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1993 NAS Defender 110 Station Wagon #157/500 Rebuild

How would you like to step back in time to the Fall of 1992 and be able to buy a new 1993 NAS Defender 110 Wagon? That might not be possible, but we have something even better!
Over and over we heard our customers ask,"I would like a Defender 110 with no apologies" (meaning no flaws, no issues, no rust, no corrosion), but as all 1993 NAS Defender 110s are all getting on in years (all built in mid to late 1992) that is hardly possible today. They all have flaws, or corrosion, or rust, or poor paint work, so it isn't possible to get a "no apologies" NAS Defender 110... or is it?
ECR can build you a "No Apologies Defender 110" and make it better, not just a repeat of the original. Our specifications out do the stock NAS 110. Items like the air condition systems are better. The stock system was basically a joke, so we have updated it to the better, newer system. The rear drum brakes have also gone in favor of new 4 wheel power disc brakes, the new style hinges are used and so on and so on.
The 110 will be stripped down completely. Every nut, bolt and washer will be removed and replaced. Every bearing and every seal will be replaced with new. The tired old 3.9EFI engine will be tossed and a brand new factory fresh 300 Tdi (turbo diesel) will be installed. The ratty old HVAC system (Heating Ventilation and Air Cond.) will be removed in favor of all new parts and so much more. Every part will be replaced or restored to better than new and we'll even update all the door hinges and upgrade the 110 to 4 wheel disc brakes... the list is too long to detail. Basically everything we have learned about Defender 110s in the last 13 years is applied to make these ECR 110s better than any stock NAS 110 out there.

A customer recently asked us how far we go in an ECR restoration of a 110, so on this project we thought we'd show you the tear down process and some of the new pieces that show just how far we go to assure an "as new" Defender 110. Unlike some shops that give things a new coat of paint and some new tires, we fully strip these vehicles and rebuild them with all new Genuine Land Rover parts.
In the image above you can see the starting point for this restoration. We have rolled in #157 and we have started to gut the entire truck. The cage has been removed, blasted, zinc coated and then powder coated in stain black.

Here you can see tear down continuing. The interior is being removed and drive train systems are being disconnected. All interior trims, seats, headliners and seat belts are replaced with new.

A little further along in the tear down process and the body panels are nearly all off. At this stage the alloy panels are carefully inspected. If there is any corrosion or damage they are replaced with new. If they are in good shape they are sent to our paint dept. for stripping and new epoxy primer and paint. Any part on the 110 that has steel in it is removed and not re-used in the project. Anything that has a moving part is also discarded and replaced with new..

Here you can see some of the new panels for the 110 have already been painted. The T supports and hood (shown above) both have steel components in them, so the original parts are not re-used, only new steel panels are used as this is a true restoration back to new standards, not a refurbishment.

Here you can see the new bulkhead that will be going into #157. The old bulkhead has been discarded due to rust and corrosion. This new piece has been fully painted inside and out and is ready for set up on the new frame. The restored 110s utilize the new style HVAC systems that are much more efficient so you can see the bulkhead above is all set up for the new systems. All the panels on an ECR are treated in this manner and once assembled they create a much better 110 than the factory built.

As the front bodywork starts to come together we have made the needed changes to install the customers choice of a new ECR ROX front bumper. We also have installed a turn signal relocation kit so that everything works with the new front bumper and we have now finished up the install of the new AC system. The vented front brakes have been installed and the new rear disc brake rear axle has also been set up.
Next the safari cage will be powder coated in Satin Black and we will install it onto the body.

At the rear of #157 we made another upgrade that makes this ECR restored 110s even better than past ECR restored 110s. Instead of using the standard rear lighting we have switched the rear lamp system out for the 1995-1997 NAS Defender 90 style lights, and upgraded all the rear lights to full LED so that burnt out bulbs and bad connections will never haunt this 110. For more details on Defender LED lamps go here. We constantly update these restorations with the latest items to make them better and better.

Here you can see the restoration of NAS #157 is now finished and all the customers desired upgrades and add-ons have been installed. So this is #157 fully restored, road ready and now with a host of upgrades that include everything from an Oasis air compressor to a new winch, ECR ROX bumper to a rear work/reverse light. Check out this page for the details of those upgrades.

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