1997 Defender 90 has come to us from directly from the point of purchase. It has been sent here so that it can be fully gone through to make sure it is ready for service when the new owner from New Jersey takes delivery. Doing this work with ECR takes all the worry out of buying a "used car". We'll also be adding on a host of upgrades that will make the 90 better and last longer.

In this image you can see one of the upgrades going on. We have removed the weak and cheesy factory brush bar and installed a new ROX front bumper. This not only looks better, but it will help protect the front end of the 90 from obstacles, no matter if those obstacles are off road hazards or shopping carts.

In the service aspect of this 90 we found that it needed new brakes pads and rotors, so we have removed the parts and will be replacing them with all new Genuine Land Rover parts for a correct and long lasting repair. The good news for the customer is that the dealership that sold this 90 to him (Copley Motor Cars) stepped up and is paying for the brake work so the customer doesn't have to. That is rare in todays world.

Here you can see the new bumper installed with the existing PIAA driving lights back in place. This customer decided to skip the winch install, so we will be adding a set of ECR ROX recovery points to the front of the bumper and then it will be complete.

Under the new bumper we have installed the matching ROX skid plate to help protect the steering gear from harm.

This 90 is in great shape, but as with any car that has been around since 1997 we have a number of small things to address. We have removed the doors so that we can install the new upgraded hinges that have already been primed and painted in the correct base/clear black. We'll also need to modify the door panels slightly for the new sound systems speakers, so we'll keep those parts off the Rover for now. The front seats have been removed so that we can weld the seat bases to stop that annoying "click" you sometimes hear in the seats on a Defender. You will also note we have removed the factory top. We will be installing a new upgraded top shortly that will cure all the ills of the factory top.

The rear of the 90 has also been gutted to make room for new upgrades. The tired old load mat has been removed and will be replaced with new just as soon as we clean up the interior.

In the dash area we have replaced a number of the broken plastic trims and installed everything correctly. We'll also be removing some of the goofy and poorly installed add ons that were in the 90 in an effort to get the wiring clean and functional. We will also be making everything work again, replacing the clock, making the heater controls easy to use and more.

Under the hood we have had to do very little as the 90 has low miles. A few new seals and some routine service is all that was required here.

Under the Defender we have sorted out the brakes and installed a new set of Bilstien shocks for better on road manners.

Now that the general repairs are completed we can turn our attention to the upgrades. In the image above you can see we have replaced the worn load mat with a new unit and we have started to install the customers requested 4 individual jump seats and seat belts into the rear of the 90. This set up will give the Rover 6 passenger seating for short hops, and the seat bases can be folded up when not in use.

Here you can see the completed bumper set up. The ECR ROX recovery points will be helpful if the custom adds a winch later on, or even if the 90 just needs to help pull a car out of a snow bank this winter.

This image shows the new upgraded door hinges installed with the stainless steel hardware. These units will stop the rust bleeds and they look much better than the rusty hinges previously on the 90. For more information on why these hinges are cool, go here.

Here you can see we are finishing up the install of the upgraded top system.

The gutter kit that surrounds the doors will now offer a sturdy and secure sealing surface and a better weather seal. The top itself is made from better materials and even has larger windows for better a better rear view. If it were up to us, all Defender soft top would have this top system vs. the factory tops.

Inside the 90 we have buttoned up the sound system. This Defender got a new Alpine head unit, along with a new 6 disc CD changer, XM radio and an iPod interface so the music will never stop. We installed a set upgraded speakers in the factory door panels to handle the sound in the front of the truck...

and we installed another set of speakers in the rear of the truck to fill out the sound.

In the center console we have installed the new Alpine glide-strip head unit that will control all the music choices and even make it easy to control the iPod right through the radio. We made a bracket in the cubby box and you just plug in your iPod and close the cubby box. The system grabs songs from your iPod as needed and charges it as well. If your iPod ever runs out of songs you can switch to the 6 disc changer or the hundreds of channels on XM radio, and it is all nicely installed and won't harm any other aspect of your Defender. If you think a stereo install can be done by your "local shop" check out this page for why you are wrong.

Here you can see the completed Defender 90 project ready to head to NY so the new owner can enjoy it in both winter snow and summer sun. The 90 has been fully serviced and has had numerous upgrades from new hinges to new ECR ROX footwell trims, ROX front bumper to a new Alpine sounds system. If you have needs, large or small, for your Defender contact ECR. We'll be happy to make your Defender top notch... just like this one.

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