The perfect paint job!

Does your Rover's paint work look like this? ECR Defender 110 Safari Car in Coniston Green

Or this? ECR Defender 90 Stage III in Coniston Green
If not, then it is time to call ECR for the best paint jobs available for your Land Rover.

We specialize in everything from detailed Series I paint jobs to late model Land Rover and Range Rover crash damage. If you need a parking lot dent fixed, need to fix a faded paint job, or you just had a major accident, call us. We know Rovers inside and out, and can fix them better than your local body shop. Did you know that a Rover's bodywork is made from a special magnesium and aluminum alloy? Well your local body shop might not know this! The paint preparation and primers used have to be just the right type, or the repair won't last. We use a state of the art 1,000,000 BTU bake booth and quality PPG paint products for a long lasting and correct looking repair or restoration. Demand the best... ECR.
Click on the links below for some more details about our in house paint and body work.

Series Paint and Body Work

Range Rover Paint and Body Work

Defender Paint and Body Work

Discovery Paint and Body Work

Custom and specialty Paint
Range Rover Classic Union Jack

For more details on the Union Jack go here!

If you have paint needs for your Rover, no matter if it is a full military style re-spray for your 101 Forward Control, a triple color paint job for your Defender 90, or a simple fender bender on your Disco, contact ECR... Demand the best!

Let ECR know how we can help you with your Rover's Paint and Body needs!

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